DIY flower pot: simple and beautiful!

The summer season is the time for relaxation and creative expression on their sites. Every detail of the landscape should decorate it, make it unique and interesting. You can decorate your territory with your own created objects, for example, flowerpots.

DIY flowerpots
Different materials are suitable for their manufacture: pipes, wood, tires, stumps, plastic bottles, pumpkins, barrels, bags, baskets, cinder blocks, old shoes and even toilet bowls!

So, a flowerpot with your own hands.

do-it-yourself flower pot
Look at the photos presented. You probably thought: โ€œFlowerpots with your own hands? This is not for me, I canโ€™t!โ€ I dare to assure you: you can, you just have to start! To make a flowerpot with your own hands, first build a timber formwork or use buckets, basins. You can take old corrugated plastic slate or thick cardboard. Make a circle, square, triangle or oval out of it. Fasten the parts. Make exactly the same part, but smaller in size so that you can insert into the first. Between the walls there should be a distance of 4-5 cm for pouring cement mortar. On a cellophane film or on dry sand, lay the solution, distribute it according to the size of the proposed bottom. Now put the first large form on the solution, like a cookie cutter on the dough. Remove the excess solution from below. The walls of the mold should be out of solution. Next, insert the second form, but it is not necessary to put strong pressure on the solution. Do not forget, there should be at least 4 cm distance between the walls. Pour the building mixture there (cement - 1, sand - 3). At the bottom, insert three greased tubes or sticks. These will be holes for water drainage. After two to three days, until the bottom has hardened strongly, carefully remove the tubes (sticks). The holes will be neat. The whole flowerpot should dry and gain a foothold. It will take a week, maybe a little more. Separate the forms from the finished flowerpot. Now it can be decorated. Stick on it
do-it-yourself flower stands
shells, pieces, ceramic tiles, gypsum figures, you can simply paint and varnish. As you can see, itโ€™s not so difficult to make a flowerpot. Doing it yourself is a pleasure! Pour the soil into the finished form and plant flowers there. Several such flowerpots with flowers, well located in the garden, will look very nice. And if you make flower stands with your own hands from wooden blocks on wheels, then you can move this beauty throughout the garden wherever your soul desires.

Flower stands can be very different: such as a small table, bench, shelves, hanging structures, metal structures and even just an old decorated chair that will look great both in the garden and in the yard.

You can make mobile flower stands. Saw 6 wooden blocks of the same size so that the base of the flowerpot fits freely. Secure the 4 bars with screws or nails to the two bars. They will be from below at an equal distance from each other. Set the wheels on the corners on them. They can be bought at construction and hardware stores. Treat with sandpaper and stain, varnish.

Go for it! Start making the simplest flower pot, you can do wonders with your own hands!


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