Bushido coffee - a drink of the future

Bushido coffee has appeared recently, in 2000, before that only Japanese gourmets could appreciate its taste. But today it is impossible to find a coffee lover who would not hear about this brand. A wide range of drinks designed to satisfy the taste of any consumer, even the most demanding.

The Bushido coffee brand is owned by a Japanese company, while the production of coffee products is located in Switzerland, where professionals create truly environmentally friendly and high-quality products. Therefore, the drink combines the modern culture of Europe and the deep philosophy of the East, which is reflected in its unique and inimitable taste.

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Bushido has an excellent reputation and is the leading coffee company worldwide. Throughout the entire period of its existence, the manufacturer often used innovative and very risky techniques, tried to introduce new recipes and various blending techniques. The result was not long in coming - in 2007, the Japanese brand was awarded a gold medal as the creator of the most unusual products in the coffee industry.

Views of Bushido

Japanese coffee "Bushido" until recently was presented in a soluble form, which was liked by most fans of instant drinks. All this thanks to a special gentle method of roasting grains, a method of natural free cooling, as well as a unique production technology called freeze-dried. This made instant coffee "Bushido" one of the best products in this category.

Beginning in 2000, manufacturers have hatched their plan to start production of a natural drink, both in grains and ground, due to the fact that currently most people prefer these options. In 2012, a project for their production was launched. As a result, in 2013, all gourmets of our country were able to taste luxurious drinks from the new Bushido coffee collection. The reviews that can be read on this product speak for themselves.

According to the manufacturer, the production of natural coffee was necessary in connection with the latest changes and requirements that have appeared on the market over the past few years. Analysts point to a trend toward changing consumer preferences. Today, an increasing number of buyers choose natural types of coffee drink.

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Instant coffee

"Bushido" soluble is fried manually, in the mode with not very high temperature. It is made only with the use of new technologies for the transfer of aroma and natural taste. In its production, high-quality arabica varieties are used from different countries: America, Brazil, Kenya and Asia. Bushido Soluble does not contain harmful additives, as it is environmentally friendly.

Japanese coffee "Bushido" is presented in several superlines:

  • Katana Gold.
  • Light Katana.
  • Red Katana
  • Original
  • Black Katana.

Each variety differs from the other in its unique taste.

Whole bean coffee

Coffee "Bushido" beans is an excellent premium Japanese product. There are two types of beans in the line of the company. For its manufacture, the manufacturer, as a rule, uses selected arabica of the best varieties from ecologically clean plantations around the world. Therefore, the resulting coffee has a bright, balanced, refined and rich taste.

Bushido coffee with gold

Customer reviews have recently shown that a drink containing this 24-carat metal is the most popular in Japan. According to an ancient Japanese legend, one who consumes gold becomes much closer to the gods. This type of coffee rejuvenates the body, enhances the action of the beneficial antioxidants that make up this unique drink.

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Ground coffee

Bushido ground is an excellent Japanese product, which was produced by the best craftsmen of Switzerland at the Hako factory. Ground coffee contains first-class Robusta and Arabica coffee beans.

Ground coffee "Bushido" is a drink with an average strength and sophisticated aroma. Premium coffee beans are manually roasted at low temperature. In the production of Bushido coffee, the method of cooling coffee berries in a natural way is used, namely, mountain Alpine air. Therefore, it can be safely called an environmentally friendly and useful product.

Ground coffee options

Ground Bushido coffee is presented in two versions: Original and Specialty. The invigorating drink is saturated with a unique, bright coffee aroma, and in its unique taste you can feel caramel-chocolate accents with fruity notes and barely noticeable piquant bitterness. Ground Bushido is packed in black tin cans or in vacuum foil bags. Such packaging retains the organoleptic qualities of the ground drink for a long time.

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Bushido coffee is a perfect combination of ancient Japanese traditions and innovative Swiss production technologies. Ground Bushido is a Japanese drink that is perfect for morning awakening and will be an excellent companion to the evening.

In Japan, and now in many European countries, Bushido coffee, which is increasingly heard from coffee lovers, occupies a leading position in the ranking of consumed coffee drinks.

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Thanks to the wide range and various options in which this coffee is presented, any consumer will be able to find the best option for himself, which is a huge plus for the manufacturer.

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