Essential Amino Acids for Muscle Growth

Many people who visit the gym dream of gaining muscle mass in a short period of time. Even more people use sports nutrition for this purpose. The variety of this product makes the eyes scatter in different directions, and the number of manufacturing companies is not calculable. One of the types of sports nutrition are amino acids. For muscle growth, you need to take a range of supplements. With this approach, the result comes much faster and more efficiently. This article is devoted exclusively to the study of amino acids and their effect on muscle gain. First you need to understand what it is.

amino acids for muscle growth

The basis for protein

Amino acids are organic compounds that act as a necessary resource used by the body in the creation (synthesis) of protein. In other words, protein is formed from them. The growth and development of the body is one of the main functions of amino acids. In addition, they perfectly restore and strengthen the general condition, burn fat deposits. In addition, they produce various hormones and enzymes. Obviously, their effect on the body is great and necessary. Let us focus exclusively on the use of amino acids for muscle growth.

Required set

Today, this type of sports supplement is actively used by all professional bodybuilders and athletes. There are more than 20 types and names of various drugs, among which there are "necessary" amino acids for muscle growth, without which this task becomes very problematic.

for muscle growth

  • Glutamic acid. One of the most important amino acids that can be synthesized in the body using various elements. Muscle tissue is 60% glutamic acid. Then draw a conclusion yourself.
  • BCAA consists of 3 amino acids: valine, isoleucine and leucine. They are essential substances with branched chains. The main objective of this complex (BCAA) is protein synthesis. Without their intervention, its restoration in the cells is impossible, which means that there will be no growth. BCAAs are essential amino acids for muscle growth, muscle development and recovery.
  • Arginine accelerates the processes of protein synthesis and muscle growth. This acid enhances blood circulation in the body due to the synthesis of nitric oxide molecules . Blood begins to flow faster and more often to the muscles, and with it nutrients and amino acids for muscle growth.

amino acids for growth

Where to get

In addition to sports supplements, amino acids are found in food. They are found in large quantities in eggs, meat, fish, and dairy products. Some are found in fruits and vegetables. With proper nutrition and use of sports supplements, the right amount of substances necessary for muscle growth is achieved.

Amino acids are one of the indispensable components that are necessary for gaining muscle mass. Together with protein and creatine, the maximum effect is achieved, the time during which muscle building occurs is reduced. The main thing is to remember that training should be approached wisely. The result largely depends on proper and rational nutrition, body reinforcement with necessary substances and vitamins.


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