Restaurant-ship River Palace ("River Palace"): walks along the Moscow River, a romantic dinner

What could be more romantic than an evening walk on a river- floating restaurant! Summer coolness, the murmur of the waves overboard, and you and your chosen one (or chosen one) are sitting at the table by candlelight and having dinner on the deck. And all the sights of Moscow slowly sail along the shores . On such an evening among the interiors of the Titanic (but in complete safety for life) it is very appropriate to make an offer of a hand and a heart. What about the wedding? It can also be celebrated on board the ship! There is an option to rent the entire restaurant-ship entirely. What kind of ship is this? The Moscow River Shipping Company has at its disposal many pleasure ships. But for the luxurious decoration, gourmet cuisine and an interesting route, the best is River Palace. In this article we will describe the services on the ship, talk about discounts and tell us what kind of feedback Muscovites and guests of the capital leave about staying on board this floating restaurant.

Motor ship River Palace

Motor ship River Palace: characteristics of the vessel and its qualities

“Discover the unknown Moscow!”, “Here the sophisticated style meets modern comfort” - this is the name of the people of the company who offer walks along the Moscow River. The choice of ships is huge - from katerka to cruise ships. Also a large scatter and routes. There are hour walks around the Kremlin for two or three hours. And at night you can do a full swing at a floating disco. The River Palace motor ship is a two-deck vessel with a length of 77 meters. The ship is equipped with the latest technology. We will not focus the reader's attention on the displacement, power of the turbines and the like technical details. Suffice it to say that the ship is completely reliable. The upper deck is open. On it you can enjoy the sun's rays and the breeze blowing in the face. The lower deck is a restaurant. Do not think that dishes are made on the shore, and then loaded on board, as in an airplane. No, the full-cycle kitchen is in the hold, and there, under the supervision of the chef, a whole team of specialists is working.

Restaurant ship

A restaurant

The usual pleasure boat on the Moscow River is not uncommon. But to have lunch or dinner in a floating restaurant - this is entertainment of a higher rank! Many tourists leave reviews about the lower deck of the River Palace. Do not worry that you will miss a visit to the coastal sights of Moscow for food. The lower deck (restaurant) is equipped with panoramic curved glass windows. They were made to order in Italy. The floor of the main hall is decorated with beige marble. The ceiling is decorated with twelve rock crystal chandeliers with gilded elements. The restaurant hall is lined with tables. There are places for a couple who wants to stay alone with their feelings and love confessions, for four, for eight or more people. The visitors hall is served by quick and well-trained waiters.

Upper deck

In the open space, restaurant services are also possible. The River Palace motor ship is often rented (entirely or only the upper deck) for business events, corporate parties, cocktail parties or dance parties. In this case, the restaurant serves guests in the buffet format. The capacity of such meals is up to five hundred people. When ordering a banquet (up to three hundred guests) you specify the menu. The team of chefs will realize all your culinary fantasies. If you order a table, you are offered to choose dishes from the menu. During the night cruises on the ship on the Moscow River, a wine list is offered. A menu of cocktails and light snacks is also available. But the upper deck is most often used as an open area to breathe in fresh air, sunbathe in the sun and admire the landscapes slowly floating before your eyes. Although, by the way, the restaurant hall on the lower deck is perfectly air-conditioned.

Motor ship on the Moscow river

Other services on board

On the lower deck there is also a bar and lounge with soft chairs. There are five toilet rooms on board the ship-restaurant. There is a stage on the upper deck. Throughout the walk along the Moscow River, guests of the floating restaurant are entertained by soft and unobtrusive music. A potential client of the ship has a choice: buy a regular ticket for a panoramic river excursion or a complex one, which includes lunch or dinner in a restaurant. In principle, in the first case, nothing prevents the passenger of the ship from going down to the main hall or bar and ordering dishes and drinks on the menu. But this is at an additional cost. And if the client chooses the second option, then the price of the ticket will include a comprehensive lunch or dinner. Moreover, the more eaters, the cheaper it will cost a meal for one person. Reviews recommend that you buy such trips on the River Palace boat. The coupon gives unbelievable discounts, which we will tell you about below.

River Palace


First of all, the "River Palace" is known as a restaurant, and only then - as a pleasure ship. Even the most picky gourmet will not be able to complain about the dishes offered on the menu. This extensive map is divided into three sections: Japanese cuisine, Russian and European. Reviews strongly recommend paying attention to the latter. After all, a cook from France is working on board a floating restaurant! And therefore, dinner on the River Palace boat promises to be not only romantic, but also sophisticated. The restaurant's menu has many dishes of fish and seafood. Smoked Murmansk salmon (cold appetizer), fish soup with couscous, quesadillas with mushrooms or chicken should be praised. From Japanese cuisine, visitors liked the tempura rolls and tiger prawns. Of Russian dishes, you should try Moscow borsch and Olivier with poular.

Complete lunches or dinners

Exquisite dishes selected from the menu, and the cost is rather big. The average check per person is two thousand rubles. Therefore, many tourists who buy tickets for River Palace, choose those that include meals on board. In this case, the whole trip with lunch or dinner will also cost two thousand rubles. Whereas a simple ticket (without food) costs seven hundred. What are these meals? The client is offered to choose one set lunch / dinner from the Russian, Asian or European menu. What can be said about the fullness of such a meal? Here, for example, a complex from the European menu. It consists of caprese salad, chum salmon fillet with a side dish of saffron-flavored rice and strudel for dessert. A glass of white or red wine accompanies the meal, and tea or coffee is served for sweets. Similar complexes in Asian and Russian cuisines. These include salad, main course and dessert. Drinks in complex nutrition are the same everywhere.

Dinner on the ship River Palace

What is a gift voucher?

This service is also practiced by the River Palace motor ship. A gift ticket is bought at a discount (and significant) when buying a regular one. One person can purchase an unlimited number of such certificates. At the same time, prices are very attractive. For example, a walk on the Moscow River with a set dinner or lunch for a company of four will cost only 5532 rubles. There is such a gift certificate and cons. For example, you cannot change the date and time of the trip. There is no way to reduce the number of people in a group. If the ship is full, then the certificate holders get not the best places. But in principle, for such a small price, a ride on a pleasure boat and having fun in a chic setting is very pleasant. Many tourists were satisfied with such a trip and will recommend making it to their friends.

River palace boat reviews


The River Palace motor ship does not make the longest journey in Moscow. There are ships whose routes extend over a longer distance. However, the charm of the River Palace is not to see as many attractions as possible. He sets sail from the pier "Kiev Station", floats to the Novospassky bridge, and then turns back. The ship does not make any stops along the way. But he floats so slowly that the passengers on board quite manage to enjoy both the views and the meal. From the board of the ship you can see in all its glory both the Kremlin, and the Government House, Novodevichy Convent and Luzhniki. The whole walk lasts exactly three hours. How to get to the pier with a floating restaurant moored? First you need to get to the metro station "Kievsky station". But having come to the surface of the earth, turn not to the railway station, but in the other direction. It should focus on the area of ​​Europe. Immediately behind it, on Berezhkovskaya Embankment, is the pier of the River Palace floating restaurant.

River Palace Tickets

Children on board

The best conditions have been created for small passengers on the boat. Children under five years old can travel on a ship absolutely free. Young passengers between the ages of six and twelve require a ticket. But it costs fifty percent of the cost of an adult tariff, that is 350 rubles. In the thick book with the list of dishes of the restaurant there is a section "Children's menu". It contains a set of dietary and healthy foods that all kids enjoy. There are seasonal salads, and chicken breast meatballs, and a salmon butterfly, and chicken kebab with pineapple. And for dessert, fruit salad, profiteroles or estrahazi cake are offered. For very young passengers, the restaurant has high chairs for feeding.

How is landing

Tickets can be purchased just before the trip. But in this case, no discounts are provided. There are such cases (especially in the summer, when there are many who want to sail along the Moscow River), those who have purchased a gift certificate for the River Palace motor ship are not allowed to board. This is because a gift voucher is not a ticket yet. You need to pre-book a walk and book a table for a certain number of people. Such a kind of check-in can be made both by phone of the company, and online, on the website. Passengers begin to be allowed on board forty minutes before departure from the Kievsky Station berth. Dress accordingly. If you intend to visit a restaurant, then you need to keep in mind that in sports dressings or shorts, they are not allowed on the lower deck. And on the top, open, it can be windy. So it’s not out of place to grab a sweater.

Flight schedule

A floating restaurant runs daily during the navigation period. And it lasts in Moscow from the last decade of April to the first of October. If you look at the company's website, then, frankly, you can get confused. During the day, the ship, as stated, makes voyages every three hours: at noon, at three and six hours. But on weekends and evenings, from the pier, a ship called the River Palace leaves every hour. What is the mystery? And the fact that the company has several twin ships at its disposal. Do not worry that with the purchased ticket you will not get on board the handsome man you saw from the shore. Filed to the ramp, his twin brother will not be different either in luxury decoration or in technical parameters.


A walk along the Moscow River leaves no one indifferent. And especially on board the ship River Palace! Reviews about this trip are usually very enthusiastic. Passengers are amazed at the decoration of the restaurant hall, lounge, bar. A lot of praise is given to the skill of cooks. The dishes are delicious, delicious. Especially popular are evening flights - at those hours when darkness is already descending. Moscow, all in the lights, is a magnificent sight. People who bought a regular ticket for a walk (700 rubles each) often have the question: is it necessary to order something in a restaurant or bar? No, you can do without it. But it is forbidden to bring your food and drinks on board by company rules. It is not easy to find a free table in the evenings during the peak season, as they are all reserved in advance. But you can be served on sofas in the lounge. In the "sold out", warn the reviews, there may be a delay in service - the waiters are simply not enough. However, there are also negative comments about being at River Palace. Visitors complain that the staff is quite annoying in the demands of extra costs on their part - they are constantly pestering photographers and employees with other commercial offers. In addition, waiters most often do not pay too much attention to people with certificates for complex dinners, but mainly focus on those who make expensive orders.


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