PAZ-3206: technical specifications, modifications

The Pavlovsky Automobile Plant began developing a cross-country bus back in 1986, however, the first copies went on sale only after eight years. The PAZ-3206 bus, the technical characteristics of which pleased the vast majority of domestic carriers, quickly gained its place in the market. An important role was played by the pricing policy chosen by the manufacturer. The cost of a new passenger bus is acceptable, and spare parts are more affordable than those of the nearest competitors. It is impossible to ignore the ease of maintenance, as well as the reliability of the design itself.

The perfect city bus

The technical characteristics of the PAZ-3206 make it easy to maneuver along city streets, and feel confident even in the densest traffic flow. This was made possible thanks to the excellent optimization of the dimensions, which are as follows:

  • length - 6900 mm;
  • width - 2500 mm;
  • height - 3000 mm;
  • wheelbase - 3600 mm;
  • dry weight - 7 tons;
  • turning radius - up to 8.0 m.

groove 3206 specifications

Safety first

Possessing such technical characteristics, the PAZ-3206 does not require special driving skills. Even a beginner can manage the bus, but do not forget that the driver is responsible for the life and health of passengers. Unlike many city buses, this model is capable of speeds up to 90 km / h, which requires more concentration on the road.

Technical characteristics of PAZ-3206

Until the moment the bus is on sale, its design, as well as all technical components and assemblies, are tested without fail. Thanks to such rigor of designers, the consumer receives a guaranteed high-quality vehicle. For the northern regions, the PAZ 3206-110 is supplied, which has a complete eight-cylinder engine ZMZ-5234, which is capable of delivering 124 liters. from. It meets the Euro-1 standard and provides the function of quick heating of the engine, which is extremely necessary in conditions of critically low temperatures.

Technical characteristics of the PAZ-3206, designed for regions with a temperate climate, are slightly different. These buses are equipped with Cummins 4lSBe185 engines that meet Euro-3 standards. Their power reserve is much higher and is about 185 liters. from.

groove 3206 110 specifications

However, regardless of the installed engine, the PAZ-3206 can be called a real all-terrain vehicle that overcomes even difficult sections of the road without any problems. Such indicators became possible thanks to:

  • Suspension equipped with auto-stabilizer bar.
  • Extended overhangs (rear and front).
  • Installed dry single disc clutch equipped with hydraulic drive.
  • Lockable Differential.

Together with the ZMZ-5234 engine, a 4-speed GAZ-3307 gearbox is installed. In a modification equipped with a Cummins 4lSBe185 motor, the manual transmission is a 5-speed from the ZF S5-42 series. The following characteristics remained common to both modifications:

  • The service brake is pneumohydraulic, the parking brake is drum, and the emergency brake is contour.
  • The presence of ABS.
  • Fuel consumption per hundred - 20.5 liters.
  • Fuel tank - 105 l.
  • Wheel formula - 4x4.
  • Ventilation - natural (windows, hatches).
  • Power steering.
  • Body type - bearing.

Salon Features

The designers of the Pavlovsk Automobile Plant approached the interior design as responsibly as possible. Particularly comfortable are models released after 2007.

bus paz 3206 specifications
The interior boasts highly eco-friendly plastic lining, and the twin seats, covered with velor, are equipped with comfortable handrails. Of particular note is the PAZ 3206-110 cabin, the technical characteristics of which are designed for operation in the northern regions. This model boasts double glazing, a sealed and insulated body structure, as well as a high-quality heating system.


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