The development of pedagogical skills. The topic of self-education of the kindergarten teacher: selection, drawing up a work plan

The plan for self-education is an integral part of the additional development of pedagogical skills. Some educators are somewhat negative about its compilation. They believe that this is an unnecessary activity, a waste of time, while I would like to just deal with children. However, according to experienced employees of preschool institutions, the plan helps to systematize the activities of the educator, reflects the effectiveness of the activities. In addition, its compilation helps to develop tactics for further interaction with children. The plan includes a program of methodological classes for next year.

kindergarten teacher self-education topic

Compilation steps

Planning work is divided into several stages. In the process, a preschool worker must answer a number of questions for himself, set certain tasks for himself, and understand the ways to achieve them.

  1. It is necessary to justify the reasons why this or that topic was chosen for self-education of the kindergarten teacher.
  2. What was the preliminary work done?
  3. How does the chosen topic of self-education of the preschool teacher correlate with the main goals and objectives of the institution itself?
  4. What were the methodological developments made by the employee in the course of their activities?
  5. The usefulness of the studied methods and programs should be assessed, as well as the systematization of recommendations that have been taken into account and taken into account.
  6. How was theory applied in practice? It is necessary to determine in what forms interaction with children was carried out outside of classes, in the classes themselves, during joint events with parents.
  7. It is necessary to evaluate the result of the work done, to understand what is the dynamics of the development of children, to draw the appropriate conclusions.
  8. A prerequisite for successful work is understanding the prospects for future activities.

the topic of self-education of the dow educator

What difficulties can arise in the process of drawing up a plan?

The main difficulty in this work is the choice of topics. As a rule, it is given by a senior educator or methodologist. However, a preschool worker can choose it on their own. In this case, it is necessary to decide in which direction the development of skills will take place in the next few years. The topic of self-education of the kindergarten teacher should be relevant and of practical importance for improving the pedagogical process. Young specialists with little experience can check their readiness to improve their skills on the Kodzaspirova card.

sample topics of self-education

Sample topics of educators' self-education

  1. Creative development. Within the framework of this direction, for example, such a topic on self-education of a kindergarten teacher can be chosen: "Techniques of alternative drawing: types and methods."
  2. The role of the family. This area includes many topics. For example: “The role of the family in the development of curiosity and cognitive interests”, “Formation of a humanistic position among parents when interacting with a child”, “Fun and holidays involving parents as a form of aesthetic development of a child”.
  3. Ecological culture. Within the framework of this direction, for example, such a topic on self-education of a kindergarten teacher can be chosen: “Formation of the beginnings of eco-culture among preschool children”.


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