What is business ethics?

During the existence of mankind, certain rules of behavior have developed, thanks to which people, as social beings, try to establish interpersonal relationships. No matter how ridiculous ethical standards seemed to someone , without them the world would be mired in chaos. And to a greater extent this applies specifically to the rules of business relations. The field of business consists of many connections and complex relationships: employer-worker, employee-employee, seller-buyer ... There are many such communication schemes and different roles that a person performs in society. And the norms of behavior clearly regulate where and what can be said or done without being branded as a foolish or rude person.

What is business ethics?

The world is developing, new companies are emerging, trade markets are expanding. When it comes to partnerships, business ethics come to the rescue. The cultures of different countries are different, but they try to make the rules of conduct in business common. Say, the indestructible credo of any entrepreneur, β€œthe client is always right,” is the basis for successful business. Indeed, in conditions of fierce competition, it is precisely rudeness towards consumers of goods and services that has negative consequences.

Norms and rules of behavior are gradually changing. If earlier a man had to open the door in front of a woman and let her go forward, recently, when the ladies became full participants in the business sphere, this has become optional. But, despite the changes, every self-respecting businessman must be aware of ethical standards. And first of all, this rule applies to international relations. The higher the level of negotiations, the more serious attention is paid to the study of etiquette. If the rules of conduct in international business can be reduced to several general rules, then summit meetings are held with strict observance of ceremonies.

Business relations call on their participants for clarity and conciseness, the inviolability of the word, literacy, respect for the laws or principles of others, and normative language and clothing. A high level of negotiations requires clear knowledge, for example, the rules of greeting, the procedure for introducing participants to each other, the appropriateness of gifts and souvenirs.

Creating his own company, the head thinks out not only the scheme of its activities, but creates a whole code of ethics, thanks to which the new company will have weight. In this case, the business ethics of service relationships affects the work of the entire enterprise. Say, the head of the so-called non-intervention policy is leading: he thinks only of his own position, not trusting the employees, not allowing them to interfere in the affairs of the enterprise. Labor productivity in such a team will be very low, since there is no sense of community of interests. There is another principle of business relations - a team. In this case, the leader will in every possible way combine the interests of the case with the needs of a particular person, will not be either too severe or too indulgent. In such a team, any employee will adhere to the ethical standards developed by the company as clearly as possible. Punctuality, strict implementation of instructions, order in business papers, dress code - all this will be taken into account. The manager will not have to blush for his company either in front of clients or partners. Everyone should know the basic concepts of ethics .

Any person who is not even engaged in the business field needs to know what rules business ethics contains. Do I need to knock on the door, going into a public institution, how to call a friend for β€œyou” or β€œyou”, coming to his work, who, when greeting, should give a hand, and for whom only a verbal greeting is enough. Ignorance of such rules sometimes makes a person short-sighted and ridiculous, and in certain cases even interferes with the labor activity of other participants in business relations.

Among the components of the success of the company are necessarily present: the moral qualities of employees and the prestige of the company. There is no need to explain how interconnected these components are when one is impossible without the other, and all together is unthinkable without the third - strict observance of business ethics.

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