What areas of activity are for private entrepreneurs

When an entrepreneur registers a company, he must indicate what type of business he plans to do. At the same time, all areas of activity must necessarily have a very specific character, and even a new and creative idea for a business must be customized to the criteria established by law.

What are the areas of activity

What areas of activity are there?

At present, the Russian Federation has a unified classifier of economic sectors. This document describes all the options for economic activity for entrepreneurs and legal entities that are allowed in the country. In this classifier, the areas of activity, which are, are broken down by industry, which greatly simplifies the search for the required type of activity. Here you can also find the code of the types of activities that must be indicated when applying for registration of IP. It is worth noting that these codes are equally applicable to private companies and legal entities.

Areas of activity, which are

How to determine the type of activity code?

It has already been noted which areas of activity exist and that they have their own codes. The entrepreneur must choose them correctly so that they match the planned direction as much as possible. The decoding of individual species can be found in the OKVED handbook, taking into account sectors of the economy. According to the law, an entrepreneur can choose several options for activities, but one of them should be the main one.

What are the areas of activity of the enterprise?

It must be remembered that the classification of IP activities is carried out in accordance with their specifics and the possibilities for their implementation. They are divided into the following groups:

  • ordinary;
  • licensed;
  • requiring permits and approvals;
  • not allowed for SP.

When opening a state of emergency, the activities of which relate to ordinary types, there is no need to obtain any documents. An enterprise may begin work immediately after passing state registration. In this case, the entrepreneur himself determines the list of property necessary for him, the staff, and so on. There are a lot of such types of activities, so many entrepreneurial initiatives can be attributed to this group.

What are the areas of activity of the enterprise

What areas of activity are licensed?

Activities subject to licensing are specified in the special law “On licensing of certain types of activities”. To open a company working in this direction, a businessman must obtain a license. Along with submitting an application to the authorized bodies, the entrepreneur must submit there a package of documents that would confirm compliance with license requirements.

To find out what areas of activity are that require permits and approvals, you need to look at a certain list of available types. As a rule, they include various supervisory services that control certain areas of life, for example, veterinary services and so on.

When starting a business that applies to all of the above activities, an individual entrepreneur should only go through the mandatory registration procedure and receive permits in the manner prescribed by law. But at the same time there is a list of those types of activities that are not allowed for private entrepreneurs. These types include economic sectors related to the defense sector, the financial sector, as well as industries that affect the safety of citizens, their health and life.

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