Emerald nails: ideas of manicure, photo

Emerald tone - the most magical shade of the color palette. It is associated with immortality, fertility, royal luxury. Many fashionistas choose an emerald color manicure. And no wonder! This luxurious color fits any shade of the wardrobe. Neutral tones are perfectly combined with it. In the category of modern fashion trends, emerald nails rightfully occupy the first positions. Today, many designers include in their collections of manicure a deep green color. Check out the interesting options for staining nails with emerald gel polish. You will be convinced that this color is not so impudent.

emerald nails

Emerald Nails - Demonstrating Impeccable Style

Psychologists see the emerald color is very multifaceted. Have you ever seen an emerald stone? It gathered a lot of shades: dark green shimmers with light green and gives a bluish. The meanings of this color in psychology stand out a lot. Some experts associate it with poise, stability, calm. Others highlight wealth, prosperity and luxury. It should be noted that the emerald is associated with harmony, consistency and gratitude. This color can express youth, personal freedom, positive, vibrant life phenomena. If you want to have all of these qualities, then choose an emerald manicure. Photos of such nails will demonstrate their impeccable style.

emerald color manicure

Solid gloss and matte finish

A specific dark green shade beautifully fits in an even dense coating. Emerald nails are always relevant. Solid dark marigolds mesmerize with richness and nobleness of color. Especially saturated looks deep and saturated shellac, reminiscent of a real stone. Simple plain manicure can be glossy or matte.

Recently, matte emerald nails are gaining more and more popularity. Such a matte finish can be of different shades: lighter or darker, deep, with blue, metallic. Matte emerald nails with stones or rhinestones on the ring fingers look great. Rhinestones can be used both in the tone of manicure, and contrasting. Also, the matte finish can be decorated with gold foil.

emerald manicure photo

Symbiosis with other shades

Photos of emerald manicure prove that it must be skillfully combined with other shades. Stylists advise combining dark green with ruby ​​red. Emerald and ruby ​​are a magnificent combination created by nature. Chic green color is well complemented by white and black shades. Some combine it with lighter tones of green, for example, light green. A combination of rich green and sand or calm yellow is possible. Beige, burgundy, brown, metallic perfectly complement the turquoise radiance.

emerald gel polish

The combination of emerald with gold

The most luxurious look emerald nails in combination with a gold color. Especially beautifully flickers gold on a dark "emerald". Such a symbiosis, stylists advise girls of any style and image. Gold plating can be on some fingers or complement the main manicure on all nails. For such a design, it is appropriate to use golden slides, shellac, gold chains, rhinestones, sparkles and even golden sand. Looks great dark green manicure, decorated with gold stripes. The gold casting in the form of patterns differs in originality. In gold color, you can perform various stains: triangles, dots, zigzags, hearts. Possible craquelure on a gold background.

emerald manicure for short nails

Cat's Eye and Marble Decor

For several seasons, the cat-eye manicure has not lost its popularity. Emerald coating in this style looks very original. It resembles a green glass pebble present in jewelry. This design has a deep flickering shine due to the uniform stripes. Manicure "cat's eye" can be decorated with small stones, decoration of the ring fingers. The decor with silver rhinestones of one finger looks beautiful.

Marble emerald decor looks very impressive. For divorces, black, white, light green tones are used. With the same shades, you can make an ombre design.

emerald nails

The most interesting ideas of emerald color manicure

Glitter is a new trend in clothing, makeup and manicure. It is distinguished by the presence of a huge amount of brilliant particles. Emerald nails are decorated with spangles of any color, but most often - green. This design is very elegant and festive. The option of a jacket with emerald spangles is possible. The grace of emerald color will complement the radiance of both large rhinestones and small pollen.

Especially relevant is the emerald manicure for short nails and long claws on the eve of the New Year. After all, this shade is associated with the Christmas tree. Fluffy snowflakes, Christmas trees, confetti, stars are drawn on such nails. You can perform a "royal" decor with rhinestones of the ring finger in the form of a crown.

emerald manicure photo

And now observe the most interesting ideas of emerald manicure:

  • white pattern on a dark green background;
  • simple checkered pattern;
  • emerald-based painting;
  • the effect of bulky nails;
  • emerald French manicure with various decor;
  • combination of glossy and matte finish;
  • manicure with selection of holes;
  • stamping with various prints;
  • stylization of crystals on emerald;
  • emerald design in the style of broken glass;
  • a combination of various shades of green;
  • elegant coating with shimmer effect;
  • randomly applied strips;
  • complex drawings on an emerald coating.
    emerald color manicure

It is worth noting that the emerald design looks great on both long and short nails. The shape of the plates you can choose arbitrary. Dark green coating can be used by women of all ages. It is advisable to combine emerald-tone varnish with clothes of a suitable color. In your wardrobe there will certainly be an outfit in silver, gold, black, white, turquoise colors. Consider what shoes or sandals you wear. In any environment, you will be the queen if you complement the image with earrings, a ring or a necklace with emeralds. It is possible to replace them with suitable jewelry.

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