Nail chameleon for nails: photo. Application features

What kind of nail polishes do not exist today: with small glitter, with large, with curly, matte, glossy, with cracking effect and others. Even the most demanding lady will be able to find something for herself. But the chameleon lacquer, which changes color depending on certain conditions, has now become especially popular.

lacquer chameleon


Naturally, a product like chameleon nail polish has its own unique properties. So, there are two types of this coating:

  • color changing depending on temperature;
  • changing color depending on the lighting.

It is the first variety that has been in demand lately, according to customer reviews. The chameleon lacquer, which changes color when the ambient temperature changes, became the hit of 2015. And still enjoys popularity.

But is it harmful?

It seems to many that since the chameleon nail polish can change its color, there is too much chemistry in it that harms the nail plates. In fact, everything is not so scary and sad. Firstly, there is nothing superfluous in the composition. You can use this product in the same way as regular nail polishes, giving the nails a break every couple of months. Secondly, the color change is ensured by particles that begin to move under the influence of light or temperature. And this is precisely what leads to the chameleon effect. The particles themselves are completely harmless. Thirdly, no one forbids using a base for manicure, which protects nails from harmful substances contained in varnishes. It is transparent, dries quickly, extends the life of the applied coating.

gel polish chameleon

Varnish or gel polish?

This question is asked by many girls. Of course, both coverings have their own advantages and disadvantages. Chameleon gel polish also has a number of advantages:

  • easy to apply;
  • holds on for a long time;
  • has an extensive color scheme.

The drawback, as a rule, is one - the need for drying in the rays of an ultraviolet or LED lamp, which not everyone has at hand. It is worth noting that some girls who often use shellac, including chameleon gel polish, have already purchased low power equipment for home use. For example, a 9-watt UV lamp, which will cost 500-900 rubles. And this is quite a bit, taking into account how much it will be possible to save on manicure. But the lacquer-chameleon, although it is popular, but began to lose significantly in 2016. Yes, it costs less than gel polish, but it lasts several times less - about 5-7 days. After this, the manicure has to be updated, which pleases not all girls.

Chameleon Nail Polish

Common disadvantages

Regardless of which chameleon is used, there is one drawback that combines coatings. This is a change in color! It would seem that this is the whole "trick", but it wasn’t there. If the color changes due to temperature, then a small incident may occur - this will happen unevenly. For example, when moving from a warm to a cold room, a girl will have a whole “color presentation” on her nails. Varnish or gel polish will not, as in the picture, evenly change its shade. No, this will happen randomly, as the temperature of the hands will also change haphazardly. That's why nail art masters recommend trying a chameleon nail polish first (photo above), which responds to a change of light, and then thermal coating. This makes it possible to test both products, choosing the best one for yourself.

By the way, the chameleon varnish, which changes color depending on the lighting, changes the shade evenly and entirely on the entire nail. This is most often liked by young girls who attend nightclubs. There, light changes due to color music and strobe lights. Such varnishes are called fluorescent. Those that depend on temperature - thermal varnishes.

varnish chameleon photo

Application Rules

Actually, they are exactly the same as when using ordinary gel polish or varnish. But so that the manicure lasts longer, you can resort to simple tips. So, a chameleon varnish, like any other, is best applied to the base. This has already been mentioned above. To date, there are special reinforcing base coatings that not only extend the life of the varnish, but also have a beneficial effect on natural nail plates. Therefore, it is worth applying at least one layer of such a base.

But that is not all. After applying the colored layer of varnish, you can fix the top with a manicure. Some firms even produce special topcoats for chameleons. They are most suitable for such a varnish. But if there was no special fixer at hand, the usual one would do. This will not affect the main property of the chameleon varnish - it will change its color under certain conditions.

A little about the rules for applying gel polish

In general, they are the same as for any other material of this type. Gel Polish necessarily requires a base, topcoat and UV lamp. Without them, a manicure will definitely not work. When applying a chameleon gel polish, you should carefully pay attention to the coating of the ends of the nails. If they are poorly stained, then the material will become chipped after a couple of days. And if you apply too much gel polish, then the manicure will look messy. But in general, these rules apply to an ordinary product of this type, not only to chameleons.

To make the manicure more unusual, you can combine several different colors at once. This will give the design a special charm and style. And if you use a matte top, then the manicure will become even more unusual and fashionable. Matte nail art is at its peak!

nail chameleon for nails photo

Customer reviews

Despite the fact that there are a huge number of companies that produce varnishes that change their color, they are all essentially the same. Therefore, customer reviews should be considered in general. So, a chameleon lacquer, the photo of which cannot fully convey its effect, appealed more to young girls who are looking for unusual ways to decorate nails. But mature ladies and middle-aged women, such "chips" seem nothing more than pampering. It’s possible to try at least once a varnish or gel polish with the chameleon effect, but you definitely don’t need to dwell on it: there are many other ways to decorate a manicure. And even more unusual than those described in this article.


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