How to keep a racket in table tennis: secrets of a small ball

Table tennis is currently one of the most famous and sought after sports. It is played by both amateurs and professionals. Along with other sports, table tennis has become an Olympic sport.

You can play it together (one on one) or four (two on two). To win the game, you need to throw the ball over the net to the side of the opponent so that he cannot return it to your half of the table. You need to do this 11 times, but if the score is equal, then additional raffles are held. Also earlier in the game, two on two used the score to 21, but at present they have refused this calculation.

How to keep a racket in table tennis: secrets of a small ball

Since this is one of the most popular questions regarding table tennis, let's find out the answer. Many fans do not attach much importance to how to properly keep the racket in table tennis. And this is a big mistake, because the game is very fascinating, and when a person sees that he is not reaching the level of the enemy, he begins to look for ways to win, but the lack of basic knowledge does not give him a chance.

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And even if the player subsequently pulls up the theory, it will be very difficult for him to relearn. Therefore, it is best to immediately learn how to properly hold a racket in table tennis. It is also important to pay attention to the choice of rackets and ball for the game. You should not save on inventory, because in this case the game will not be as dynamic and exciting as it could be, and all because of the insufficient bounce of the ball from the table and racket.

Grip selection

There are two common ways to hold a racket:

  • horizontal grip;
  • vertical grip.

Since horizontal grip is more common in Europe, it is more often called European, although this name in no way indicates the position of the racket in the hand.

Vertical grip is generally accepted in Asia: hence the name Asian. These options for holding racquets have gained recognition among Olympic players.

There are world-class players who prefer horizontal grip, and there are adherents of vertical. This is not to say that one of them is not good enough in the game. They just use two fundamentally different ways of holding a racket.

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The main thing when choosing a grip is how organically a person feels a racket in his hand. It should not be a foreign body, but a continuation of the hand. An athlete can achieve mastery of the game, regardless of the choice of grip.

Further in the article, each of these methods will be examined in more detail so that a person can get a general idea of ​​how to properly hold a racket in table tennis.

European acumen

The little finger, ring and middle fingers should be placed on the handle of the racket, easily grasping it. It is important to place the thumb and forefinger along the edge of the rubber: one on one side of the racket, the other on the other, while the edge of this racket must be directed into the notch between the fingers.

If it’s hard for you to imagine how to properly hold a racket in table tennis, a photo can help - it is placed under the description of the grip. The main thing is that the racket maintains a horizontal position.

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How to rotate a racket in a hand

Usually they rotate a racket if different rubber is glued on both sides. They do this in order to mislead the enemy. If, on the one hand, the pad is smooth with strong adhesion, and on the other, with spikes, then when the racket rotates, it creates an additional inconvenience for the opponent, who becomes more difficult to predict the ball’s rotation.

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Regular training is very important - even at home, for example, sitting in front of the TV, you can work out the correct rotation of the racket. Otherwise, the player may become confused and as a result do not calculate the force of impact on the ball. It is necessary to rotate the racket exactly counterclockwise, the only way from a technical point of view this technique can be correctly performed.

Some trainers believe that the rotation of the racket can be used to relieve tension in the hand during the game.

Asian grip

The index and thumb should grasp the handle of the racket, as if a person were holding a pencil in his hand. The remaining fingers must be placed on the back of the racket or with a fan, or closed together and slightly shifted to the edge of the pad. This is a basic principle, but there are still some varieties of vertical grip.

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Some players, when grasping the handle of a racket, create a semblance of a ring, while others hold it in such a way that it looks like open ticks. Both methods are acceptable and have both strengths and weaknesses.

Game style selection

Just knowing how to hold a racket in table tennis is not enough. It is still necessary to decide what to focus on - attack or defense.

This is a very important decision, as it will determine the choice of grip. Both methods of holding a racket are suitable for attack. But horizontal grip is more suitable for protection. Each style has its own nuances that need to be considered. For example, if an athlete plays in attack, then he needs to spend a lot of energy on striking, so this style is more suitable for young and energetic people.

In defense, on the contrary, power costs are not so great, so older or very calm people prefer this type of game. There are also those who combine both styles, the so-called universal players, but learning this type of game is much more difficult.

Kick the ball

If a player does not understand table tennis, how to hold a racket and beat off serve, then he will be doomed to frequent losses.

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In order to navigate well with what rotation or with what force the ball flies towards you, it is important to closely monitor the opponent, especially in the first seconds of striking him.

Many lovers miss this moment and focus entirely on their own actions. Of course, at first it’s not easy to follow the opponent, but when your own movements are brought to automaticity, it is no longer difficult.


To learn how to hold a racket and hit the ball in table tennis, it is best to contact a coach. It is advisable to choose a good specialist in this field. It is important that training was not just a side job for him, but his life.

The trainer will help you put your hand right and choose the style of the game that suits a particular person, taking into account his physical and emotional data. He will also give good tips for table tennis, how to beat with a racket, based on the type of serve. In the future, you can train on your own or with a friend.

It is very important to devote time to practicing blows, it is best to do this in the game not at the expense. Of course, training takes time and effort, but the results, no doubt, can make up for any costs.

To make the game fun, you need to alternate practicing blows and innings with the game on the account. From time to time, you can arrange a meeting with the coach so that he directs the course of training.

The main blow for beginners is the reel. The most important thing is to learn how to kick the ball in table tennis. A common mistake for beginners is that they try to reach the ball with their hand, but instead they need to use their legs - just take a step towards the ball. The arm itself must remain bent at the elbow, then the blow will be more accurate and energetic.

In table tennis, as in any other sport, the main thing is not to stop developing, but to constantly replenish knowledge and improve the technique of the game.


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