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Reviews of the St. Petersburg School of Beauty are of great importance to everyone who is considering the opportunity to realize themselves in one of the professions related to this industry. This educational institution is a network of specialized centers throughout the country. Intensive educational programs are being developed here. Many years of experience in the field of training makes it possible to master a specialty in the shortest possible time. Many employers highly value the diplomas of this school.

About company

Reviews of the St. Petersburg School of Beauty can be found very different. Note that the main principles of training in this company are affordable prices, a large number of practical classes, modern techniques.

The company regularly conducts detailed monitoring of prices in all related areas in order to form the best offer for customers in their city. A significant part of the training is given to practice. It is important that only practicing specialists conduct classes, so students have the opportunity to gain professional skills on real clients. The curriculum programs themselves meet all educational standards, and the learning environment - the most modern technologies.

Customer feedback about the school

The school is famous for the fact that its students have already become specialists from different parts of the world. Her certificate is very much appreciated in the professional environment.

It is possible to achieve such results due to the fact that the educational program is built on 20% of theory and 80% of practice. In addition, teachers strive to maximally visualize the theoretical part, paying the greatest attention to students gaining practical skills. All employees of the St. Petersburg School of Beauty, without exception, are highly qualified specialists.

Intensive programs are constantly being developed that allow you to master a specialty in the shortest possible time, and start working in modern beauty salons. Students are provided with free supplies. You can take the course at an affordable price, as marketing specialists regularly study the existing offers on the market.

Based on the results of training, each student forms his own portfolio, which can immediately demonstrate a high professional level. After all, students will practice the acquired skills on real clients.

Upon completion of training, each is issued a diploma or certificate. The peculiarity of the courses lies in a modular approach, which makes it possible to choose the right level of information and knowledge, as well as the affordable cost of training. After receiving education at the St. Petersburg School of Beauty, students receive the skills and abilities that are in demand on the modern industry market. Almost everyone has the opportunity to find salons throughout the country, collaborating with the school on one of the partner programs.


Customer reviews of the beauty school

Reviews of the St. Petersburg beauty school can be found from major cities across the country. Indeed, at present, branches are opened in more than a dozen cities throughout the Russian Federation. You can get a quality education in this educational institution in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Ufa, Voronezh, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Ryazan, Samara, Yaroslavl, Tyumen, Omsk and even in Almaty territory of Kazakhstan.

For example, in the Russian capital, the school is located on Novoryazanskaya Street, 31/7, room 24, and in the city on the Neva, on 96 Griboedov Canal Embankment. It is in St. Petersburg that the head branch of this educational institution is located. It is a quarter-hour walk from Sadovaya, Sennaya Ploshchad, and Spasskaya metro stations. In close proximity are also the Nikolsky Garden, the Yusupov Palace, the Museum of Railway Transport, the Yusupov Garden, the Kryukov Canal, the Moika River Embankment. All these are good landmarks that will allow you to immediately find this school.

Course Designer

Specialties in a beauty school

One of the most attractive offers that can be found in this educational institution is the course designer. Teachers offer a wide selection of a wide variety of specialties. A student can independently choose exactly those courses that are required for him in order to master this or that specialty, get the necessary profession, pull up the knowledge in which tangible gaps are observed.

When ordering several courses, a discount is provided, and the more there will be, the more significant amount you can save. For example, when choosing two courses, a discount of ten percent is provided, and when applying for four courses - 25%. You can get the maximum discount by issuing ten courses at a time, in which case you will be able to pay forty percent less.

In total, six different schools are provided on the base: makeup, manicure, fashion and style, hairdressers, cosmetology, massage. Each developed a large number of diverse courses.

For example, in the framework of the makeup school, you can take a training program for a makeup artist, a master-brobist, a wedding makeup artist-stylist, makeup artist-stylist, make-up artist, and makeup artist-cosmetologist.

Courses provided at the makeup school are designed for beginners, in styling, professional make-up, dyeing and eyebrow correction, eyebrow correction with thread or wax, face painting, theater makeup, special effects in makeup, face painting for children, for wedding makeup artist-stylist .

In a school of manicure for 56 academic hours, you can get a specialistโ€™s diploma in manicure for thirteen thousand rubles, for 88 hours - a universal master of the nail service for 18.5 thousand rubles, for 48 hours - a master in nail extension for 13 390 rubles.

A personal certificate can be obtained from manicure courses for beginners, advanced training in manicure, nail design, pedicure, nail extension of the first or second stage, hardware pedicure and manicure, manicure with one cutter, nail painting, gradient manicure.

School of hairdressers

Studying at a beauty school

According to reviews of the St. Petersburg school of beauty, the school of hairdressers is especially popular in this educational institution. After all, this is one of the most sought-after professions in this field.

It is possible to learn five specialties at once. A hairdresser in 294 academic hours, a hairdresser-stylist in 350 hours, a barber shop master in 105 hours, a hairstylist in 40 hours, a hair care master in 15 hours.

All sorts of courses are also provided for this specialty. For example, in professional haircuts, for beginners hairdressers, in professional dyeing and courses for beginners, in color hair dyeing, for barber, courses for men's haircuts of the first and second steps, wedding and evening hairstyles, braiding of the first and second steps, hair extensions, lamination, Botox, keratin straightening.

Fashion and Style

In the school of fashion and style, the training program for the specialty of a stylist-image maker will be 96 academic hours, a seamstress-tailor - 64 hours, a fashion designer-clothing designer - 96 hours.

There are opened courses for stylists for beginners, effective shopping, stylistics in practice, psychology and image, cutting and sewing for beginners and professionals, designing and modeling of hope, and tailoring courses.

Massage school

Two more popular and sought after schools in cosmetology and massage. In this educational institution you can master the specialty of a massage therapist for 72 academic hours by paying 16,390 rubles, an esthetician cosmetologist for 135 hours and 29,090 rubles, an esthetician massage therapist for 120 hours and 25,090 rubles.

Here for you are ready massage courses for beginners, therapeutic massage, head and foot massage, relaxing and anti-cellulite massage.

The course of therapeutic massage can be mastered in two weeks, paying 6.5 thousand rubles. The training program will allow you to master the highlights of this specialty. Six hours will be devoted to massage and medicine, students will learn about the physiological effect of massage on the body, the classical methods of therapeutic massage, and the features of its effect. Another six hours will be required to master the massage techniques. The student will be taught to do traction and stretching correctly, and techniques for post-isometric relaxation will be explained. Six hours will be spent on manual therapy - the basics of this technology will be studied, practice on clients will be provided. Finally, six hours will be devoted to therapeutic massage. We will be able to learn acupressure, can-vacuum and segmental massage, master trigger points.


Reviews of employees about the beauty school

At the cosmetology school, the specialty of an esthetician cosmetologist can be obtained in 135 academic hours, permanent makeup masters in 144 hours, eyelash masters in 29 hours, depilation masters in 12 hours, eyebrow and eyelash masters in 45 hours, makeup artist- beautician - in 133 hours.

In this school, if you wish, you can separately study courses for beginning cosmetologists, cosmetic facial massage, hardware cosmetology, body cosmetology, microblading, LPG hardware massage, eyelash extensions, Botox for eyelashes, lamination of eyelashes, volume eyelash extensions, shugaring, depilation, deep depilation bikini, tattoo, nutritionist.


Classes at the beauty school

Given such a large number of branches, not only customers, but also employees are regularly attracted here. Most often, administrators are required to work. It should be noted that professional teachers who are able to give a high level of education to students are also always in demand and highly valued.

Upon employment, a potential employee is guaranteed a wide range of the most diverse benefits:

  • This is a decent salary. Indeed, the educational institution appreciates, first of all, the quality of work performed, and not the number of hours spent by an employee in the service. Therefore, they are willing to pay enough for real professionals. The main thing is that almost every employee has the opportunity to independently form their salary, since it will depend on specific points.
  • This is your experience, initiative, the ability to think outside the box, to achieve the solution of the task, the desire to immerse yourself in the problem. The main qualities that are especially appreciated by management are initiative and independence in decision making.
  • Employees can count on stable work. Here you will be uniquely confident in your future. This is recognized by many in reviews of the St. Petersburg School of Beauty in Samara and most other cities where the institution has regional offices. Indeed, the company has been operating in this market for seven years, uses advanced programs, and is ready to train professionals in the shortest possible time. About ten thousand specialists leave the school every year.
  • At work, new employees will encounter a friendly team and a truly homely atmosphere. A relaxed atmosphere is created here that allows you to feel at home at work. If necessary, there is the opportunity to undergo adaptation and training, career and professional growth are provided. The main guarantee of development is labor, multiplied by a responsible attitude to work. The management declares that it is important for him that employees regularly develop and improve their education.

Customer Impressions

Courses at a beauty school

There are many positive reviews about the St. Petersburg School of Beauty in Yekaterinburg and other cities. Many note with satisfaction that they go here to supplement their education, even if they have been working in this industry for a long time. However, in the field of fashion and beauty, there is always the opportunity to learn some new specialty, which will allow you to receive additional income through the provision of certain services. A good and high-quality initial base is laid in the educational institution, which allows, after a little extra practice, to switch to friends and acquaintances.

Judging by the reviews of the St. Petersburg Beauty School in Novosibirsk, students highly appreciate the fact that the educational institution itself is located as conveniently as possible, so there is little doubt about where to go to study. Most teachers are highly trained, well-composed methodology and practical exercises.

You can find positive reviews about the St. Petersburg School of Beauty in Voronezh, especially among those who attended the courses of makeup artist-stylist. Most are satisfied with the acquired level of knowledge and practical skills. The main thing is to like this sphere itself, otherwise the result will not be achieved.

In reviews of the St. Petersburg School of Beauty in Ryazan, students praise manicure courses. Teachers in detail present the entire methodology, as well as teach the basics of shellac coating techniques. Students are faced with a responsible and modern approach. As a result, there is an additional opportunity to earn money at home or at the base of beauty salons. In reviews of the St. Petersburg School of Beauty in Yekaterinburg and other regional offices, many emphasize how important this is for them.

The school makes an extremely positive impression on most students, which serves as additional confirmation of how responsibly they approach the organization of the educational process. In the reviews of the St. Petersburg Beauty School in Moscow, students acknowledge that after completing one course, they will soon switch to a new one in order to get as much necessary and useful knowledge as possible. The main thing is that everything is worked out in practice. Many reviews of the St. Petersburg School of Beauty in Kazan are dedicated to the fact that here every teacher is a true master of his craft. In addition, there is the opportunity to practice on real models.

Interestingly, in some reviews of the St. Petersburg School of Beauty in Krasnodar and a number of other cities, students complain about the insignificant time they devote to practice, despite the fact that the institution itself positions itself as a platform ready to provide maximum time for practicing practical skills, some still lacking a theoretical basis. This opinion can be found in reviews of the St. Petersburg School of Beauty in St. Petersburg. The administration promises to think about how to fix this situation.


It is worth recognizing that there are quite a lot of negative reviews about the St. Petersburg School of Beauty in Voronezh and several other regions. In particular, negative opinions are expressed about eyelash extension courses. Students are outraged that in fact they had to give money for nothing.

In student reviews of the St. Petersburg School of Beauty in Novosibirsk, students emphasize that the practice was unacceptably small. At the same time, the teacher only talked about how to perform work in 2D, and after that she paid almost no attention to how students perform their tasks, that is, they did not correct or correct them. On the final day of practice, for some reason, it was decided to combine several items at once. According to reviews of the St. Petersburg Beauty School in Nizhny Novgorod, students were immediately taught bio-curling and laminating, but at the same time in practice it was not possible to fully master these techniques. The lack of time and basic technical equipment affected. As a result, many had to relearn and master these specialties from other masters. The same situation led to a large number of negative reviews about the St. Petersburg School of Beauty in Ufa and other cities.

Another significant minus is the poor organization of the educational process itself. In the reviews of the St. Petersburg Beauty School in Novosibirsk, students admit that classes are regularly rescheduled and canceled without a clear explanation of the reasons. And if they are, then often much less time is allocated for them than was originally planned. After such a disregard for the students, many write statements demanding that their money be returned. Fortunately, the funds are really returned if the training course was not completed completely. True, not immediately, but after some time.

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