We answer the question about what kind of business you can do with minimal investment.

Today, being an entrepreneur is very fashionable. This is not as scary as a dozen years ago, it has become more affordable, so many young people are interested in what kind of business you can do with minimal investment. Of course, if finances allow, then there are no difficulties at all. Especially if it’s not so scary to lose a certain amount of money, and if there is no money, and you don’t want to work for your uncle, it's time to turn your mind on. So, let's figure out how to open a business with minimal investment.

what business can you do with minimal investment

Services sector

It’s not a secret for anyone that it is imperative to start from this area. Suppose you are a hairdresser. Your investment in your own business is a purchase of scissors and an advertisement in a local newspaper. Simple and affordable. Of course, do not forget to register as an individual entrepreneur and pay taxes, but more on that in another article. A business in the service sector is accessible even to a student who is interested in what kind of business you can do with minimal investment. He can walk and train dogs. You can print photos, arrange thematic photo shoots, repair cranes and wallpaper. Write down on the sheet everything that you can, and try to sell it profitably. I’m sure that your golden hands will come in handy.

Learn always

open a business with minimal investment

Knowledge is a special field of activity. The man is so arranged that he constantly does not sit still. People learn languages, learn new hobbies. So help them with this. If you know a foreign language, open your club or give private lessons. If you can make a beautiful card with your own hands, do master classes at home. This simply and accurately answers the question of what kind of business you can do with minimal investment, since no special finances are required.


Times are changing, but people will definitely never stop getting married and dying. If not on the second, then on the first you can definitely earn. Photographer, videographer, host, designer. If at least one of these professions suits you, then feel free to organize your holidays. And if you don’t have to hold imagination and imagination, you can also organize unusual dates, corporate parties and so on. Remember that a person needs bread and circuses. Take up the organization of the latter and you will definitely get rich. Moreover, opening your own business with minimal investment in this area is very simple.

I give work

If you can write texts, then the Internet will provide you with a ton of jobs. And if you can’t, then find those who can. You will sell their labor and get good wages for this. The same principle works, and when you are looking for any order, and then an artist. As an intermediary, you don’t lose anything, but you can make good money by opening your own website or flash video company.

Advertising business and home factory

own business with minimal investment

This field is always free for creativity. And everyone who does not know what kind of business you can do with minimal investment did not think about advertising. You can collect advertising orders for cars, mugs, t-shirts. Making it at home is very simple, and there will always be demand for it. By the way, home production is also a great option. You can make dumplings with the whole family, raise bees, melt candles and bake donuts. It remains only to arrange delivery and that’s all, you are a happy entrepreneur.


If you still have a question about what kind of business you can do with minimal investment, then you are not thinking creatively enough. Find your area of ​​unusual business. Sew clothes for dogs, print name labels on chocolates, think of non-standard excursions in your own city or knit bast shoes. Any offer will find its niche in our vast modern society.

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