Is it possible and how to make a pump with your own hands at home?

From the article you will learn how to make a water pump with your own hands. Often there is a situation when it is necessary to solve the problem of pumping liquid with minimal means. Below we will talk about the most popular homemade products, which you can repeat without any help. And start with the simple, moving on to increasingly complex designs.

Fluid pump

This is the simplest, most primitive and cheapest design. There will be no difficulty repeating it. You will need the following materials:

  1. Plastic bottle - 2 pieces.
  2. One cork for a bottle.
  3. A piece of plastic pipe.
  4. Hose.

First, make a flap type valve. To do this, remove the gasket from the cover, then cut it in a circle so that it is slightly smaller than the diameter of the neck. But do not touch the sector at 15-20 degrees. It should be wide so that the gasket does not come off. Then in the center of the lid you need to drill a hole about 8 mm in diameter. After that, insert the gasket and screw the lid onto the neck, cut in advance.

How to make a water pump

As a result, you should get a simple valve. Insert a plastic pipe into it. From the second bottle you need to cut off the top. You should get something like a fence funnel. It needs to be fixed on top of the pipe. At the other end of the pipe, place a discharge hose. That's all, you can start using the device.

The cone-shaped part helps ensure fluid opening. Also, the valve will not be able to hit the bottom. To make the liquid rise through the pipe, you need to sharply move your hands up and down. After that, the water will begin to flow through the pipe itself.

Pumps with various drives

One of the simple and popular designs is a pump made of a pump with a handle. To make such a design, you will need an old casing from a submersible pump or metal pipes of various diameters. You will also need a drive that allows you to rotate.

There are vibration type pumps. Such can often be found on sale. They are inexpensive, but for self-production you need to have at least basic knowledge of electrical engineering. The bottom line is that a coil is wound on the core of metal plates, to which power is supplied - 220 V / 50 Hz. A metal plate connected to the membrane is attracted to the core. The oscillation frequency is the same as for alternating current - 50 Hz. In other words, the membrane makes 50 movements per second.

Hand pump and straight spout

Such a device can be considered simple, it will allow pumping water from a well or barrel. The cost of construction is minimal, the structure is assembled very quickly. And now about what a pump of this type can be made of:

  1. Plastic pipe with a diameter of 50 mm.
  2. Coupling for a pipe with a diameter of 50 mm.
  3. Pipe and outlet PPR.
  4. PVC plug with a diameter of 50 mm.
  5. Rubber - thickness 4 mm, diameter 50 mm.
  6. Check valve - diameter 15 mm.
  7. Empty bottle (for example, from silicone) - the volume should be about 300 ml.
  8. Screw clamp for screed.
  9. Rivet.
  10. Union nut with a diameter of 15 mm.

Next, we will successively analyze the manufacture of all elements and the assembly of the structure.

How to make a check valve

To make a check valve, you need a plug with a diameter of 50 mm. It will require drilling holes around the entire perimeter with a diameter of 5 mm. In the center, make a hole in which a bolt with nut or rivet will subsequently be installed. From the inside of the workpiece you need to install a rubber disk. Please note that it must cover all drilled holes. But he should not rub against the walls of the workpiece.

How to make a compressor pump

In the center, tighten the workpiece and the disc with a bolt with a nut or rivet. If a factory-made check valve is available, you can use it.

The manufacture of liners and pistons

Since our task is to make the pump at home, we will use only the materials available. To make a sleeve, you need to know the depth of the well. Next, you need to cut the plastic pipe to the required length. Then insert the valve into the socket so that it does not fall off, fasten with self-tapping screws. At the second end, put a cap in which you make a hole with a diameter of 25 mm in advance. Subsequently, you will put the PPR pipe in it.

Now you can start manufacturing the piston. To do this, cut off the nose from an empty spray can. Then heat the balloon and insert it into the plastic sleeve. So that the diameter of the container is the same as that of the liner. After that, put the cylinder on the valve. Extra need to be cut off. Final fasteners must be produced with a union nut.

As for the stem, it is necessary that it is 5-6 cm longer than the sleeve. Heat one edge of the stem and put it in the valve. Immediately you need to tighten the structure with a clamp. Then insert the stem into the sleeve, then through the coupling you need to fix the plug. And finally, at the end of the pipe, fix the outlet from the PPR. Now connect the hose and pump water.

Manual drive pump with side spout

The previous design has one drawback - the spout moves along with the stem. And this is not very convenient. Let's look at how to make a hand pump with a side spout. The design is a little more complicated than the previous one, but it is much more convenient to use it. For this, the sleeve is being modernized. A PVC tee with a diameter of 50 mm and a branch at an angle of 35 degrees is added to the design. This tee is installed in the upper part of the sleeve.

How to make a pump yourself

A number of holes need to be drilled in the rod next to the piston. Diameter - the larger the better. But without fanaticism, since you can violate the integrity of the entire structure. During operation, the piston should move up and push water into the exhaust pipe. The lid, which is located on top, serves as a support. In this design, water will spill between the sleeve and the stem.

Well piston pump

And now we’ll discuss how to make a pump for pumping water out of the well ourselves. It should be noted right away that the design is suitable for wells with a depth of not more than 8 meters. The stem has a rigid connection with the handle, so there is no cover at the top. For the manufacture you need to stock up on such materials:

  1. Metal pipe - diameter 10 cm, length 1 m.
  2. Rubber.
  3. Two valves.
  4. You can even make a homemade piston.

An important parameter that affects performance is tightness.

Step-by-step manufacturing

How to make a hand pump

All the elements that are included in the design can be easily made with your own hands. How to make a pump of this type, now we will consider:

  1. At the first stage, make a sleeve. To make this element, you need to look at what surface is inside the pipe. The ideal option is an old liner from a truck or tractor engine. It is ideally smooth inside, it is not necessary to carry out grinding. In addition, a high degree of tightness is provided. To the bottom of the sleeve you need to weld a steel blank. It should match the shape and size of the head of the well. In the center of the bottom you need to put the valve. For aesthetic purposes, you need to make a top cover, but you can do without it. For the rod to which the piston is fixed, a slot-like hole must be made in the cap.
  2. For the piston, you need to take two metal discs and a piece of rubber, which you put between them. Please note that the rubber should be slightly larger in diameter than the wheels. Securely tighten these three elements with bolts. Get a kind of "sandwich". You should get a rubber rim that will seal the distance between the sleeve and the piston. An eye must be welded to one of the discs to connect to the stem.
  3. The petal valve can also be made independently. You will need a small thickness rubber disc. In the center, drill a hole, through it, fasten the rubber to the bottom. Water inlet openings should be pressed firmly against rubber.
  4. And now you can put everything together. It is recommended that a suitable thread be cut at the head of the well and at the bottom of the pump. Firstly, you will make the entire pumping station airtight. Secondly, this will allow very quickly dismantling the structure. Then you can put on the top of the cover and fix the handle on the rod.

If the well is very deep, it is best to use the following type of pump.

Piston-type submersible pump

And now about how to make a water pump for pumping from deep wells. The essence of the refinement is that the pump sleeve is placed almost at the bottom of the well. Therefore, the rod can have a length of 10, and even 20 meters. Not very lightweight construction is obtained.

How to make a pump at home

Therefore, you can resort to one of the methods:

  1. Make a stock out of chain.
  2. Make a stock of aluminum or even plastic.

If you decide to make the rod out of the chain, you will have to put a return spring in the sleeve so that the piston goes to the lower position.

A washing machine is a good donor!

Often in the household there are several "extra" parts from old washing machines. Let's look at how to make a water pump out of an unnecessary washer. To do this, you will need to remove the pump from it, which is used to drain the water. The design that you get in the end, you can use when pumping fluid from a depth of not more than two meters. You will also need to acquire such materials:

  1. Petal valve - you can make it yourself, but it’s better to borrow from the washer.
  2. Bottle cap and cap.
  3. A piece of hose.
  4. Transformer 220/220 V.

If you plan to use the valve from the washer, then it will have to be finalized. You will have to plug one hole with a bottle stopper.

How to make a water pump

Directly on the pump, all unnecessary openings are also closed. If the case is made of metal, be sure to make a reliable grounding. The flap type valve must be connected to the hose and lowered into the water. Connect the other end to the pump. To start, you need to draw water into the pump and inlet hose. The drive can be carried out from any suitable motor. The ideal option is an electric motor that is mounted on a washer.

An old compressor will come in handy

Let's say you have an air compressor. Or at least the one used in refrigerators. Let's look at how to make a pump out of a compressor. To do this, you need a tube for supplying air (with a diameter of 1-2 cm) and for water (with a diameter of 2-3 cm).

The pump works according to a very simple principle. Make a hole in the spout as close to the bottom as possible. Pay attention to the fact that the hole must be doubled than the thickness of the tube through which air is supplied. Now you need to insert the tube and turn on the compressor. The design has quite a few advantages. And the most important thing is that it does not clog and can be assembled in just a few minutes. And the efficiency of this design is about 70%.

Gear pumps

As a basis, you can (and should) take oil pumps that are installed on trucks or tractors. Power steering pumps from similar equipment are also suitable. Approximately such characteristics should be:

  1. The volume of the working chamber is 32 cubic meters. cm.
  2. The maximum pressure created is 2.1 bar.
  3. The rotation speed is 2400 rpm.
  4. The maximum rotation speed is 3600 rpm.
  5. Productivity - 72 liters per minute.

To rotate the gears you need to use the electric motor of the washing machine. However, you can spin up the pump even with a motor from an electric drill. The advantage of electric motors from household appliances is that they already have a start system, and most importantly, they work from a 220 V network.

What can a pump be made of?

In the manufacture of the pump, you need to pay attention to which direction the arrow on the body is looking. If the motor does not develop normal speed, you will need to install a gearbox or pulleys with belts. The advantage of gear pumps is obvious - they create the right pressure even without filling with liquid before the first start. But it will be necessary to let the pump idle for 20-30 minutes to prevent corrosion on steel elements.


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