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Are you interviewing soon? Then you need to prepare questions. For the interview, you should come up with something tricky. Of course, you can ask a person for general information, but it will not be as interesting as the answers to non-trivial questions. If you are afraid to take such a bold interview, you can mix difficult questions with simple ones.

What would you change from the past in your life?

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When asking such a question for an interview, a person wants to hear an honest answer. He will be able to tell about the person much more than she wants. A simple question about change will help to identify all the weaknesses of the person sitting in front of you. There are no perfect people, and everyone makes mistakes.

Of course, it is difficult to say how life would go if a person did everything perfectly the first time. But then he would not have become what he is. And even in spite of this valuable experience that fate provides to everyone, people intensely delve into experiences. Some reflect on change more often, others less often. But everyone does it. And if a person frankly says that if he were returned 10 years ago, he would choose the wrong institution, then the weakness of the person is education.

Favorite Website

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Thinking about interview questions? Ask a person about his favorite website. Why do you need this information? Today it is difficult to find a person who receives knowledge from books. Most modern people are used to getting news on the Internet. The site on which they sit more often than others can tell a lot about them.

If a person prefers to watch informative videos, then he is probably an inquisitive person. And if a girl in her free time studies information about what celebrity is using nail polish, then the lady is very near. It is also always interesting to know how people live. Some people cannot imagine a day without VKontakte or Instagram, while others want to know everything that happens in the world. The Internet provides a lot of information, and it’s interesting to find out what exactly your interlocutor chooses from there.

Totem animal

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Want to know more about a person? Ask the right questions for the interview. When you meet an interesting person, it is not necessary to find out where a person eats and when his first tooth fell out. This will say little about him as a person. Philosophical questions are another matter.

For example, you can find out which animal your interlocutor considers his totem. Do not be scared if he chooses a wolf. This animal seems scary only at first glance. In fact, it’s freedom-loving, purposeful and at the same time family affair.

If a person chooses a hare, it seems nice only at first. Hares are beautiful, but they are cowardly and messy in relationships. In general, you need to pay attention not only to the appearance of your beloved animal, but also to its more detailed description.

Describe a case that taught you something

What interesting questions should I ask for an interview? One can judge a person only by his actions. But not the last role is played by the experience that he takes out of life's incidents. It is about this experience that you can find out.

What situation or its outcome influenced personality development? Based on the answer, you can understand how a person relates to life and how he knows how to survive difficulties. For example, your interlocutor may say that he was very offended by the betrayal of his best friend, and after that he ceased to trust people. What does this answer show? That's right, the person sitting in front of you is vindictive and cannot forgive people mistakes and weaknesses.

Or a person can tell you that somehow the car doused him from a puddle when he was standing at a crosswalk, and now he does not get too close to the road. Yes, this is not the most frank story, but still you can assume that the person sitting in front of you has a good sense of humor, and he can laugh at himself.

The best day in 5 years

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When you write interesting interview questions, you should ask about something personal. But interest in family life is indecent. Therefore, you can upgrade a frank question. Find out which day over the past 5 years has become the best for the person sitting in front of you.

The interlocutor can say that it was his graduation. Then you can conclude that the life of the person with whom you are talking is not eventful. And also you can hear in response: "Last year I went to Paris and walked along the quiet narrow streets." Such an answer tells that a person receives joy from traveling and from visiting new places.

And how can you decipher the answer if a person says that the father’s anniversary was the best day of his life? So, your interlocutor puts his family in the first place, and he is always happy to spend his free time with loved ones.

What will be written in your epigram?

Correctly asking a question in an interview can be difficult. But you must make sure that the interlocutor does not have prepared answers to all the questions. Then you can get the most honest answers. Of course, some philosophical considerations will look incoherent and confused, but they will be sincere.

You can ask a person what inscription he would like to see on his grave monument. Yes, the question sounds somehow not very, but the answer can tell a lot about the person. People rarely think about what they want to get based on their life. But it is precisely those short phrases from which the epigram will be composed that will summarize human existence.

You can ask a person to write these lines for themselves, and then you will find out what a person is proud of and what he strives for in life.

What will you share with your children at 80?

Questions and answers to the interview are often prepared in advance. Impromptu is rare. People are afraid to show their interlocutor their unsightly sides of their personality, therefore they masterfully disguise them. But it is still possible to break through such armor. Even prepared answers to complex questions in advance sometimes confuse a person.

What would you tell children at 80? Some interviewed individuals begin to go into philosophy and talk about what descendants should say about the role of love and family in the life of every person. They can teach their children to distinguish between true and false values. And some may laugh at such a question. After all, parents pass on their knowledge to their children all their lives. Therefore, a person can laugh it off: "I would advise you not to salt the kebab marinade, since salt takes water from the meat and it becomes dry."

If you were a pencil, what color?

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What questions are asked in the interview? To draw a psychological portrait of a person, it is not necessary to directly ask him about his favorite color. You can veil this issue. For example, you can ask about what kind of pencil a person would like to be if he suddenly has such an opportunity in his next life.

Most people will describe you a pencil of their favorite color, sharpened, and, of course, a new one. This suggests that the person is young in soul and ready for new discoveries. And there are people who say that their sharpening of the stylus would not be too sharp. This speaks of wisdom in life. Well, if the pencil is not new, but half finished, it is clear that a person does not have much strength and desire to live.

Do you think talent exists or is it a myth?

Questions for children for interviews may also not be too simple. It is always interesting to watch how the guys think. Therefore, you can ask rather difficult questions and help your child find the answer if necessary.

What can children tell about talent? The guys will give out the information that their parents or teachers put into their heads. Although older students will already be able to form their opinion on this. But what will give an answer to this question? You will find out how much a person has high or low self-esteem, as well as attitude to work.

If a child says that talent always plays a decisive role in art, then this person is unlikely to achieve much when he grows up. But the person who says that to develop talent and to perfect it needs a lot of hard work, will go far.

Do you believe in fate?

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Not all questions during the interview can be answered unambiguously. If you ask if a person believes in fate, you can hear incoherent muttering. Some people cannot decide what they believe in. Yes, questions about God will be inappropriate, but you can ask about the omnipotent universe, providence or fate.

You can also ask about a person’s opinion about a clear purpose and its existence. Many people believe that they came to this planet in order to fulfill some mission that they had been destined for before. Others consider this theory complete nonsense and assure others that a person is the blacksmith of his own happiness. It is always interesting to listen to a person’s opinion on this matter.

What vices do you feel condescending to?

Want to conduct an interview with a substitution of questions? So you need to prepare an interesting replacement in advance. Come up with something original, preferably those questions that the interlocutor does not expect from you at all.

For example, you can ask him for leniency. All people are not perfect and everyone sin. There are few righteous on earth. Someone is not indifferent to food, someone - to women, and someone likes to proverb. But few people are accustomed to openly talk about their vices. And if you directly ask a person about this?

Most likely, if he is not ready to hear such a question, you will get a rather interesting answer. A person may say that he may well forgive his acquaintances for being late, lazy, or swearing. What does this say about personality? It is obvious that your interviewee is late, lazy and foul.

What is freedom?

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To make your inquiry more interesting, you can come up with an interview topic. Questions in this case should be selected appropriate. For example, you can talk about human rights or the person as a whole. One logical question will be about the meaning of freedom.

But ask the person sitting in front of you, not the definition of the word from the textbook, but his personal opinion on this matter. After all, everyone has different freedom. For some, it’s too late to take a walk so that mom, wife, husband or child are not bothered, while for others, freedom is the opportunity to work without becoming attached to a certain place, to travel and do what you want.

To understand the horizons of a person, you need to ask him about simple things. It is these definitions that will help you understand the essence of the person you are asking questions.

Your motto

Want to listen to what a person lives? Ask for his motto. Yes, few people really think about such a question, but still everyone in the piggy bank has those phrases of famous people that they like more than others.

One person can tell you that he is impressed by the statement of Steve Jobs: "you need to work not 12 hours, but your head." Another interviewee may say: "life must be lived so that there is something to remember." It is such expressions that are written somewhere on the subcortex of memory that determine the lifestyle of a person, his true way of thinking and values. Nevertheless, questions of such a plan should not be asked spontaneously, but should be given to a person to think about them. It is difficult to immediately recall the phrase that defines life.


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