Does coffee get fat or lose weight? The effect of coffee on the human body

Many people start their morning with a cup of coffee. The drink invigorates and enhances mood. In addition, it includes beneficial minerals and antioxidants that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the body. These substances help to avoid the development of pathologies of the myocardium and blood vessels, remove toxins from body cells. However, many people are interested in the question: is it possible to gain weight from coffee? Are getting fat or losing weight from this drink?

The effect of the product on the body

The question of the benefits and dangers of coffee is still controversial. Experts do not have a single point of view on this issue. Some argue that the drink speeds up the metabolic process and contributes to weight loss. Others believe that it provokes an increase in appetite and interferes with getting rid of body fat. Many people who follow their figure, adhere to proper nutrition and regularly attend training, are interested in the question: "Are coffee getting fat or losing weight?" The answer to it depends on many factors. The drink has many beneficial properties and contains few calories. Therefore, you should not completely abandon it to those who are on a diet. In addition, it is known that coffee dulls craving for food, removes excess fluid from the body. There is even a special nutrition system, which involves the use of low-calorie dishes and this drink. However, such a diet should be followed no more than seven days. Before deciding on such a diet, you need to consult a specialist. Indeed, with some pathologies, for example, myocardial diseases, a drink can damage the body. The answer to the question, do coffee get fat or lose weight, depends on many features of the use of this product.

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They are described in the following sections.

How does a drink help keep you slim?

Caffeine, which is part of it, contributes to the improvement of all metabolic processes. For example, this substance accelerates lipid metabolism. Due to this property, fat deposits burn quickly. In addition, the drink increases activity and tone. It improves mental activity, memory, attention. It should be remembered that the answer to the question about getting fat or losing weight from coffee depends on the variety and method of preparation of the product. A soluble beverage is known to be less beneficial than one made from ground grains.

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In addition, manufacturers often put various high-calorie supplements in it.

Coffee and Sports

A drink helps to reduce body weight only when a person is training intensively, gives muscles a good load. A cup of this product, drunk 60 minutes before exercise, increases stamina and fills the body with energy that helps burn fat. Therefore, sport gives good results. A person feels awake throughout the workout. Can I get fat after drinking coffee after exercise? The answer to this question, fortunately, is negative. On the contrary, this product, combined with foods containing fast carbohydrates, helps restore energy lost during exercise. However, losing weight in this situation also fails. Coffee will only compensate for calories lost during the period of employment.

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This option is suitable for those who train not in order to lose weight, but with the goal of maintaining good shape and muscle tone. However, it should be remembered that this product contributes to increased urine output. Therefore, when using it, it is important to drink a sufficient amount of liquid.

Drink Based Diet

There are several options for such a power system. One of them, the toughest, involves the use of dark chocolate and black coffee without the addition of granulated sugar. After seven in the evening, the drink is prohibited. Drinking coffee at this time can cause sleep disturbances. In the morning, it is allowed once every two hours. As a liquid, one glass of mineral water without gas per day is also allowed. All products except dark chocolate are prohibited. This is a pretty tough way to lose weight on coffee. Reviews of experts indicate that it is better to choose a more gentle power supply system. This diet involves the use of not only a drink, but also vegetables, fruits and other foods with low calories.

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The main thing is to choose black coffee without additives or purchase a special product to reduce weight. Such a nutrition system is not harmful to health and helps to achieve good results.

Diet example

A sample menu is as follows. Morning meal consists of a cup of coffee with the addition of milk with low fat content. Day and evening, you can eat chicken flesh cooked without salt, a green apple or other unsweetened fruit. A little later, again drink a drink with a slice of lemon. The last cup of coffee is allowed three hours before bedtime. Such a power system can be adhered to for a sufficiently long time - up to 14 days. In this case, a person loses up to eight kilograms.

Nuances that are important to consider

However, before switching to any version of this diet, you should consult a specialist to avoid health problems. It must be remembered that a soluble product for weight loss will not work. Better give preference to a grain drink. If you use only it, the question of whether coffee is getting fat or losing weight should naturally not arise. However, the measure should be followed and limited to five cups of product per day. This amount is both safe and contributes to the restoration of energy and ability to work. This is very important during times of food restriction. In addition, coffee grounds wraps help to cope with another unpleasant problem - cellulite.

Can I gain weight by drinking?

Sometimes this product causes accumulation of body fat. Coffee makes you fat if you drink it later than three hours before you go to bed. Sleep disturbances often provoke a desire to have a bite to eat at night and cause metabolic disturbances. Hence the extra pounds. The energy value of coffee is only two calories. However, the use of a drink with cookies, gingerbread, cake, ice cream, granulated sugar or cream can significantly increase its nutritional value. Only persons with a fast metabolism remain slim, allowing themselves such snacks.

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If a person prefers products with high-calorie supplements (cappuccino, mokachino, latte), for him the answer to the question of whether coffee is getting fat or losing weight is also obvious. And soluble varieties not only lead to unwanted fat deposits, but also contain substances that are harmful to health.

Basic rules for use

So, in order not to put on weight, you should remember these recommendations:

  1. Take into account the energy value of additives (granulated sugar, honey, milk, cream) that are put in the drink. You also need to pay attention to the calorie content of food. If you comply with the established norms, the question of whether coffee is getting better or losing weight will never arise.
  2. Avoid frequent use of cappuccino, latte, mokachino and other similar types of products.
high-calorie coffee with additives
  1. Refuse sweets, confectionery, sweets, which many are accustomed to seize this drink.
  2. It is advisable to drink coffee thirty minutes after eating.
  3. It is better to avoid adding cream or skim milk.
  4. Given the effect of coffee on the body, you should not drink it on an empty stomach. The product contributes to irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. This leads to the development of pathologies.
  5. Refuse instant coffee, cheap types of drink of dubious quality.


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