How to install CityGid on Android - a useful and functional application

how to install city guide on android

You decided to install the CityGid application on your mobile, tablet or computer, but you don’t know what it is and is it worth downloading it at all? Read our article!


Currently, all mobile portable devices are equipped with a built- in GPS navigation module. It allows you to easily track your location, and also easily navigate in a completely unfamiliar city. True, in order to use it, you should install such an application as CityGid on your multimedia device.

It works in all the latest versions of the Android operating system. And it has established itself as a reliable, useful, and most importantly - quite functional application. Naturally, the question immediately arises: "How to install CityGid on Android?" Just want to make a small reservation: it is advisable to purchase a license for this application, then you will receive all subsequent updates of the program for free in automatic mode. Also, you will be available to a wide variety of map options, which you can also download for free.

Of course, if you do not want to spend money on acquiring a license, on the World Wide Web, you can find options with which you can install CityGid on Android for free. True, then you will have to update the application yourself.


how to install city guide on android
So how to install CityGid on Android? Consider the version using the license. For starters, of course, it should be purchased. Further on the special site you need to download the installation file, but first you will need to enter the key from the license. You should download the android version, as a rule, the files are on the update page.

Next, we proceed directly to solving the question of how to install CityGid on Android. There are two ways to do this.


We use a special installer. If you have not already installed this application, install from the Play Market, download AppInstaller. Next, connect the phone to the computer and copy the CityGid installation file to the memory card.

Since the CityGid application is not from the market, it is necessary to check the box ("Settings" - "Applications" - "Unknown sources") to allow installation.

We launch the installation program (AppInstaller), find the CityGid application and click "Run installation".


city ​​guide for android free
There is another way how to install CityGid on Android. You can use the browser directly. This option is more universal.

  • Initially, you must allow the installation of applications from unverified sources.
  • Next, copy the distribution kit CityGid onto the memory card.
  • Launch a browser.
  • Enter in the address bar: content: // the name of the installation file. And click "Run."
  • Now it remains only to confirm the installation.
  • Then it remains only to activate the program. To do this, you need to run CityGuide and enter the key (license). Now you can download the maps.

Thus, as we see, in solving the question of how to install CityGid on Android, there is nothing complicated. But now it’s not scary to visit any unfamiliar city, since this application will not allow you to get lost, providing the most complete information.


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