Earache. What to do? Some tips

Before everyone, at least once the question arose - "the ear hurts greatly, what should I do?" Ear pain gives an unpleasant sensation, sleep disappears from it, the mood is generally absent. First you need to understand why such problems arise. The answer may be the simplest: it is snowing outside, and you left without a hat, or strong wind and rain, and you did not even do anything to cover your head. These are the simplest examples, but often earache occurs for other reasons that are not clear to the average layman. The ear is sick ... What to do - we will tell you.

Any disease arises from an improper lifestyle. Pay attention to your diet and daily routine. Try to protect the body from hypothermia, refuse harmful food, get enough sleep and periodically undergo a medical examination. Of course, everyone is not enthusiastic about going to the doctors, but in this way you can protect yourself from infections and cure any disease in the first stage.

Often, earache can occur due to inflammation. Earache. What to do? Check, it is likely that it is otitis media. Otitis can be average, external and internal. At the initial stage, otitis media is difficult to recognize. If ear hurts, what to do before going to the doctor? Try a little push on the inner protrusion located in the inner part of the ear. If you feel pain, then it's time to see a doctor. Sometimes signs of inflammation of the ear are noise effects, temperature, purulent discharge.

You have inflammation, an ear ache - what should I do? Go to the doctor who will make you a professional diagnosis, prescribe medications, and monitor the progress of the disease. If there is no way to go to the clinic, you can start treatment yourself. The best treatment for otitis media is compresses. It is easy to make a compress at home: take salt, heat it in a pan and put it in a small bag of cloth. Put this heating pad on the pillow, lie on it with a sore ear and enjoy your favorite TV show. Another way to warm an inflamed ear is to moisten a cotton swab with alcohol, vodka or calendula infusion, put it in your ear and hold it for a while. Such folk remedies help if the disease is not started. Keep an eye on your health condition; if it worsens, consult a professional.

If you feel a throbbing pain, there is likely an abscess in your ear. You will need a course of antibiotics, which only a specialist can correctly prescribe. An abscess is very dangerous, especially if located deep in the auricle. Do not start the disease, start treatment immediately.

Does your ear hurt? What if nothing helps? Go to the dentist. Sometimes pain in the auricle occurs due to common caries. Make sure that if you drink hot tea or ice cream, you feel pain in the ear and discomfort in the area of ​​the teeth - they are interconnected. It is impossible to cure tooth decay on your own. Schedule a visit to the dental clinic, and before it, if necessary, take pain medication. It is strictly forbidden to warm a bad tooth, you will aggravate your situation. Take good care of your teeth. The minimum thing you should do is brush your teeth twice a day and eat less sweets.

The next problem is a hit. Sometimes, due to a head injury in the ear, it can hurt for several days and even bleeding will appear. In such cases, it is better to consult a doctor, and before his arrival attach a large piece of cotton wool disinfected with alcohol and something cold.

A blocked nerve can cause pain in the ear. Do not worry, it’s not so scary, but you can’t start the disease. Analyze your ailment: if the pain is sharp and sudden, then you have a cold nerve. It will not work out on your own, try not to consume spices and energy drinks, drink vitamins and go to the hospital. Only a doctor can prescribe competent treatment. It is always better to prevent a disease than to treat it. Take care of yourself, do not overcool, at the first catarrhal manifestations, drink antiviral drugs, lead a healthy lifestyle. Forget about ear pain, be healthy and happy.

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