Do-it-yourself free energy: sources, generator

Since ancient times, engineers have proposed using the forces of nature as alternative sources of energy . According to ancient masters, they could provide human needs for free. More than a century has passed since then, but free energy as an idea does not cease to be relevant.

Mankind masterfully mastered the technique of extracting natural energy from the wind, sun, ocean, rivers, land. Each of them, using the precise movements of scientists, has become โ€œhomeโ€ and helps people in everyday life and industry.

do-it-yourself free energy generator

What is the reason for this

Hydrocarbon and other types of raw materials are not restored. Electricity and fuel prices are increasing every year. Resources are not eternal, and it may happen that they disappear altogether. Scientists have come up with easy-to-use and environmentally sound solutions to the problem. Demanded and energy-efficient free energy sources created by oneself are wind turbines. Their work is ensured by the movement of air masses. There are several classifications:

  • vertical and horizontal wind turbines;
  • household, whose power is up to 100 kW;
  • industrial with a capacity of over 100 kW.

    do-it-yourself free energy

Horizontal wind turbines are more popular as free energy (you can construct them with your own hands). The explanation is quite simple: they have high power and a large coefficient of utility. A vertical wind generator has several advantages. They consist in the absence of the need for orientation in the direction of the wind and minor gyroscopic loads on the elements of the turbine.

Wind turbines - the ability to use exclusively free wind energy in the needs of mankind. They are a generator of free energy. With your own hands to create such a device is quite real. However, their work is significantly limited by the nature and design features.

What is a wind generator?

This device is equipped with such components: turbine, generator, battery pack, automatic control system, mast, mobile platform, comprehensive protection. Household wind generator is no exception.

Wind turbine - do-it- yourself free energy. It is a device that rotates due to the movement of air masses. The power of the wind generator is determined by the number, shape and size of the blades, which are the main component of the whole mechanism. They are mounted on the rotor shaft.

do-it-yourself free energy meer

How to ensure maximum parameters

To achieve maximum efficiency of the device, it is necessary that the rotor of the installation is oriented against the direction of the wind. This is ensured by equipping the wind turbine with a rotary mechanism. Electric energy is generated using a direct current generator, the voltage of which must be a multiple of 12 V. It is connected by a gearbox to a turbine and placed on the same platform.

The turbine has other components that are located either in the house or in the closest household building to it. Electricity generated by the wind generator is accumulated in the battery unit. There it is converted to usable. The power inverter helps to implement this.

On the software logic controller, the entire system of automatic control of a wind turbine is implemented. It is he who receives all the values โ€‹โ€‹necessary for the work:

  • amount of current used;
  • wind speed and direction;
  • voltage at the terminals of the battery pack.

Regulation of the wind generator is carried out taking into account all the above parameters.

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Wind generator

This device functions quite quietly. Operational noise is negligible, especially if the device is located far from the residential sector.

Installing a wind turbine is safe. The operation of these devices does not pose any danger to humans and animals.

The appearance of the wind generator can be varied. The operation of wind turbines is more efficient than other similar devices. This is how do-it-yourself free energy is produced. Meera system is one of the most effective.

Wind generator and its elements

If you know the principle of operation of this device, it will not be difficult to choose the components for its assembly.

To assess the parameters of the system, you need to have knowledge of its three values:

  • daily average wind speed in a selected geographic area;
  • daily electricity consumption;
  • peak load.

To determine the average daily wind speed in the area where it is planned to design a wind generator, it is enough to use the data of meteorological centers. The second acceptable option would be to use a digital anemometer.

do-it-yourself free energy sources

To determine the energy consumption per day by the residential complex where the wind generator is designed, it is enough to use the readings of the corresponding meter. The maximum value of the peak load is recognized by the number of kilowatts converted by the installed power inverter at each moment in time.


The price of installing a wind generator is quite high. It is determined by calculating the cost of each device individually, as well as the cost of the work necessary to organize a wind turbine. On average, the installation costs 1.5 million rubles (provided that the power does not exceed 10 kW).

Operation does not carry any financial burden. The main disadvantage of using such devices is the dependence on wind speed. A constant increase in battery capacity will not bring the desired effect. It will be advisable to use a wind generator in conjunction with solar panels, which will allow the constant use of electricity obtained in a natural way.

How else do you get free energy with your own hands? Kashkarov, for example, offered to receive it using various simple devices, but this is a completely different story ...


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