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Many people have heard the word “weather forecaster” and associate this person as someone related to the weather. But what is this profession really? What are they doing? How can they predict the weather and by what methods? Why is this so important? What is the difference from a meteorologist? When is weather forecasters celebrated and why? We will consider all the answers below.


In general, weather forecaster is a science (meteorology section) that studies the physical processes of the Earth’s atmosphere. And the weather forecaster himself is such a person who is engaged in compiling a weather forecast for the near term. He receives certain information coming from the movement, direction and speed of the cyclones. All these data are obtained by means of photographs from space, in which these same cyclone clouds are visible. The closer the period is considered, the forecast is, as a rule, more accurate. For example, two weeks after making a forecast, much can change and be different, since cyclones have changed their path.

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The work of weather forecasters is very important for the inhabitants of the whole world. We feel this in everyday life. Thanks to these scientists, we can know roughly whether it will rain and cold tomorrow or whether it will be hot, how to dress, whether to water the garden if it does not rain. It depends on the weather forecast whether training sessions will be canceled due to cold weather, whether flights will be delayed for airplanes, because the flight conditions are unfavorable, otherwise an accident or other tragedy could occur.

Weather Forecast Methods

There are a number of weather forecasting methods used by weather forecasters. Usually the end result of the forecast is compiled after applying all the techniques.

  • The synoptic method is to determine the expected manifestations of the weather using synoptic maps. They depict certain symbols, and by changes in the atmosphere they look at how the weather is supposed to change in the coming days.
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  • Using the statistical method, the current state of the weather is analyzed. Based on this, experts are looking at how it will change in the near future. This method is based on the selection of the most anticipated and statistically frequently confirmed changes in weather conditions.
  • The hydrodynamic (numerical) technique consists in the mathematical formulation of the hydrodynamic systems of the equation. To do this, you need certain information from weather stations. Unfortunately, the number of meteorological stations has recently decreased.

What is the difference between a weather forecaster and a meteorologist?

It is sometimes difficult to understand how these two specialists differ from each other. It would seem that weather forecaster is part of meteorology, so where then can there be differences? Although both spheres are interconnected, they have different meanings.

Meteorologists are people who have received education in the following specialties: meteorologist engineer, climatologist and agrometeorologist (and some others). Generally speaking, they do not make weather forecasts from the available data, but generally determine the state of the atmosphere of our planet. Usually weather forecasters get information, for example, about impending cyclones, just from meteorologists.

But it is worth remembering that weather forecasters are also meteorologists, but only more highly specialized. Their main task is to analyze the data and make an estimated weather forecast.

And even more so you should not call the weather forecasters people who talk about the temperature in the coming days on television.

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Forecaster day

There is World Meteorological Day, which is celebrated annually on March 23.

For the first time they began to celebrate such a holiday in 1961, this tradition continues to this day. The starting point was the formation of the World Meteorological Organization in 1950. Each year, this organization devotes a celebration to certain topics related to meteorology, climate, weather, atmosphere, ecology and other related issues.

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To summarize

Forecasters are a very interesting and important science, which is part of meteorology. Forecasters are engaged in the determination and analysis of weather forecasts. They work mainly on synoptic maps, and meteorologists provide information to them. This is a very responsible job, because in our life a lot depends on weather forecasting. The information transmitted by these specialists is extremely important for many sectors of life around the world.

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