Unique and functional do-it-yourself hourglass

Interesting and educational toys for children of any age can be made independently. Doing it yourself is especially simple and cheap. An elementary device for counting time will appeal to children during the game, creation and training.

What can you make an hourglass of yourself

In an hourglass, the main part is a correctly made case and an appropriate amount of sand is needed. You can find a lot of options for creating a body, the main thing is to show imagination and the ability to work with various materials.

hourglass option

Do-it-yourself hourglass can be made of such materials:

  • Treated incandescent bulbs.
  • Small glass bottles with a narrow neck.
  • Plastic bottles.
  • Glass that folds into the body. Glass can be attached to wooden frames or held on sealant.

The rest of the finish can be made in any form and from any material.

The necessary tools and materials for creating an hourglass

The easiest option for work are plastic bottles. The material is affordable and easy to process, so you do not need expensive or special tools.

Hourglass, made from plastic bottles with your own hands, require the following tools and materials:

  • 2 identical plastic bottles with caps.
  • Glue gun.
  • The adjusted volume of clean sand.
  • Screwdriver or drill.
  • Decorative tape.

With a set of such materials, you will get a functional and safe do-it-yourself hourglass for kindergarten. Children will not be able to break or damage the body, which will turn out to be strong and tough before mechanical influences.

Creation algorithm

The algorithm for creating an hourglass from plastic bottles is quite simple and safe, so children can participate in the work.

A step-by-step diagram on how to make your own hourglass:

  1. Remove bottles from labels and glue. It is better to choose a wide-necked container.
  2. Glue the covers together with the external sides. Pre-treat the surface with alcohol or acetone to degrease.
  3. When the glue dries, use a screwdriver or drill to make a hole in the middle of the covers.
  4. Pour sand into one bottle and use a stopwatch to measure the time during which the bulk substance is poured into another container. Calibrate the amount of sand over time.
  5. Then screw the caps onto the bottles and close them with a strip of decorative tape.
making hourglasses from plastic bottles

You can leave the product in this form or make a simple but original case. For the manufacture of framing you will need cardboard, wooden skewers for barbecue, glue gun. The manufacturing principle is quite simple:

  1. Cut the same shapes out of cardboard. In the middle of the cardboard cut, place the bottom of one of the bottles and circle with a pencil - this is the designation of the location.
  2. Cut the skewers for barbecue in accordance with the height of the finished hourglass.
  3. Glue the skewers in the corners of the cardboard cut. It is worth measuring the distance from the center to the edge.
  4. In the center, glue the body of plastic bottles.
  5. Glue the second part of the cardboard cut on top.
  6. The finished case can be painted with paint; to paste over with cloth, ribbons; paper is suitable for finishing cardboard.

Additional options for decoration can be beads, stones.

DIY glass hourglass

The principle of creating an hourglass from glass is the same as from plastic. It is enough to take two incandescent lamps and gently pull out the internal mechanism by unscrewing the base.

It’s easy to make an hourglass yourself from light bulbs:

  1. Using sandpaper to wipe the place where the base was removed.
  2. Adjust the amount of sand over time by filling it in one of the lamps.
  3. Glue the lamps by applying a thick layer of glue from the gun to one of the edges.
  4. Close the junction of the lamps with tape, tape, cloth.
hourglass of light bulbs

The case for glass watches can be made of wood, polymer clay, plastic, cardboard.

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