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Many people who are intensely involved in certain sports are interested in the question of what steroid preparations are, how they affect the body. Nowadays, the “Fos” tool is becoming more and more popular. Reviews about him are mostly positive.

The drug "naposy" (tablets): composition and form of release

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The main component of this drug is methandienone (methandrostenolone). This substance is a derivative of testosterone (a natural steroid hormone secreted by the human body), but with some modifications.

Today, several pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing this drug. In particular, a product from the Romanian company Tarapia is considered quite popular. The Vosposem Vermoge is in great demand. Reviews about the drug from both manufacturers are mostly positive - this oral anabolic steroid helps to quickly gain muscle mass.

It produces a medication in the form of rounded white tablets. In one blister, as a rule, ten tablets (although some companies produce twenty-five each). The standard dose of methandienone is 5 mg in each tablet. There is also a “Chop” 10 mg. Customer reviews indicate that novice athletes are more likely to take pills with a low level of active substance.

The main properties of the active components

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As already mentioned, methandienone is a synthetic derivative of testosterone and belongs to the group of oral anabolic steroids. During chemical modification, the substance receives additional methyl groups that protect the hormone from the effects of digestive enzymes. In addition, an additional double bond between carbon atoms is introduced in the synthesis - this reduces the relative androgenic activity of the substance.

Thus, the derivative obtained is characterized by lower androgenic properties (does not affect the synthesis of natural testosterone so much), but it is characterized by increased anabolic effects and a long half-life.

What results can be achieved?

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In fact, today many athletes are taking the medication "Fuck". Reviews indicate that with this drug you can achieve truly phenomenal results. Of course, it stimulates the active growth of muscle tissue due to protein metabolism. Weight gain is also observed, which occurs due to water retention in the tissues. By the way, that’s why the drug is not recommended for athletes whose goal is muscle relief (in such cases, the course needs to be supplemented with some other drugs, such as Tamoxifen and Proviron).

On the other hand, the “Naposim” remedy retains calcium, as a result of which the skeleton is strengthened. The drug increases not only the volume of muscle tissue, but also strength indicators (with appropriate training). Reviews also indicate that this tool makes the body more resilient. Taking pills is accompanied by an increase in appetite, which, in turn, contributes to weight gain.

How to take this remedy?

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Of course, the dosage in this case is individual, because here everything depends on the characteristics of the body, age and time of training. The average daily dose of the drug is 30 mg of methandienone for men. For women, this amount is slightly less - 10 -15 mg.

You should not take the full dose from the first day, especially if you have not used anabolic steroids before. It is better to start with two tablets per day (for example, in the morning and in the afternoon), gradually reaching five to six, provided that there are no strong side effects. The maximum dose is 50 mg of matendienone per day. Do not exceed the recommended amount of the drug "Nososim." Reviews indicate that this still will not give a greater result, but it will negatively affect the functioning of the body, in particular, the functioning of the endocrine glands. Taking this remedy, have you reached the so-called plateau? You can enhance the effect using special solutions of anabolic steroids for intramuscular administration.

The daily dose of the drug is best divided into 2-4 doses. But in any case, tablets should be drunk 3-4 hours before the start of the workout.

Some recommendations for maximum effect

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Of course, simply taking anabolics is not enough to create a strong muscle system - every person knows about it. And in this case, the right diet and constant training plays a huge role.

The food scheme is an individual thing. However, athletes and trainers recommend not only increasing the amount of food, but also changing the ratio of basic nutrients. The main diet should be foods containing proteins and complex carbohydrates. But dishes with a high content of fat and easily digestible carbohydrates (glucose) should be strictly limited. Training must also include properly selected sets of strength exercises.


Not everyone can use this drug, since it has a number of contraindications. First of all, it is worth noting the increased sensitivity to any of the components, as well as children's age (any specialist will say that taking anabolics is advisable only if the body has already reached its peak of development).

In addition, a contraindication is the depletion of the body, impaired protein metabolism in the body (this may be due to infectious diseases, severe injuries, radiation exposure, extensive burns). You can not take the drug for people with myopathies and dystrophy of muscle tissue. Contraindications also include encephalopathy.

It is worth noting another important point - while taking steroids, you must completely abandon alcoholic beverages, which stimulate the elimination of the drug from the body and, accordingly, significantly reduce the effect.

Are side effects possible?

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Of course, side effects are observed when taking “Posos”. Reviews, of course, indicate that most often there is only an accumulation of water in the tissues. However, in some people, the drug may cause more dangerous reactions.

Like any other steroid, “Chop” has a negative effect on the liver. Long-term use can cause various diseases of it up to necrosis, so you should not exceed the recommended dose, and after each course take appropriate breaks.

Adverse reactions can also include disorders of the digestive system, including diarrhea, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, pain in the abdomen and epigastric region. Taking the drug is associated with edema, and sometimes reduces blood coagulation, which is fraught with bleeding. In some cases, neurological disorders are observed, in particular, headaches, cramps, sleep disturbances.

Of course, androgen hormones also affect the functioning of the reproductive system, in particular, they reduce the level of synthesis of own testosterone, which can affect sexual activity after cessation of intake.

The phenomenon of "rollback"

Naturally, the so-called rollback phenomenon is associated with the use of the “Naposim” drug. Reviews indicate that after stopping the use of tablets, body weight decreases markedly, which is mainly due to the loss of water previously accumulated in the tissues by the body.

In addition, it is worth considering that a sharp set of weight and volume leads to stretching of the skin tissue - there is a risk of stretch marks, as well as sagging skin with sudden weight loss. That is why it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the body, combining "Fuck" with other drugs that prevent unwanted effects.

Means of "filing": reviews of 2013

Naturally, many athletes today use various anabolic drugs. And far from the last place in the ranking is precisely the above. With a set of muscle mass really helps methane "naposy". Customer reviews indicate that for a course that lasts two months, you can gain from six to fifteen kilograms of weight, depending on nutrition, training intensity and individual characteristics of the human body.

Of course, there are some side effects, but they can always be reduced with other drugs. The advantages of this tool include its relatively affordable cost.

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