Black Pedicure - 2017. Elegance and Style: Classic in Black

You have received an invitation to an event where a dress code is marked. Not a strict “White tie”, not a solemn “Black tie”, but a more democratic “Cocktail” or “Semi-formal”. These codes allow for high-heeled sandals. Which pedicure to choose?

Dress code "Cocktail"

The classic cocktail outfit from Coco Chanel is a small black dress, although now it is no longer necessary. The dress code implies either modest jewelry with natural stones or high-quality jewelry suitable for the outfit.

Open sandals with high heels are acceptable . A black pedicure with rhinestones, which can be of different sizes, is suitable here. Swarovski crystals that look like diamonds look good. The thumb design can be done with a cascade of stones, and on the rest put one small pebble in the center, near the cuticle. And you can place diamond rhinestones on a black background. Then the nails will become an ornament.

black and white pedicure

Design options for a cocktail dress

For a little black dress from Chanel, it is better to choose black varnish. It will be harmonious if you combine black pedicure and black manicure, linking them in the same style. Since the nails on the hands allow much more in terms of design, here you can make a silver jacket on a black background or print stamping. On the legs, you can limit yourself to decorating only the thumb. Indeed, from sandals, most often only it is visible. But here you can not be limited to stamping, but to put rhinestones, grouping three together. The effect will be small diamond flowers. This option is more strict. If the event is fun, the next design option will do.

black and white pedicure

A black pedicure with a scattering of stones, optionally imitating diamonds, looks surprisingly good. The advantage of colored stones is that such a design will fit any dress. Bright cocktail designer dress brings a sense of joy and celebration. A classic combination with diamonds would be inappropriate. The necklace can be selected from semiprecious colored stones, and the same rhinestones can be placed on the nails. In combination with a floral motif of the same tones on the dress, the image will be fully sustained in the same style. And it is on a black background that the rhinestones will especially shine.

black polish pedicure

Black pedicure can be done with a mirror rub. It is very stylish. You can choose any powder for rubbing. It is applied on technology to black gel polish. One or two nails can be left black, and the rest can be made chrome, silver or gold. This design gives a mirror effect. It lays so thinly that the resulting surface gives a reflection.

pedicure with black rhinestones

Semi-formal dress code

At Semi-formal events, ladies should look so that their appearance can be described as elegant and discreet. It involves a cocktail or day dress, pants or a skirt with a blouse.

pedicure with black rhinestones

For this style, discreet beige, gray or calm pink tones are often chosen.

black and white pedicure

The color of the nails should not be evident and at the same time must produce a worthy impression. Here you can’t get off with a simple jacket. A pedicure with black rhinestones is suitable, with which you can lay out any logo.

pedicure with black rhinestones

Star rhinestones pedicure

A semi-formal dress code will decorate and complement the design with star rhinestones. This is especially appropriate at the presentation of professional awards. To get the impression of volume, before setting the rhinestone, the area where they will be located is lightly sprinkled with silver glitter. Then the stars are put and at the last moment - small rhinestones. This is necessary to create the illusion of the Milky Way.

black polish pedicure

Black and White Style

Sometimes you need to dress in black and white. The designer models of this style are perfection itself. Combining only two colors: black and white, you can achieve a stunning effect. It’s enough to recall the scene from the movie “My Fair Lady”, where Audrey Hepburn in the form of Eliza Doolittle appears at the races in Ascot. In this case, you can do a black and white pedicure.

White background and black stamping. The variety of options for this combination is amazing. Stamping, a device for printing pictures, allows you to quickly and accurately perform a pattern of any complexity.

The arsenal of nail masters has many stickers, sliders and artificial details for design to perform black and white pedicures. You can pick up anything. Repeating motifs in clothes and nails look mesmerizing.

black and white pedicure

Pedicure with black varnish by itself looks very advantageous. It emphasizes the shape of the nails, visually increasing them. Imperfections in the nail plate that can shine through light varnish are not fearful for him: an uneven line of a smile, of different sizes on each finger, wavy nails or a bruise.

black pedicure

Black color evenly covers and equalizes. If you choose a matte finish or make the effect of velvet, it will smooth out any irregularities. Black is a classic tone; it will suit any clothes, any shoes. Decorate it with Swarovski crystals and feel like an icon of style - 2017.


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