Clerical Executive Summary: Nuances and Key Points

Clerk, as polls show, is currently one of the most widespread and sought-after professions already in our country. To become a successful applicant for this specialty and correctly compose a resume, you need to be aware of the features of the work of the clerk, the requirements for the employer, the level of education and skills for occupying this position. This article will help you understand this all.

Responsibilities of the clerk

clerk resume, sample

Of course, the field of activity may vary depending on the company where you plan to get a job, but still the main responsibilities, skills that should include any resume sample of the clerk, are as follows:

  • Mandatory knowledge of the Unified State Records Management System, as well as the rules for working with the documentation of your organization
  • responsibility for the workflow of the company;
  • control over the timely execution of documents;
  • processing and subsequent registration of correspondence;
  • work with clients, including and telephone calls;
  • work with the archive.


Resume sample clerk must have adequate expectations of wages. The salary in Russia of such a specialist is from 10 to 40 thousand rubles. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the upper bar can reach up to 50 thousand rubles. Thus, the average salary is about 25 thousand rubles, but the region, the size of the company, and the experience of the future employee have a great influence on it.

Applicant Requirements

As an analysis of the conditions of the employer shows, for occupying this position it is desirable and even necessary to have a diploma of higher professional education. A clerical summary sample usually contains information on the following 100% relevant specialties:

  • paperwork;
  • record keeping and archiving;
  • library and information activities;
  • documentation support management;
  • information security technology.

clerk resume

Your personal qualities are very important. The clerk needs to be attentive, executive, able to quickly concentrate and not get lost in large volumes of information, be ready to analyze and systematize it. Work involves communication with people - politeness, sociability, conflict-free - these qualities necessarily adorn the resume-sample clerk. The disadvantage is the uniformity and sedentary nature, therefore, without patience and perseverance can not do.

Sample CV of the Secretary

  1. In the header indicate your name, contact information (place of residence, date of birth, marital status, contact phone number, email address). Do not forget about high-quality business photos.
  2. Basic information in response to the vacancy:
    • type of employment (full, partial, etc.);
    • work experience (yes, no);
    • knowledge of languages;
    • willingness to travel:
    • driver’s license, car availability.
  3. Thoroughly paint your work experience, having the freshest at the beginning, and then going into retrospective. First, indicate the time period, then the name of the organization, the position you occupy there, detail your responsibilities.
  4. Education Section. You start with a higher education - university, faculty, specialty, years of study, qualification of your diploma (bachelor, specialist, master). Then list the facts about additional and / or secondary education.
  5. A very important part is your professional skills. They should as accurately as possible approach the requirements for the duties of the clerk specified in this article. Also, excellent PC skills are necessary both in general and in special office programs and the Internet (write down this item in great detail), office equipment, and business communication skills.
  6. Your personal qualities. Their selection should maximize the position of the employer, but not be far-fetched.

sample clerk resume

We hope that the resume of the clerk, a sample of which we have provided, will help you in compiling a personal demanded business card.


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