"Lada Nadezhda": reviews of the owners

The automotive industry of Russia pleases users with projects more than a real product. However, there are very good specimens that have the optimal combination of practicality, quality and price. For example, Lada Nadezhda, reviews of which are very ambiguous, became the first domestic minivan. The car has a base from "Niva-2131", a spacious interior, increased cross-country ability and all-wheel drive. During the years of mass production (1998-2006) a little more than eight thousand copies were produced.

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It is worth noting that the “Lada Nadezhda”, reviews of which we will consider later, was equipped with original door handles designed for natural girth. It was one of the first domestic cars with a similar feature. The car is easily recognizable by the round head light elements identical to the headlights of the Six. The first VAZ minivan is equipped with lamps in pairs on each side. Later modifications are equipped with 2110 series optics.

When creating the machine, the designers chose the path of maximum unification of spare parts. The body part of the car is characterized by smooth lines. Entrance to the second row is made only on the right side, for which a sliding door is used. Small lanterns are placed behind, there is more metal than glass. The windshield and rear window are not fixed on glue, but on special locks. In general, the design of the car in question is not something special among analogues. However, for its time - it was a uniquely designed minivan.

Management and internal equipment

The car "Lada Nadezhda", reviews of which are mostly positive, has a vertical landing behind the wheel, the front seats are adjustable in the longitudinal plane and on the slope. The main seat cushion is flat, equipped with a small lateral support. By category, the vehicle clearly belongs to the family class.

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The two-spoke safety steering wheel copies a similar element of the VAZ-2110, does not interfere with the reading of data from devices, it is equipped with a correcting column. In the center console there are air outlets of the heating unit. They are installed with the withdrawal deep into the cabin, the temperature regime is adjusted by means of sliders.

On the working panel there are many levers for various purposes. There are switches for a manual gearbox, a differential lock, a reduced speed switch, an electric lift controller and other auxiliary buttons. In its equipment, the car resembles the classic Niva.

Salon arrangement

Lada Nadezhda, reviews of which are not always unambiguous, has a spacious interior. The second row of seats can be transformed and consists of three folding chairs. "Seats" can be folded, depending on the need and number of people, turning them into a berth or table.

Cup holders in the backs are not very practical. Due to its shallow depth, the contents may not just splash out, but may fall along with the container. Passengers in the second row can use the ashtray, and in the lining on the sides there are plastic rounded niches designed for speakers.

The rear seats are a pair of seats with head restraints, providing additional comfort during long journeys. Despite the rather large area inside the cabin, all the pleasure of traveling will spoil the creak and clank of the transmission. The optimal speed for moving is considered an indicator of 90-100 kilometers per hour. Depending on the number of folded seats, the luggage compartment holds from 265 to 1250 liters of cargo.

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Technical plan options

How to characterize the technical part of the car "Lada Hope"? Reviews of motorists and the instruction manual will help to determine these indicators. Consider the main characteristics:

  • power plant - a 1.8-liter gasoline engine;
  • power indicator - 81 horsepower;
  • torque - 134 Nm;
  • the number of valves - eight pieces;
  • acceleration from zero to hundreds of kilometers is 19 seconds;
  • top speed - 138 kilometers per hour;
  • fuel consumption in mixed mode - 12 liters per 100 km;
  • fuel tank capacity - 42 l;
  • length / width / height - 4.35 / 1.8 / 1.69 meters;
  • body type - minivan;
  • wheelbase - 2.7 m;
  • clearance - 19.5 centimeters;
  • machine weight - 1.45 tons.

Test Drive

The car "Lada-2120 Nadezhda", reviews of which characterize it as a family car, has a rather pleasant control. This process is facilitated by a hydraulic power steering type ZF. The gear ratio of the main pair is identical to the VAZ-2106 model. The gearbox is mounted in a mechanical design, has five steps. Power units are presented in 1.7 or 1.8 variations.

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A carburetor system aggregates with one engine, and an injector with a second. The first option slightly surpasses the “colleague” in dynamics and speed. The difference in acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers is two seconds. As standard, the car is equipped with rubber with a high profile (16 diameter). The brake assembly in front is a disk type, the rear system is a drum. The stability of the machine is ensured thanks to all-wheel drive, but the vehicle is not intended for high speeds. Regarding the suspension of a minivan: the front part is an independent option, a block of the dependent type is installed in the back in the form of a continuous beam.

Lada Nadezhda: owner reviews

User feedback about the car in question is very controversial. If we take from them the general, we can distinguish a number of positive aspects and several negative traits. Cons include the following:

  • spacious roomy cabin with 7 seats;
  • the possibility of folding seats to expand the trunk;
  • high cross;
  • maintainability;
  • reasonable price;
  • simplicity in operation;
  • good interior heating.

On the other hand, Nadezhda Lada also has plenty of negative reviews. Owners note the rapid rotting of the body. At the same time, suitable iron is very difficult to find on sale. Also, users have complaints about the quality of plastic, poor noise insulation and high fuel consumption.

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There are not many cars of this series. However, they have several current and planned variations. The following models visited the serial production:

  1. 2120 (1.8) - carbureted version with an engine power of 84 "horses".
  2. 2120 (1,7) - injection model with distributed fuel injection.
  3. VAZ-2120M is an improved version with a power unit from the VAZ-21214.

In addition, modifications to the taxi, van, office minibus and delivery pickup were planned for release, but were not implemented.


Auto VAZ-2120 was produced in small batches for eight years. For all the time 8 thousand copies were collected. This car is not often seen on the road. The first domestic minivan was discontinued in 2006 due to low demand and obsolescence, in comparison with foreign analogues and the VAZ-2131 model.

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Reviews about cars "Lada Nadezhda" partially confirm not quite optimal characteristics of the vehicle. In principle, the idea of ​​the designers was very good, but the implementation slightly failed. Nevertheless, there are significant advantages in this car, which the owners also note in their responses.

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