How to insulate the door in a private house for a long time

In the cold winter, residents of private homes often suffer from heat loss or icy drafts. There can be many reasons for the leakage of warm air, but the most common places are windows and doors. Increasingly, people give preference to plastic windows, which, when installed correctly, guarantee the preservation of heat, and we will tell you how to insulate the door in a private house.

The main reason for drafts

How to insulate a door in a private house
The main reason for the appearance of a draft in the house is the loose fit of the door leaf to the door frame, the formation of cracks. This can happen with old wooden doors, which over time settle down, and with new metal doors, which can simply erase or peel off a layer of rubber sealant. In this case, it is very simple to insulate the front door with your own hands: you need to choose a sealant of the desired thickness and stick it around the perimeter of the frame. Using too thick rubber can cause the door to not close.

How to insulate the entrance metal door

How to insulate the entrance metal door
Metal doors can be made of one sheet of metal or of two, between which there is free space. That's it and you need to fill it with material that prevents heat loss. How to insulate the door? In a private house or apartment, you must first remove the inner lining of the door, put a layer of insulation inside, attaching it with a mounting foam. After that, you can install the skin back. Warming of a single-leaf door is carried out in a similar way: a frame is made of wooden bars, which is screwed with screws to a metal surface. A heater is placed inside it, the thickness of which should be less than the width of the door profile. This element is attached to the "liquid nails", and the empty space can be covered with foam. The last step is to sew the surface with laminated fiberboard or plywood. As a heater for a metal door, it is recommended to use foam sheets, polystyrene foam, it will retain its properties much longer than foam. This is the main way to insulate the door in a private house.

Insulation of a wooden door

Insulate the front door with your own hands
Today, people buy mostly metal doors, but wooden doors are often found in houses already built. How to insulate a door in a private house if it causes heat leakage? Wooden doors are also different. Some have a cavity inside, you can simply fill it with a heater, as described above. But if your door is made of solid wood, it is insulated differently. First, stripes of dermantine about 10 cm wide are attached along the perimeter (with the wrong side facing out). Further on the door with the help of a stapler, a packing is attached, which is usually used with 2 cm thick foam rubber. To extend the life of this short-lived material, it is recommended to cover it with batting in 2 layers on top of it. Further, the door is sheathed with a cloth of dermantine, which is fixed with simple furniture nails. During installation, it must be pulled as tight as possible so that there are no bumps, it is worth starting from the middle, gradually moving to the edges.

It is not difficult for an economic person to insulate the front door with his own hands, especially now you know the basic ways to do this.


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