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This day was marked on the calendar of the Israelites even before the establishment of Easter - at that time they held festivities related to agriculture and cattle breeding. Easter was established by the Lord in honor of the removal of Israel from the hands of the Egyptian pharaoh, so that people would remember their deliverance. Scenes for children at Easter will help in an interesting way to tell this story.

Easter sketch

How to start celebrating Easter

When the Israelis in Egypt began to be severely oppressed, God heard their suffering and decided to bring them to the land that he promised Abraham - the promised land - under the pretext of a three-day sacrifice in the desert. In addition, he intended to show everyone his power and proclaim that he had made Israel his chosen people, as well as to frighten the rest of the people. Therefore, he made Pharaoh’s heart stubborn so that he wouldn’t want to let his slaves go into the desert, and then sent 10 executions to Egypt, one after the other, hardening the pharaoh until he fulfilled all his plans. And on the night when God defeated all the Egyptian first-born, the Israelites set off and celebrated Easter for the first time, killing their original cattle and offering a grain offering - unleavened cakes.

What should be the easter scene

In order to join in something bright and important, to tell the history of this holiday, you can put various scenes for Easter. Christian sketches will help in an accessible form to tell about Jesus Christ. After the sacrifice of Jesus, this day acquired another meaning - the atonement of all human sins. Crucified in the name of salvation on Friday, on Sunday he rose from the dead, so Easter is also called the Holy Resurrection of Christ. In our time, this triumph was included in the number of ubiquitous holidays, and even those who have not decided on their faith in God celebrate it. Easter sketches are a symbol of purity, kindness and renewal.

easter sketches

What to avoid

Easter scenes for young people can be more serious. But since the Bible contains scenes of violence and cruelty so as not to frighten overly impressionable children, some points need to be adapted, such as the crucifixion. Christian Easter scenes do not have to show the death of Jesus, it will be enough just to make it clear in general terms that he suffered on the cross, then left us, after which he was resurrected. At the same time, one cannot change the emotional coloring of events - if there is cruelty or suffering, they need to be shown so that sympathy for other people develops in the child. Naturally, the scene for Easter should show cruelty only figuratively, without detail. It’s also not worth talking about someone’s death. But if the child himself asks a direct question, it is better to answer honestly. It is also extremely important to finish each scene on a positive note, you can read poetry for Easter.

Reliable transmission

Putting scenes for children at Easter, you can not replace semantic images and distort them so that false symbolism does not appear in the worldview of children. For the same reason, the egg that Magdalena presents to King Tiberius (see Scenario 4 below) should be initially red - do not try to focus on the egg and convince someone during the scene that it changed color. Easter sketches for children should not create the feeling of a false miracle. It is preferable to remain silent about something than to deceive their belief in the unusual. It’s better to say that this is the same egg that you already got red, or explain that you painted it yourself.

sketches for children for Easter

Scenario number 1. Exodus from Egypt and the Establishment of Easter

Props and clothes : rope, cardboard sickles, cubes, scarves, Pharaoh's chair, Easter cake. The cubes can be replaced with empty cardboard boxes or pillows, scarves or any fabric that is tied around the head or in the manner of a tunic can be used as scarves.

Actors : Joseph, Israelis (2 or more people, the same people can play different Easter scenes here), Egyptians (2 or more people), Moses, Egyptian pharaoh.

Narrator : “A very long time ago, when Joseph came to Egypt, a large nation descended from him, who was called the Israelites. At first they lived quietly, but then the Egyptians began to offend them. They made them their slaves, forced them to work hard and did not care about them at all. It was very difficult for the Israelites. When God saw this, he decided to save them and sent Moses. But the Egyptian pharaoh did not want to let the Israelites go. Then God sent flies and locusts, and diseases, and other executions, and took all the older children from the Egyptians, and they cried out loud and asilis then let the people go. And not to accidentally pick up the children of Israel, God told them to draw on the doors of the mark, and that they should always remember this, punished eat unleavened cakes. That night the Israelites left Egypt, and for the first time celebrated the Passover. "

Actions This Easter scene begins with Joseph leading the people. Then the Egyptians come out and wrap (not quite tightly) a rope around the people. Captive Israelis sadly mow wheat with sickles and shift dice. Moses appears, asks the pharaoh to let the Israelites go, he refuses. Then Moses takes the doll from the Egyptians, they cry and release the Israelites. Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt, they celebrate Easter and have a feast of Easter cake.

Christian Easter sketches

Scenario number 2. Birth of jesus

Props : baby doll, shawls, staves, white cardboard star, gift baskets. As a baby doll, any non-female doll is suitable. It is also advisable to make a poster with a picture of hay and several animals (for example, lambs, rams, goats, domestic pigeons) and place it as a background.

Actors : Mary, Joseph, shepherds (2 or more), Magi (3 people).

Narrator : “After that, there was a time when people began to upset God with their behavior, and he wanted to send someone to help them improve. In those days, Mary and Joseph lived, they had no child. They never did what God was frustrated, so he decided that it was Mary who would give birth to Jesus Christ. Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem, but there was no place for them, so they spent the night in the cave where the goats and sheep lived. Mary gave birth there. When Jesus was born , the shepherds bowed to him, and a star lit up above Bethlehem. the wise men saw the star and knew that he must be born Jesus Christ. They have come to worship him and make gifts. Jesus did many good works and wonders and telling people how not to upset God and the 12 apostles traveled together with him. They were his true friends and listened attentively to all. "

Actions Mary and Joseph enter the stage; Mary gives birth. The shepherds look at Jesus and bow. This Easter scene can be played with subdued light. A star appears, which the magi notice. They approach, bow and give gifts.

poems for easter

Scenario number 3. Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Props : shawls, rope, cross, two chairs. The cross can be made of two boards or sticks, simply knocking them down with nails or knitting, the main thing is that they are not too small, or not too large, or attach a piece of whatman paper to a cross-linked PVC profile or any other shape-holding material.

Actors : Jesus, residents (2 or more people), warning Jesus, Israelis (2 or more people).

Narrator : “Once Jesus came to preach in the city. The inhabitants of the city mixed up everything - everything that God said and upset him very much. They did not believe that Jesus came to help them and decided to crucify him on the cross. Jesus was warned that the residents of the city want to do, but he said, “If I am stretched on the cross, then God will forgive all of you for me, and you will no longer sin.” And on Friday he was stretched on the cross and then laid down. And everyone was forgiven for him, and on Sunday, on Easter, God performed a miracle - he raised Jesus, and he was again healthy. People were delighted and said to each other: “Christ is risen!”; “Truly is risen!” And Jesus came to his friends-apostles and to other people for another forty days, and then returned to God "

Actions Jesus comes to the inhabitants of the city, they lean against him and throw a rope over him, he mournfully bends his head. Then he is "removed" from the cross and, crying, laid on chairs. The bell rings and he wakes up. Everyone is happy to congratulate each other. Here you can read various verses for Easter.

Easter sketches for children

Scenario number 4. Magdalen Egg

Props : painted red chicken egg, scarf, king’s chair.

Actors : Magdalene, Tiberius.

Narrator : “At that time, Tiberius was king, and Magdalene went to tell him that Jesus had risen. It was customary to go to the king with gifts, but Magdalene had nothing but a chicken egg, and she brought an egg. King Tiberius did not He believed her that Jesus was resurrected and said: “No one can be resurrected, just like a white chicken egg cannot suddenly turn red.” And right after he said these words, the white egg of Magdalene turned red. And then Tiberius believed her, so on Easter we paint eggs to remember the miraculous resurrection Jesus Christ. "

Easter sketches for youth

Actions Magdalene tells Tiberius that Jesus was resurrected; he does not believe her. She passes him a red egg, and he is convinced that she told the truth. This is the final scene for Easter, and it should be solemn.

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