Demetrius, hairdressing school: overview, features and reviews

"Demetrius" is a school of hairdressing, which is positioned as continuing education courses for already held masters. But unlike ordinary courses, where you can simply improve the technique, the school of hairdressing promises a new conceptual approach to hairdressing in principle. In this article we will talk about what you can learn at school, how courses are taught, what is the price for acquiring new skills and what models say about this school.

Demetrius Hairdressing School

Gaining new skills and breaking stereotypes

If you ask any hairdresser about whether he considers his business prestigious and well-paid, it is unlikely that an affirmative answer will be given. Of course, famous stylists and hairdressers who work with celebrities and get crazy salaries will agree with the above statement. But this is rather the exception. A regular hairdresser spends day-and-day on his feet, making standard haircuts and styling.

Salaries of hairdressers are also low. The average salary of an ordinary master is from 16,000 to 22,000 rubles in Russian cities. People who are too lazy to get higher education are studying at hairdressers. The profession of a hairdresser is not considered prestigious, and, according to most, anyone can master these skills. School of Hairdressing "Demetrius" offers a new, innovative approach to this matter. What exactly is it, we will tell below.

Demetrius Hairdressing School

What promise at school

If you have been working as a master for a long time, a reasonable question may arise: “Is it worth spending money and learning new haircut techniques? Moreover, there are few such techniques and something completely innovative can hardly be invented. ”

Masters who really have something to teach others often post videos with their own participation in the network, and you can watch them absolutely free. The organizers of the Demetrius conceptual haircut school think otherwise. They suggest that hairdressers answer a few questions in order to understand the appropriateness of continuing education through attending courses for a fee.

Demetrius Hairdressing School Review

Is a good master?

  1. Can you say that in your weekly every day is scheduled a month in advance, and clients are queued to sign up for you?
  2. Have rave reviews from customers become something of a mundane for you? Are you a famous hairdresser in your city or at least in the area?
  3. Do you work according to stereotypes and patterns or constantly offer customers something innovative in hair care? Are clients listening to your advice or not risking a change in traditional style?
  4. Can you say that your clientele is constantly increasing in number, replenished with new women and men who want to change their appearance with the help of your hands and scissors?
  5. Does your earnings allow you to provide for your family and its needs, as well as go on vacation abroad a couple of times a year?

The founders of the Demetrius hairdressing school are confident that you will not answer in the affirmative at least a couple of the questions above. Therefore, offers hairdressers to reboot at school.

Demetrius hairdressing school model reviews

What do customers say about Demetrius?

The school of hairdressing is aimed primarily at the development of hairdressing skills. It would seem that there should be a lot of feedback from those who have already taken the courses. However, most responses can be found only on the official website of the school. The authors of these reviews thank the masters of the school for the positive charge and the energy received, the attention and support of the trainers during the training, as well as good working on models. Of course, it would be strange to find negative feedback on the school’s own website.

Advantages of the school over courses of other authors

The school focuses on practical exercises. As you know, mastery comes with experience, and even the best lessons can remain meaningless for you if, after theory, you don't immediately “get your hand” in practice. The Demetrius School is known for inviting countless models to practice. In this way, school students get as many models as they need. In order to be a hairdresser model, girls, women and men of different lifestyles, styles and appearance come to school. Passing training at school, the master will be able to work out new techniques on completely different clients. The second advantage that the creators of the school focus on is the teaching of a conceptually new technique. The masters of the school promise to make you a mental reboot, after which the hairdresser in your eyes will become not just a person with scissors, but the arbiter of style and a new image of the client.

Demetrius hairdressing school prices

Professional haircut and style

What is most often heard by hairdressers in their salons from clients? The most common requests are to “trim the ends,” “cut the bangs,” or “cut the hair shorter on the top of the head to make it bigger.” The creators of the Demetrius school consider such a follow-up on a client’s occasion at least unprofessional, and urge them to take a fresh look at the process of hairdressing. After all, it is the hairdresser who directs the process, not the client.
If you see that your client needs to change the style, length of hair or coloring, do not hesitate to talk about it, as you are a professional and deserve a respectful attitude. During their stay at school, the masters promise to teach hairdressers to see the shape of the haircut in 3D, do fashionable haircuts even on thick and long hair, create textures and textures while maintaining their length, and also achieve a simple styling in the daily life of the client.

Innovative haircut technology

Demetrius School offers its own technique in which cutting is done by dividing hair into blocks. By creating a haircut in this way, you precisely and balancedly control each stage. And at home, the client will be able to easily and comfortably repeat the styling you created. The course author promises that after further training you will become a completely new person with a different outlook on your own profession. Your work will become new at a qualitative level, and the number of customers will increase exponentially.

demetrius conceptual haircut school

Cost of education

How much will it cost to study at the Demetrius hairdressing school? Prices are different and vary depending on your chosen course. So, training in women's haircuts of the author's methodology “Reboot” takes 4 days and costs 25,000 rubles. The course “Women's haircuts for long hair” lasts 1 day, the cost of training is 7,000 rubles. The course “Women's haircuts for short hair” is designed for 2 days, the cost is 13,000 rubles. Classes in which you master the skill of cutting on curly hair last one day and cost 7,000 rubles.

Also undergoing training in techniques of men's haircuts at the school of hairdressing "Demetrius". A review of the courses offered at the school involves classes for 2-3 days at a cost of 12,000-16,000 rubles. In addition, copyright courses have been introduced for those who wish to master the art of barber shaver. These classes last 2 days and cost the masters 13,000 rubles.

Test Subject Reviews

What can be said about the skill of those who have completed the training if we study the reviews of models? School of Hairdressing "Demetrius" constantly invites girls and women of all ages to practice the practical skills of students. Models often leave feedback, but not all of them are positive. In some reviews, the girls write that they are very unhappy with the results. Women say that the masters do a haircut, without first agreeing with the models on the result, their actions give out clear beginners, not hairdressers, who decided to raise their skill level.

demetrius school conceptual haircut description
Good feedback about Demetrius

But such negative reviews are not entirely fair. Models are recruited so that students can hone their hands on living people who do not pay money for services.

Demetrius Hairdressing School Review
Women take risks when they sit in the chair to the student, but they take this risk consciously to save money. Even under the supervision of a master, the student’s hand may flinch, and in the end, the result will diverge greatly from expectations. Agreeing to be a model, you need to be aware that it is stupid to make claims after.
At the same time, there are many good reviews about the Demetrius conceptual haircut school. The description of the services received there sounds like “innovative”, “ultramodern” and “innovative”. If a woman is ready to risk her appearance and asks not only to trim the ends, then in the end she can get a fashionable unusual haircut. Some models go to Demetrius School regularly in order to renew their image. In fairness, it should be noted that there are much more laudatory responses than bad ones.


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