Fortune telling for children

Everyone wants to know what awaits him in the future. That is why various kinds of fortune telling are so prevalent throughout the world . Always exciting and even a little scary, fortune-telling allows us to open the curtain of the mystery of the future, to believe in the best. Many materialists criticize fortune-telling, they say that any fortune-telling is continuous fantasy, in the execution of which only very impressionable young ladies can believe. Nevertheless, for thousands of years people have been hoping with fortune-tellers and trying to peer into their future themselves ...

Fortune-telling for future children is perhaps the most important and touching type of fortune-telling. Women do not approach any fortune-telling with such trepidation and excitement. In each country, each nation has its own fortunetelling, with which you can determine what gender the unborn child will be, and the number of children that a woman can have. There are fortunetelling that will suit any woman and even a man, but there are those that work only during pregnancy.

Divination by children is best known as divination by a needle or a pendulum. Its disadvantage is that if they are telling a girl, it shows not only born children, but also miscarriages and abortions. For men, only born children are shown. To conduct divination with a needle on children, you need a needle (or pendulum) with a white thread. Take the tip of the thread with your right hand, and turn the left with the palm up. Lower the needle three times between your index finger and thumb, and then raise the needle above your palm. The needle will begin to swing. If she sways from side to side, this suggests that the first child will be a boy, and if in a circle - a girl. This procedure must be repeated several times until the needle stops swinging above the palm. Thus, it is possible to guess for those people who already have children - then the needle will show already born children.

There is one more divination for children associated with the palm, it is based on palmistry. On the left hand you need to look at the gap between the line of the heart and the little finger. There are lines talking about the number and gender of children. If a clear and deep line is located there, then this indicates the birth of a girl; if the line is fuzzy and thin, a boy will be born.

Water and stones can help fortune telling unborn children. Pour water into a container. Take a few stones and write on them the male and female names that you like. Then dip these stones in water. After 30-40 minutes, you need to carefully remove the stones from the water and see what remains of the inscriptions. If a name is left on any of the stones, it will help you determine the gender of the unborn child, and it may well be that his name. If there is not a single inscription left on the stones, in the near future you will not have children.

There is one more fortune-telling for children with the help of water, but it is only possible to divine in winter. The wedding ring should be lowered into the cup with water, then put the cup overnight on the street. And in the morning, by the number of dimples and tubercles in frozen water, you can determine the number of future children: dimples mean girls, and tubercles mean boys.

During pregnancy, even in the very early stages, the sex of the unborn baby can be determined using a piece of bread. A pregnant woman needs to break a piece of bread, put it in the middle of the yard and reap aside who is the first to approach the meal. If it is a dog, then a boy will be born, and if the bird is a girl.

If a woman already has a child, she will use fortune-telling for children in the vest of the first baby. The baby's undershirt should be put on the table, and three candles should be placed next to it. When lighting the first one, you should say “In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit”, on the second you need to say the same phrase and add the word “boy”, and on the third - “girl”. The first extinguished candle will show the sex of the future baby whose gender has not been determined, then the woman will no longer have children.


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