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Each person is familiar with a state where fatigue knocks down, it seems that as soon as the head touches the pillow, you will fall into a deep, sound sleep. But, often, due to the dominance of mental work over physical labor, it becomes not so easy to fall asleep. Anxiety, insomnia, poor sleep, what should I do? First of all, you need to understand the causes of poor sleep, and there can be many.

Calm down and breathe evenly

For people whose rhythm of life does not allow themselves to have a good rest, constantly in a hurry somewhere, solving issues of special importance, experiencing daily stress, insomnia is a normal reaction of the body. Permanent nervous irritability and internal anxiety lead to a chronic lack of sleep. As a rule, people don’t know what to do if they suffer from insomnia and start swallowing tablets with handfuls, smoke, calm down with alcohol or watching TV, thereby aggravating their condition.

If you listen to the experts, then the best sleeping pill is complete relaxation, both physical and internal. Pleasant relaxing music, massage, aromatherapy, meditation, even breathing, yoga. All this contributes to improved sleep, regulation of nerve endings and muscle relaxation. Only half an hour before bedtime, within a month and you will feel better.

Insomnia from the mind

It is believed that people who are predominantly engaged in mental work cannot sleep for a long time and sleep very sensitively and superficially. There is undoubtedly a grain of truth in this, since sitting at the computer all day and regularly straining only one muscle - the brain, we do not get tired physically, but we overload the head with tons of information. It is she who then prevents us from falling asleep. Often, having a bad dream, what to do, we do not know.

If your work is associated with great responsibility and mental stress, this does not mean at all that in order to return to a healthy sleep, you need to go to chop wood. Try to increase physical activity during the day, run up the stairs more, do warm-ups, and yet, take it as a rule to return home on foot. You will see, very soon you will find that not only insomnia has passed, but excess weight has also gone.

In addition, it is very useful, at least several times a week, to go after work to the pool, for a run, for a bike ride or skiing if the window is winter. Sports and outdoor activities contribute to improving health, physical fitness and, of course - an excellent remedy for insomnia.

Some tips for sleeping

1. Be sure to ventilate your bedroom daily a couple of hours before bedtime. Fresh air and coolness contribute to fast falling asleep and good sleep. Heat and stale air, in contrast, cause discomfort and sleep disturbance.

2. Many people try to calm down with a glass of alcohol, provoking a bad dream, which is contraindicated. Refuse from exciting and psychotropic drugs before bedtime: alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, strong tea. Do not be mistaken about their relaxing effect.

3. Prefer to work at the computer and watch TV before going to bed, reading a light, not burdensome to special thoughts book.

4. Instead of strong coffee or tea, drink overnight herbal tea with chamomile, lemon balm and mint. This drink calms and promotes healthy sleep.

Children's insomnia

The child had a bad dream, what should I do? First of all, you need to caress him, calm him, distract him, and, of course, do not leave him alone tonight. The next day, talk with your child, explain to him that it was just a dream and there was no need to be afraid. But never forbid him to come to you at night and talk about a bad dream. Let your child trust you.

Another common problem is your baby is not sleeping well. What to do in this situation? First, find out the reason. Maybe he has some kind of nervous breakdown, his relationship with his peers or health problems do not add up. Take him to a doctor, a psychologist, show support, parental love and attention.

Insomnia is not a whim of our body, but a small bell informing you of possibly serious problems. Therefore, it is worth listening to him and providing timely assistance.


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