Tantric - what is it really?

Tantric - what is it? The term "tantra" itself appeared in the culture of Western countries in 1799, thanks to the tantric texts found by missionaries in India. In those works, this term was only a title and meant no more than lengthy treatises on philosophical and religious topics, very different from Western teachings.

Tantric what is it

However, these texts addressed a topic that came as a shock to missionaries. As a result, they did not delve into the study of these treatises, but since then the term has gained a special meaning. And to this day to the question: "Tantric - what is it?" - they answer incorrectly, the false ideas of missionaries are even more widespread today and are still far from true understanding.

Tantra Traditions

There are several varieties of tantras: Tibetan, Buddhist, Hindu, Bon. Tantric ancient martial arts techniques are used in aikido and tai chi. Tantra in Hinduism is considered the oldest cult of the Great Mother Goddess. This teaching is considered the single religion of all nations, from which all other cults and religious movements subsequently emerged.

I would like to dwell in more detail on tantra in Buddhism. This is a teaching based on the practice of the states of death and enlightenment, the states between death and birth. Tantric training here is understood as the practice of achieving the state of Buddha.

Tantric ancient techniques

Classification of Buddhist Tantra

There are four classes of tantra of Buddhism:

  1. Kriya Tantra - perfecting a person by going through a system of ritual actions.
  2. Charya Tantra, which is based on a system of rituals and meditations.
  3. Yoga Tantra based on yoga and meditation.
  4. Anuttara-yoga-tantra is the highest stage of spiritual development, accessible only to enlightened yogis.

Neo tantra

To date, the question: "Tantric - what is it?" - Many people have the idea that we are talking about sexual intimacy. But the main goal of modern tantra is that the practitioner must master all kinds of energy and be able to sublimate them and direct them to self-improvement. The neo-tantra that came to us from the West is techniques and rituals focused on the sublimation of sexual energy. Such tantric techniques can help solve many life problems and difficulties related to communication and sexuality. It is unlikely to achieve spiritual enlightenment with the help of neo-tantra, but it is quite possible to change the life for the better.

Tantric - what is it in practice?

Tantric Training

Tantra teaches people to be in a state of love, to accept and give love. At the same time, you can work with sexual energy in clothes and without direct physical contact. Practicing tantric yoga completely changes the attitude towards physical intimacy. The understanding comes that sexual intercourse is only one of the stages of sexual interaction. That intimacy can be deeper, that it is both a look, and a gesture, and even just the stay of a man and a woman in the same room.

Tantric what is it

Tantric practices are conducted with a specific goal - to master the methods of control, management and transformation of sexual energy and its conscious use. A couple having tantric sex achieves much more pleasure, since she does not set it as a goal. The ability to control and direct energy makes it possible to monitor your state and the state of the partner. As a result, the sensations of both become conscious and more powerful.

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