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What is an ecologist’s resume? This profession is currently relevant in connection with an increase in the amount of air emissions of pollutants. Such a specialist analyzes the situation, thinks up measures to reduce the harm to the natural community from industrial human activities. How to find a job in the specialty graduates of higher educational institutions in this profile, as well as engineers with experience in the specialty? The article offers options for ready-made characteristics that will help to find a suitable vacancy for environmentalists.

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a brief description of

What is important to note in the resume? The ecologist checks the admissibility and criticality of the situation regarding irrational and dangerous ways of human intervention in the natural environment. Nowadays, strict environmental standards apply, laws on environmental protection function.

The specialist is obliged to monitor the functioning of dangerous organizations, to select the optimal way out of a difficult situation. Among the activities:

  • consultations and inspections on environmental issues;

  • identification of ways to protect the environment;

  • analysis of the consequences of negative human intervention in the environment;

  • environmental campaigns;

  • filing statements of claim with the court; handling complaints.

ecologist resume sample

Profession Features

What is important to include in the resume? Ecologist - a specialty that requires the applicant to certain personal qualities:

  • analytical thinking;

  • creativity;

  • flexibility;

  • resistance to stress;

  • diplomacy.

These qualities are desirable to indicate in the characteristic.

Professional quality

What else can be included in the resume? An ecologist is a profession characterized by certain professional skills (it is important to note them):

  • possession of legislation in the field of environmental protection and nature management;

  • knowledge of the device and the operating characteristics of special instruments designed to measure certain substances in the atmosphere, water, soil;

  • orientation in chemistry, ecology, biochemistry, geophysics, as well as related sciences.

Where can I prepare a resume? Ecologist is a specialty demanded by environmental enterprises, municipal structures, construction companies, public organizations.

Among the distinguishing features of such an employee, we highlight:

  • frequent business trips;

  • moral satisfaction from their work;

  • low wages.

resume ecologist with no experience

First example

What should a resume look like? An environmental engineer is a job that a graduate of a higher education institution can apply for. Below is a ready-made template.

First indicate the name of the applicant.

The following is the purpose of the compilation: employment.

Level of material income: up to 40,000 rubles.

Place of residence: Moscow, Art. m. "Fili".

Date of birth: 02.24.1980 (number of full years).

Marital status is indicated optionally.

Education: graduated with honors in 19 ... Moscow Technical State University (Department of Applied Mathematics), specialty in diploma: engineer of higher mathematics.

Professional experience: from 1.02.2010 to the present - senior environmental engineer at Movement Forward LLC.

It is important to include the following duties in the sample resume of an environmentalist for work:

  • maintenance and development of regulatory documents in the field of ecology (MPE, PNOOLR, passports, technical reports on the safety of technological activities);

  • field inventory at the enterprise;

  • work with the customer regarding sources of emissions of polluting compounds;

  • Settlement of payments for emissions of harmful substances into the environment;

  • work with regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation;

  • consultations for the customer on the preparation of permits, responsibility for violations of the environmental legislation of the Russian Federation.

Reason for leaving the last place of work: relocation.

Professional quality:

  • diligence;

  • sociability;

  • knowledge of modern computer technology;

  • Negotiation;

  • development of documents on health, safety, safety, environmental protection.

Additional information:

  • Driving license category "B";

  • fluency in Italian.

The proposed resume of an environmental engineer is suitable for professionals with work experience.

what the ecologist does

Second option

Depending on how qualitatively and fully the candidate will tell himself, employment and wages depend. How to fill in a resume? The sample and example proposed below can be used as a template.

Petrova Silvina Adikovna.

City: Neftekamsk.

Date of birth: 01/01/1975

Marital status: Married.

Education: graduated with honors from the Forestry Academy named after S. M. Kirova (St. Petersburg), specialty - forestry engineer.

Languages: fluency in English, Spanish - with a dictionary.

Position: OOS engineer.

Professional experience: from 2008 to the present - chief specialist of the Committee on State Environmental Supervision


  • inspections of the activities of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities;

  • consideration and case management of administrative offenses;

  • active participation in court hearings;

  • work with complaints of citizens;

  • participation in inspections with prosecutors.

Additional information:

  • fluency in computer;

  • driver's license, own car.

features of the environmental profession

Third example

How to create an ecologist’s resume? The example proposed below will help employers in this profession.

Ivanova Iriida Arkhipovna.

Date of birth: 01/10/1976

Citizenship: Russian Federation.

Education and qualification: in 2013 she graduated from Samara State University with a degree in chemical technologist.

Languages: native language - Russian, fluency in Polish, English and German - with a dictionary.

The resume of the ecologist, a sample of which is proposed, can include work on commercial projects related to environmental protection (tenders, exhibitions, conferences).


  • preparation of quarterly reports on fees for exceeding standards for emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere;
  • monitoring the functioning of dust collecting equipment;
  • processing information about central treatment facilities;
  • processing the results of laboratory tests.

Additional information:

  • teamwork skills;

  • sociability;

  • Winner of a grant from the President of the Russian Federation in the field of environmental protection.

work on nature conservation

Fourth example

A resume of an ecologist without work experience is compiled according to the classical scheme. The candidate indicates the level of education, personal qualities, as well as additional information about himself. The following is a summary of an environmentalist with no work experience in the specialty. It is an individual presentation that will leave a first impression on the potential employer. Before proceeding to writing, it is important to analyze the examples, highlight some of the main points of interest.

There are three main points:

  • ingenuity;

  • specificity;

  • reliability.

In order to have a chance of employment in the desired position, it is important to carefully select information for an ecologist’s resume without work experience. The sample will be similar to the above.

If the material is presented correctly, in full, they will certainly be interested in the employer (his representative). The purpose of any resume is an invitation to a personal interview, after which it will be possible to talk about direct employment for the selected vacancy.

If you are interested in working as an environmentalist, a resume should be written concisely, specifically, honestly. Professionals advise to note personal qualities: sociability, willingness to work in a team, learning ability, mobility, knowledge of foreign languages.

A positive style is a chance for an employer to see a resume of an environmental engineer. A sample is provided below.

Fifth option

Sidorova Irina Viktorovna.

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Relationship status: Single.

Education: graduated from Pomor State University in 19 ... (Faculty of Ecology), specialty in diploma: environmental engineer.

Professional experience: from 1.03.2010 to the present - environmental engineer at Arkhangelsk Sales Company LLC.

In this option, it is desirable to include the following responsibilities:

  • maintenance and development of various documentation in the environmental industry (passports, activity safety reports);

  • field inventory at various enterprises;

  • work with the customer regarding sources of emissions of polluting compounds;

  • calculations of payments for emissions of harmful substances into the environment;

  • work with control and supervisory bodies of the Russian Federation;

  • consultations for clients on paperwork, as part of the responsibility for violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of environmental management.

Professional quality:

  • diligence and accuracy;

  • communicative qualities;

  • knowledge of computer technology;

  • negotiation experience;

  • development of safety documents.

Additional Information:

  • Driving license category "C";

  • fluency in English.

resume ecologist sample and example

Sixth option

What might a resume of an environmentalist with experience look like? It is important to highlight your achievements, for example, indicate diligence, punctuality, sociability. Professionals do not advise to include in the resume the reasons for leaving and the previous place of work, requirements for the size of wages, photographs, physical data, and a full career. It is enough to limit yourself to 4-5 places in the last 8-10 years. In conclusion, it is important to pay attention to certain details:

  • knowledge of a foreign language;

  • the presence of a driver’s license;

  • Do not use long phrases and complex expressions.

Name, 42 years old, born April 2, 1986.

Work experience in the specialty: 7 years 8 months.

Full-time, the possibility of moving to another region.

Professional quality:

  • Registration of objects that have a negative effect on the environment;

  • creating a program and conducting environmental production control at the enterprise;

  • work within the framework of nature management to compile reports and declarations on payment for violations in the field of environmental impact;

  • collection of certain information and direct participation in the creation of documentation for obtaining permits, monitoring compliance with the requirements of project materials and permits;

  • inventory of sources of harmful effects on the environment, accounting for waste and emissions;

  • contractual work on environmental activities, licensing agreements;

    employee training in environmental safety;

  • licensing of land use, water use, waste management, environmental monitoring of water bodies.

Professional skills:

  • creation of design documents for licensing, coordination, maintenance of materials related to waste management;

  • experience in environmental consulting;

  • creation of hazardous waste instructions;

  • preparation of organizational and administrative documents that confirm the conduct and organization of environmental control;

  • results of the implementation of the environmental protection program;

  • creation of environmental reporting (monitoring and keeping records of waste emissions, drawing up a technical report);

  • thinking over a program of industrial environmental control;

  • work with supervisory organizations, direct participation in various inspections;

  • passing the state environmental review of projects;

  • office work in the department.

The following courses have been completed:

  • the program "Professional Training for Persons Working with Hazardous Chemical Wastes";

  • the program "Environmental Safety of Specialists and Heads of Environmental Supervision Systems";

  • certificate of labor protection, environmental and industrial safety;

  • possession of skills in legal information systems, PC programs;

  • experience working with internal documents, supervisory and regulatory bodies.

Additional Information:

  • possession of environmental legislation of the Russian Federation;

  • knowledge of the national standard of the Russian Federation;

  • awareness at the user level by graphic editors, the "1C: Enterprise" system, "Nature User Module".

Languages: English (with dictionary).

To summarize

Currently, in order to find a good and profitable job, it is not enough to have only a higher education. It is important to correctly compose an ecologist’s resume (a sample and an example are presented above), indicating its main professional qualities in it.

In addition to personal data (surname, name, patronymic), level of education, graduated institution, specialization, it is important to note work experience in the specialty (if any), as well as indicate additional information about yourself: foreign language skills, computer skills, driver certificate.

In order to interest a potential employer, a candidate for the position of environmental engineer must detail all his competencies.

In order to stand out among thousands of similar resumes, it is necessary to comply with the basic requirements for such documents.

Professionals do not recommend providing personal data (enough name, contact phone or email). When listing jobs (if there is experience in the specialty), it is advisable to use the present, not the past tense. Indication of the reason for seeking a job is a parameter by which the employer forms the first impression of a potential candidate for an existing vacancy. It is undesirable to note negative parameters (low wages, uncomplicated relationships with colleagues, a manager at the same place of work), as this will “scare away” a potential boss. For example, it can be noted as a reason for moving to another place of residence, a desire for professional improvement.


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