Arkhangelsk - a port of world significance

For four centuries, Arkhangelsk developed and was built as a port city. In 1583, he became the "Ship's Wharf" by decree of Ivan the Terrible. In the summer of 1584, a wooden city appeared on the banks of the Northern Dvina. The Arkhangelsk Commercial Sea Port is located in the Northern Dvina Delta, which flows into the Dvina Bay of the White Sea. Foreign trade contributed to the development of a variety of industries. In Arkhangelsk port appeared the first in Russia artel of "ship reins".

Arkhangelsk port

Description of the seaport

The navigable Northern Dvina is during the summer navigation. A waterway passes through it, which connects the city of Arkhangelsk with regions of Russia remote from the sea. After the river freezes in the north, winter navigation begins. Water in the Northern Dvina freezes by November, and the opening of the river mainly occurs in early May. In winter, the Arkhangelsk Commercial Sea Port operates only thanks to icebreakers.

In the waters of the river are the berths of the river, sea, fishing, commercial ports. There are oil terminals in Arkhangelsk, a river passenger station, and pulp and paper, fishing, and ship-repairing enterprises.


The seaport of Arkhangelsk has a length of 17.1 kilometers, consists of 123 berths located on the right and left banks of the Northern Dvina. The distance between the receiving and the most remote buoys is 46 miles. Several river channels and canals equipped on the river and its branches lead to the berths.

Arkhangelsk Commercial Sea Port

Port Composition

The commercial seaport includes two loading and unloading areas, remote from each other: Bakaritsa and Saving, this is all Arkhangelsk. The port here has a berth length of 3.3 kilometers.

There is a fleet of reloading machines in the trading port. It consists of 57 gantry and other cranes, the carrying capacity of which is in the range from 5 to 40 tons. There is also a floating crane, container handlers, forklifts, as well as container trucks.

Warehouses of the port have a total usable area of ​​292 thousand kilometers, including open areas, covered premises, customs warehouses.

seaport of Arkhangelsk

Features Savings

Savings are located 25 kilometers from the capital of Pomerania, on the left bank of the Kuznechev arm. Takes various ships Arkhangelsk. The port here is designed to accept vessels with a draft of up to 9.2 meters and a width of not more than 30 meters. If the vessel does not fit these dimensions, the captain must obtain special permission to be docked. This area includes seven main berths with a total length of 1090 meters. They are used for the processing of pulp, lumber, heavy equipment, bulk and bulk cargo, containers. Modern gantry cranes (up to 40 tons), as well as container handlers, are installed on the berths and territories adjacent to them. Hidden warehouses in the area occupy an area of ​​17.4 thousand square meters, and open areas account for 160.7 square kilometers.

At the first berth, containers are transshipped. Two berthing and two rear container handlers with a lifting capacity of 30.5 tons are installed here. At the same time, there are 2,200 containers with dangerous goods, Arkhangelsk is proud of such opportunities. The port accepts not only domestic but also foreign containers with cargo.


Bakaritsa specifics

It is located on the left bank of the Bakaritsy canal. This part of the port is designed to accept vessels with a draft of 7.5 meters and a length of 135 meters; in winter, the port accepts ships up to 160 meters. In this area Arkhangelsk (port) has 13 berths, stretching for 1793 kilometers. There are gantry cranes for loading . Cargoes are stored in open or closed storage facilities. Cargo transshipment is performed at the ports of Naryan-Mar, Mezen, Dudinka, Dikson, Amderma, Khatanga, Tiksi, the Arctic coast, points of the Barents and White Seas. Timber, cardboard, paper, pulp, export-import cargoes are processed in Bakaritsa. The region specializes in transshipment of natural coal. For this, the port of Arkhangelsk has two berths, stretching for 360 meters.

The merchant seaport serves three railway stations: Arkhangelsk-city, Bakaritsa, the left bank. In Bakaritsa there is a passage to the Arkhangelsk-Moscow highway.

There are three districts in the river port: Left Bank, Zharovikha, Senobaza. The cargo central region is located on the right bank of the Northern Dvina near the village of Zharovikha. In the Arkhangelsk seaport there are tugboats with a capacity of 1200 to 2500 horsepower, oil pick-up trucks, ships for bilge and polluted waters, passenger, pilot boats, barges, bunkers.


Currently, the port of the city of Arkhangelsk is considered one of the busiest and multifunctional in Russia. It is here that the loading and unloading of ships sent to Norway, Finland, Sweden.


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