Do-it-yourself band saw: drawings and manufacturing tips

For a good host, having all the necessary equipment is happiness. It is especially important to have various devices for people who live in their own home. For example, a home-made band saw will greatly facilitate the work with wooden products. At the same time, as is already clear, the device can be built from improvised materials.

Areas of application and unit design

In principle, the device is used at sawmills in industrial or domestic conditions. It has certain advantages and disadvantages, but it is used very widely.

The device of this unit is quite simple. An electric motor and pulleys are mounted on a stable frame. The cutting blade joins them. Thanks to the engine, the operation of the apparatus is ensured. Depending on the type of blade, you have the opportunity to cut not only wood, but also metals, alloys, polypropylene.

Advantages and disadvantages of the device

do-it-yourself band saw

Do-it-yourself band saw is fast enough. Naturally, in this case, you must follow all the requirements of the drawing and be accurate. However, you should first decide whether to do it. To do this, you must definitely consider all the pros and cons of the unit. So, among the advantages we can distinguish the following:

- High level of performance.

- Low heat dissipation.

- Excellent accuracy and high speed.

- Ability to produce blanks for individual parameters. At the same time, you can cut not only in a straight line, but also curved bends.

- For the manufacture and use of the tool you do not need a large amount of money.

- The band saw, which is not so difficult to do with your own hands, leaves a small width cut. Thanks to this, you get a minimum of waste. It is very important for the production of various wood products.

Naturally, a band saw, which you can do with your own hands in a few days, is not without drawbacks. For example, with such a device you can only make longitudinal cuts, since its design will not allow you to do something else. During operation, the machine can emit strong noise and vibration. In addition, the device is large. If you decide to make such a machine yourself, then you will have to use special equipment.

If you are not afraid of flaws, then such an apparatus can bring a lot of benefit to the owner.

Which canvas should I choose?

do-it-yourself tape saw welding

Do-it-yourself band saw can be made from those materials that can be found at home. However, the canvas will have to buy. Before this, it is worth deciding what exactly it should be. To do this, you need to know what you are going to cut. So, there are such canvases:

1. Bimetallic. They are used for cutting sufficiently strong alloys, stainless steel. In this case, you can be sure that the tape does not burst.

2. Diamond. They are used if it is necessary to process marble, granite, quartz and other hardest materials.

3. Carbide. They can be used for cutting alloys that are quite difficult to work with.

4. Made of tool steel. Such canvases are most often used at home or in small workshops. They are most suitable for working with simple materials.

Varieties of machine tools

do-it-yourself band saw making

Before you start making band saws, you should understand their types. There is such a classification of devices:

- Toothless. They have high performance and can work with metal. A feature of such devices is that they still have small teeth. They work due to friction and additional heating.

- Toothed. They can be used to cut wood or plastic. A feature of paintings in such devices is that they are closed.

- Electric. Most often, they are installed in large enterprises where it is necessary to process a large amount of material.

What materials are needed for manufacturing?

do-it-yourself band saw drawings

It should be noted that not all construction can be built from improvised means. Therefore, before making a band saw, you need to collect the necessary details:

1. Wooden boards, chipboard, MDF or plywood. A frame and a stand for saws, as well as pulleys, are made from these materials.

2. Sheet steel for manufacturing a cutting blade or an already finished part that can be purchased at a store.

3. Channel and steel bar. These parts are used to make the support frame and the axis on which the pulleys will be mounted.

4. Sheet rubber. It is used to protect wood.

5. A durable belt that will ensure the rotation of the wheels on the machine.

6. Polyurethane adhesive for joining some parts.

7. Fasteners: self-tapping screws, brackets, bolts, washers and rubber gaskets.

8. Bushings.

9. The electric motor. You should not buy a very expensive model. Just decide what power the machine should have.

In this way, a do-it-yourself band saw can be constructed. Drawings of this design should be done, calculating each step as accurately as possible. Naturally, all the schemes you can find are ready-made.

Essential tool

In order to start making a band saw with your own hands, you need to prepare. You need these tools:

- Welding machine.

- Cutting and grinding machine.

- A screwdriver.

- Bulgarian.

- Screwdrivers.

- Hammer.

Naturally, other tools may be needed. For example, a milling machine.

Instructions for the manufacture and assembly of the apparatus

homemade band saw

Now we should start the production of the presented unit. To do this, you will have to carry out several stages:

1. If you decide to make such an assembly as a band saw with your own hands, you should already have drawings. They are the key to success. It is worth starting with the construction of a table and a pedestal on which the mechanism will be fixed. To do this, you need a furniture panel or wood.

2. Next, plywood pulleys are made, which are subsequently glued with sheet rubber. Wooden elements must be sanded and coated with epoxy.

3. Now you can make a frame for assembling the entire device. It can have a C-shape, which provides good retention of the tape. The supporting frame is made of a channel on which a steel axis is worn.

4. Now we will deal with the pulleys. They must be worn on the axis with the help of bushings, and at its different ends. Naturally, both pulleys must be balanced.

5. To prevent the tape from vibrating, a damper must be used.

6. All movable parts should be connected to the electric motor.

7. You can also build a guiding mechanism by which the processed material will be fed. For this, metal corners are used.

Features of setting up the device

homemade wood band saw

Homemade wood band saw should be carefully prepared for work. To do this, it should be tested and tuned. The cutting tape must be strictly at right angles. Any slight skew can stop the machine and become life threatening.

Note that the cutting tape should be as tight as possible. Use a driven pulley for adjustment. It is with his help that you can properly adjust your machine. It should also be noted that the welding of band saws used in the manufacture (do it yourself with your own hands is quite simple) will provide good strength and stability of the machine.

Sharpening a saw

Naturally, any equipment needs periodic repair and inspection. For example, sharpening band saws with your own hands is quite simple. The main thing is to know its technology. A special machine is used for work. All work consists of several stages:

do-it-yourself sharpening band saws

1. Initial sharpening (eliminates cracks that appear, restores the symmetry and profile of the teeth).

2. Cleaning the cloth from sawdust and dust.

3. Wiring (to restore the rear and front corners).

4. Final sharpening. It eliminates all distortion and sharpens the teeth.

If you do not have experience sharpening saws, then all actions should be done as carefully as possible. The quality of the device depends on this procedure. If you are not confident in your abilities, then invite an experienced specialist.

What problems can arise during the manufacture of the apparatus?

First of all, for some work you will need sophisticated equipment. For example, not every master knows how to use a welding machine. Not everyone has milling machines. Keep in mind that the entire structure must be stable. In this case, one should not forget about the mass of the material that will be processed.

Not everyone can figure out a drawing. Note that the disadvantage of this device is a fairly wide cut. In general, if you want to build such a unit yourself, stock up on the necessary tools, materials and patience.

how to make a band saw

Features of the saw

Even after you can make the presented design, you should learn to use it correctly. For example, try to comply with all necessary safety rules. Note that in some cases the blade may burst, so if you are not sure of the strength of its fastening, then you are not too close to the machine.

Observe the following rules for operating the device:

- The larger the workpiece to be processed, the larger the teeth should be at the saw.

- It is better to use universal cutting tapes. In this case, you do not have to change the canvas every time you need to process any other material.

- Before manufacturing the device, you must definitely choose the place where it will stand. This takes into account the size of the room, the presence of electrical wiring. Naturally, this place should be well ventilated.

- Try to tighten the cutting tape as far as possible. Otherwise, the machine will not only not perform its functions, but will become hazardous to health.

- The unit should not work for more than two hours in a row. After that, the tape is removed and left alone for at least a day.

- After long work, the machine must be lubricated. Find the right substance for your car.

- Mandatory tooth bite is required.

That's all the features of making and using a band saw. Please note that this device requires proper care. If you see that it does not work correctly, then it is better to wait a while with the start of its operation. Be careful and careful.


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