How to open a doorphone without a key (Vizit and others): professional and folk ways

On-door speakerphone, you must admit, a thing is very convenient to use and absolutely necessary to increase security at the entrance. Unauthorized people just won’t enter the house, do not litter, do not cut the doors simply because there is nothing to do, they will not frighten the child who is returning from school, they will not turn the porch into a kind of public toilet. But in some cases, this same useful thing can significantly complicate life - if you have lost your keys or forgot them at home, if you came to visit, and the owner does not hear the call. And here the question of how to open a doorphone without a key becomes very urgent (Vizit, Cyfral, Metacom or Eltis - the company that made the device does not play a role here).

how to open a doorphone without a vizit key

Codes and passwords

The easiest way to do this is a special code from the device. In theory, when installing a doorphone, such passwords should be set individually and not opened to outsiders (some installation companies, however, tell their residents of the entrance, but this is not a very common practice). In fact, they often forget about it or are just too lazy to change the factory code. Then you are lucky, these codes are not a very big secret. How to open an intercom without a key - Vizit is password protected by the signs * # 4230 or * # 423, Metacom, in turn, is 6553512348, Eltis is B12342133123.


But, say, the installers got bona fide and changed the password codes. You can try the force method. Many recommend a way to open a Vizit keyless entry phone system by suddenly tearing the door open. It’s unlikely that the ladies will succeed; such a way out of the situation will not work even with a small, “lack of grasp” handle. Sometimes the result is a hit on the door, ten centimeters below the intercom. It is doubtful that you will apply these methods at your door. Firstly, in this case it’s easier to call someone from well-known neighbors, and secondly, if you don’t calculate the strength, you can damage the device. So power options, how to open a doorphone without a Vizit key, are more suitable in someone else's house, although even here you can get in trouble by running into vigilant locals.

how to open an intercom visit without a key

Stun gun instead of a key

Less traumatic for the entrance will be an attempt to attract electrical appliances as a way to open the Vizit intercom. If there is a shocker, they say his discharge is quite capable of opening the coveted door. However, it is unlikely - manufacturers are also not so simple, in most devices, grounding is provided.

Craftsmen's advice

How to open the "Interview" intercom without a key and without additional devices, inventors have already come up with in a similar situation. Checked - it seems to be acting, although it sounds funny. It is enough to take the foil (suitable for a cigarette pack) and moisten it (the easiest way is to spit). True, the method only works if the intercom key is in the form of a tablet.

Station wrench

It is widely believed that the most reliable way to open a doorphone without a key is to get a universal one that opens most models of a doorphone.

open intercom vizit
Such a station wagon is sold by many manufacturing companies, although its universality is questioned by a significant number of people.

Sometimes honesty is more reliable

Well, if all these methods have not yielded results or you do not want to use them for your own reasons, try randomly calling any apartment and honestly outline the situation. Your friend’s neighbors may very well feel sympathy and open the door to you.


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