Brown French: Design Ideas

French manicure appeared a very long time ago. Contributed to this Hollywood actress. After all, they changed their image several times a day, changed clothes, did makeup and hair in a different way, and manicure did not remain without attention. All this took a long time.

But once they came up with a great alternative. It happened in 1976. It was then that a French manicure appeared. It consisted of nails, the base of which was pink or beige, and the overgrown part was covered with white varnish. Such a design greatly simplified the work, because it suited all images. Now at the peak of popularity brown jacket. The best ideas are presented in this article.

brown jacket on nails

Stylish manicure - brown french (photo)

Adherents of all natural choose the classic version. With this design, the main part of the nail is painted in beige, mocha, and the tip is white. The manicure looks very natural and elegant, fits all looks. But if you want to be in trend, you should use a beige base and bright “chocolate” at the tips and make a brown jacket.

beige jacket with brown

To create a second design, two varnishes are used. They must be contrasted so that the background of one is visible to the other. Bright lacquers are well combined with bronze, gold and other shades of brown with a metallic sheen. You can also add sparkles, as in the photo above. You can combine the opposite colors, for example, to diversify the jacket beige or brown black or red. The design will look good and neat.

Design matte + gloss

brown french manicure

A very original version is when two varnishes of the same tone are combined, but one is matte and the other is glossy. This design is perfect for a business suit, and for a romantic dress, and even for a sports outfit. The main thing is to draw the border very carefully.

If there is no matte varnish, it does not matter, you can buy a special top or top coat with a matting effect in the store. Moreover, it is permissible to apply not only to the gel, but also to ordinary varnish. This manicure is also carried out in two stages:

  1. Application of a glossy base. Drying.
  2. Draw the border with the top. Drying.

This brown jacket on the nails (photo above) looks very impressive. Design can be applied to both natural plates and extended ones. But it is important to consider that after all the manipulations, it is not fixed by the fixer. Indeed, otherwise the matte varnish will again become glossy - which means that the idea will not succeed.

French with pictures

On the overgrown part of the nail, some draw monograms or lace. This can be done either with a brush manually or with a stencil or special stickers. The main part of the nail can also be decorated with a pattern or ornament. The design looks very stylish, it will perfectly complement any evening look.

brown french manicure with a pattern


The difference between this design and the French is that the overgrown part of the nail is not painted over here. A crescent-shaped hole is drawn at the base. The advantage of such a manicure is that when the nail grows, you can slightly tint the bottom of the plate and walk a little more with the old manicure. This saves both time and money.

The hole can be either a contrasting color, or nude or shiny. You can also combine both designs - paint and the hole, and the overgrown part of the nail. The main thing is to choose the right combination of varnishes to look harmonious. For example, brown jacket can be revived with mint or pink.

Fan french

Such a design is done on extended nails. Sparkles, foil, rhinestones, beads, dried flowers, feathers are applied to the overgrown part. After coating with a layer of gel, this design looks very beautiful - the effect of the aquarium is obtained. When performing a manicure, it is not necessary to make the smile even, you can create bumps, streaks or diagonals.

There are several ways to create a French manicure. The first is to draw the border by hand with a special thin brush. The second is the use of stencils, which can be purchased at the store or made from duct tape. The main thing is to draw a border when the base is thoroughly dry.

leopard jacket

Also, experts recommend making a leopard jacket, the photo of which you see above. Stains can be drawn, formed using stickers or special powder. If the girl has not yet mastered all the subtleties of manicure, you can use stencils that are sold in many stores. Also on sale there are special kits for this design. To make the manicure more interesting, you can replace the beige varnish with chocolate, and make the spots light or bright - red, blue, green and other. And then you get a spectacular jacket on a brown background.

What shades are better for creating nail art?

When planning to do such a manicure, it is worth considering the compatibility of colors. In order not to make a mistake in your choice, it is worth following the recommendations of specialists. So, the following shades are considered to be an ideal “pair” for brown:

  1. Refreshing White. It is commonly used as a dominant shade. That is, it is applied as a base.

  2. Pink. This is a classic brown companion. The shade allows you to get an elegant version of manicure, which will add to the overall image of warmth, tenderness, as well as a certain charm. Suitable combination for young people.

  3. Beige. With this color, very harmonious manicure ideas are obtained. When combining brown and beige there is no need to use any additional shades or other decorations. If you still want to look brighter and more original, you can make a design similar to that proposed in the photo below.

    brown french ideas
  4. Gold. This color is a priori luxurious and rich, and a festive combination will turn out with brown. This nail art is suitable for a special occasion. It looks very elegantly in the hands of girls, women and even ladies of advanced age. That is, it is universal, and therefore very popular and in demand.

Original Chocolate Nail Art

Almost every woman wants to save her family budget and learn how to do manicure on her own. Brown jacket, like the other, is not easy to perform. However, practice is needed for mastery, so after a while there will be less problems with painting. You can also go for tricks. For example, with a brown jacket on nails, make not a smooth border, but an angular, wavy one.

brown nail art

If you still want to make an even border, then you can use a stencil. To do this, you need to prepare the nail and apply the main color, let it dry completely. Next, take a bank rubber band for money (can be purchased at the stationery store), attach to the desired nail and lightly stretch. Paint over the tip and remove the stencil. Decorate all the nails, and after drying the main varnishes, apply a fixative - clear transparent varnish. It will give shine to the coating, and also fix the already applied varnish. Such nails will last longer.

Ideas and nuances of manicure in brown tones

Fashion, makeup and manicure are changing every year, but the classics always remain. Brown jacket is very popular in 2019, but experts do not set a strict framework for this design. Therefore, you can safely combine different styles and ideas, look for interesting combinations, designs and even textures.

This year, sparkles and rhinestones, various stones, foil, rubbing will be appropriate. But remember that in such a manicure it is worth maintaining harmony. Sometimes it’s not worth doing everything all at once, it’s enough to decorate one or two nails somehow original, and leave the rest neutral. It is also worth noting that the fashion of making all fingers the same has already passed, so you can experiment and supplement the French manicure with something else. For example, arrange 4 fingers on the hand in the studied style, and decorate one with a gradient from brown to beige, white or black. To get the transition, it is not necessary to select varnishes. You can simply purchase two - the first and the last, and then mix them on a piece of foil, creating intermediate shades.

Festive design

chocolate nail art

Another interesting idea is presented in the photo above. This design resembles a gingerbread and is associated with a celebration. It is ideal for a Christmas or New Year mood, for a birthday. Young women can be decorated with all fingers in this way, and only one or two for mature women. It all depends on your desire.

Brown jacket with floral patterns

If the previous options for nail art seem too boring, it is worth considering the photo below.

brown french

It does not take much effort to create it. Brown French manicure is carried out in several stages. First, prepare a regular sewing needle or a special thin brush. After that, carefully read the instructions. It consists of the following actions:

  1. Drawing any nyudovy basis. You can use a transparent varnish. Drying.
  2. Drawing a border. On 3-4 nails, it should be a light brown tone, on the other - dark. Drying.
  3. Now comes the hardest part. Take a brush or a needle, dunk in a dark tone and gently start moving the tool along the light border, creating ornate patterns. Remember to emphasize the border. Dry it.
  4. It remains only to add flowers and mark the core with gold varnish or special rhinestones. To dry.
  5. Fix with clear varnish and wait until it dries completely.

It’s easy to make a brown jacket (photos of the best ideas above), you just want to.


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