The answer to the question: what is card sharing?

The first sets of satellite television appeared in the world not so long ago - less than half a century ago. These kits were quite expensive, although at that time access to satellite channels was mostly free. CT was widely developed already in the 21st century, when it began to become a business project. In parallel with satellite television, card sharing appears. It becomes an integral part of this system. And many satellite TV users are wondering: what is card sharing, and how legitimate is it?

card sharing what is it

What is card sharing?

To get an answer to these questions, you need to pay attention to the history of the appearance of this method of viewing satellite television. With the advent of access restrictions for viewing certain CT channels using special access cards, users, unable to purchase these cards, for one reason or another began to think about how to organize viewing of such channels for a large number of users, having a minimum number of access cards. This is where the word "card sharing" came from, translated as sharing an access card.

If you discuss the technical side of the issue: card sharing, what it is and how to use it, then you need to consider the composition of the kit required for this type of viewing. Typically, a custom kit looks something like the photo.

carsharing gi

What types of card sharing are there and the composition of the kit

By the method of using card sharing, it can be divided into two categories. This is a commercial and non-commercial card sharing. According to the name of these categories, it is clear that they are divided by the method of obtaining commercial benefits. For example, commercial card sharing is a system for transmitting a decoding signal to users for a certain monetary reward. On the other hand, the non-commercial use of card sharing can occur when the same user wants to watch satellite TV on different devices, although the contract indicates one device. Thus, formally, users of the first and second categories violate the contract with the provider that provides the satellite television service. But on the financial and moral side, the degree of damage caused to the provider by different categories of users is completely different. Therefore, providers try to deal mainly with commercial card sharing.

Let's consider the composition of the user kit of such a system using the gi card sharing example. That is, systems built on the receiver of Galaxy Innovations. The composition of such a system includes:

  • A set of satellite dishes aimed at a specific satellite.
  • Receiver for satellite television.
  • Computer to control the receiver.
  • Internet connected to a computer.
  • TV or other device to view the image.

Legal issues of car sharing

If we talk about the legal basis for the use of card sharing, it differs depending on the country of residence of the user. Many people are interested in the question: card sharing, is it a legal method or illegal? Some countries criminalize the use of this method of watching satellite television. In other countries, legislation has not yet addressed this issue. And often the use of card sharing is not so much in the legal as in the ethical plane of human relations. Nevertheless, they try to place the card sharing server in those countries where this type of satellite television viewing is not prohibited. Such a server may look like the one shown in the photo below.

card sharing server

Choosing a satellite to view card sharing

The choice of a satellite, the signal of which will be shared (this is what experts call this procedure), is of great importance, since the cost of sharing of various satellites can vary significantly. It depends on the number of channels in this package and the percentage of content in the channel package with HD quality. Also, the user can select several packages on different satellites, thus organizing card sharing. What does this give the user? Usually, when purchasing several packages, companies that organize card sharing provide a discount.

Card sharing in Moscow

If you pay attention to the general scheme of organizing card sharing, it is easy to notice that at present the concepts of "card sharing", "Moscow" are very far from each other.

car sharing

In Moscow, the Internet is quite well developed and thanks to this, satellite television is gradually losing its attractiveness for each individual client. In such a big city, Internet providers provide not only the Internet, but also cable television. Therefore, by connecting to such a provider, the client receives all the services for a small amount, with excellent quality and in large quantities.


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