Pythagorean square: calculation of psychomatrix, character and compatibility by date of birth. How to calculate the square of Pythagoras?

Today, ordinary people know many different ways to get to know themselves better and to anticipate their future. There is nothing wrong with this, because it is always better to be prepared for what awaits. That is why in this article I want to talk about such an interesting way to recognize yourself as the square of Pythagoras.

pythagorean square

What it is?

First of all, I want to remind you that Pythagoras is an ancient Greek scientist and philosopher, whose works people still use. Regarding this problem, he tried to combine the mathematical sciences of the Arabs and the knowledge of the nature and Kabbalah of the Phoenicians. It is thanks to this symbiosis of knowledge that the well-known Pythagorean square appeared that helps people not only to get to know themselves better, to reveal not only strengths, but also weaknesses of character, but also in a sense to anticipate the future and, if possible, avoid negative things.

About calculations

It is worth saying that many people have heard that there is a square of Pythagoras. How to calculate it is the first question. However, I want to say that there should not be any special problems in the calculations. Right now, I want to talk about this in detail, describing a clear algorithm of actions.

  1. On a piece of paper, you must write the full date of your birth necessarily in numbers (letters will definitely not be needed in the calculations).
  2. You need to add up all the numbers that are written on the piece of paper (numbers, not numbers, this is very important!) - this will be the first number (it will be double-digit).
  3. To determine the second number, you need to add all the digits of the first number.
  4. Finding the third number will be somewhat more difficult: from the first number found, you need to subtract the date of birth, which is multiplied by two.
  5. If necessary, the third number must be reduced to a monosyllabic form: for this it is necessary to carry out already known actions: add up the numbers of this number. This will be the fourth number.

Pythagorean square by date of birth

Calculation example

So what is the square of Pythagoras? It may seem that it is quite difficult to calculate it, looking only at the algorithm of actions. Now I want to give an example of calculations in order to make it easier to understand everything.

  1. Let the person’s date of birth be as follows: 08/22/1987.
  2. We do simple mathematical calculations: 2 + 2 + 0 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 = 37. This is the first number sought.
  3. To get the second number, you need to reduce the first to a unique form: 3 + 7 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1.
  4. We are looking for the third number: 37 - (22 * 2) = 37 - 44 = - 7.
  5. The fourth number is optional: again 7 (if there were more than 10, it would have to be brought to an unambiguous form).

Nuances in the calculations

So, it became clear to everyone that numerology is now in the work - the square of Pythagoras. It seems to have figured out how to calculate it, but it is worth saying that certain issues and nuances may arise in this matter. So what can go wrong at first glance?

  1. It is possible that the first and second numbers will be the same. This is normal, because there are situations when the first number is already unique.
  2. When calculating the third number, the deuce is a constant factor that does not change.
  3. Frequently asked questions regarding the third number: often it ultimately turns out to be negative. There is also nothing wrong with this, just for work you will need to take the same number, but without the minus sign.
  4. If the third number is unambiguous, it will be equal to the fourth.

Pythagorean square how to calculate

Determination of the necessary numbers

So, all the calculations are done, now you need to try to make the square of Pythagoras itself. First you need to select two rows of the desired numbers.

  1. The first row is the date of birth: 2281987.
  2. The second row - all the numbers obtained in the calculations: 37-1-7-7.

So, all the numbers are calculated, now you can try to make the square itself. In its form, it will be a 3x3-cell table, in which numbers from 1 to 9 should be placed. It will be important that the table should be read in columns, and not in lines, as we are more familiar with. Those. in the first column numbers 1, 2, 3 will be placed from top to bottom, in the second - 4, 5, 6 also from top to bottom, in the third - 7, 8, 9. Zeros should not be in the table, so they just need to be missed. So, now in those cells you need to insert all the numbers that are placed in the two found rows - the date of birth and the calculated elements. All units must be entered in the first cell, all deuces in the second (as described above, it is second in the first column) and so on, up to nine. If there are no certain numbers in the previously compiled rows, the cell simply remains empty, you can write the word "no." That's all, the Pythagorean square psychomatrix is ​​ready, an example of the previously calculated series is given below.










The square is completely drawn up, now we can proceed to the interpretation of what is depicted there.

How to decipher the psychomatrix?

So, we have completely compiled the square of Pythagoras by date of birth, now you need to correctly "read" everything that is encrypted there. I want to say that the more numbers in one cell, the greater the influence of this number on the fate and life of a person.

First cell

We consider the square of Pythagoras. What does the first cell mean? So, this is the character of a person and the realization of what is happening around him. If the calculations turned out to be only one unit - this is an inveterate egoist. In our case, there are two of them. This person is close to egoism, loves to be appreciated, afraid to be underestimated. Three units speak of a complaisant character, four - that a person is strong-willed. Five units define a dictator and a tyrant, and six determine a tough person who, however, will do even the impossible for a loved one.

Second cell

What do deuces squared mean? This is human bioenergy. If the deuces were not in the calculations, this means that a person is open to receiving this very energy. Such individuals most often love old things, communicate with others without problems and are educated by nature. One deuce indicates that energy is not enough for a person to live. Such individuals often feel atmospheric changes are also required. Two deuces - people with enough bioenergy, can treat other people. Three deuces often have good psychics or people who have a well-developed sixth sense. Four deuces in the human psychomatrix attract people of the opposite sex.

pythagorean square calculate compatibility

Third cell

The third cell will talk about how decent and clean people are by nature.

  • There are no triples - a punctual and clean person, but he notices all the negative nuances surrounding him.
  • One three - monitors the order of mood.
  • Two triples - people, prone to science, clean.
  • Three triples - a high tendency to self-education, with fanaticism monitor purity.

Fourth cell

Determines human health.

  • The absence of fours - a person can get sick quite often (especially if there are a lot of twos in the calculations).
  • One four - a person will not hurt too much, periodically, no more than the rest.
  • Two fours - a man of good health and increased sexuality.
  • Three fours - the same as with three, but more than twice.

Fifth cell

numerology pythagorean square how to calculate

The fifth cell tells how well a person has developed intuition.

  • No fives - a person’s channel is open at birth. Such people themselves achieve everything in life, they try everything “by the tooth”, experiment and are always in thought. Often it's pretty hard to get along with such people.
  • One five - such people make few mistakes in life.
  • Two fives - such people have a very developed intuition.
  • Three fives are almost clairvoyant, very rarely make mistakes, they all foresee.
  • Four fives are real clairvoyants, often they feel not only what is happening in this world, but also in the other world.

Sixth cell

We further consider the square of Pythagoras by date of birth. What will the sixes say in this psychomatrix? This is the determinant of the so-called human grounding.

  • There are no sixes - such people acquire a craft where physical labor is needed, but they do not like to work hard.
  • One six - mundane people, but can study well.
  • Two sixes - a person is very grounded, loves physical labor.
  • Three sixes - a sign of Satan. Such people are obligatory, however, they feed on the energy of their partner. Having sucked it, they go to another person.
  • Four sixes - such people work very hard, work hard physically. Very grounded.

Pythagorean square calculation

Seventh cell

Seven speaks about how much a man was touched by God's spark, whether he has talent.

  • There are no sevens - such people are born in order to earn sevens. Their life is often hard, often they come to religion.
  • One seven - there is talent, but it is dimly expressed. You can work on this to change the situation.
  • Two sevens are a strong sign of angel-like. If you develop talent, you can achieve a lot. There are no closed doors for such people.
  • Three sevens is a special sign. Such people came to earth for a short while. Often in old age they are paralyzed.
  • Four sevens is an angel sign. Such people, if they do not die in infancy, are often at risk.

Eighth cell

This cell will talk about how inherent in a person a sense of duty.

  • No eights - if a person took something, he is in no hurry to give it back.
  • One - a sense of duty developed.
  • Two eights - a very developed sense of duty. Such people seek to help everyone, they cannot refuse anyone.
  • Three eights indicate that a person was sent to earth to serve people.
  • Four - such people are born with knowledge of the exact sciences, have parapsychological abilities.

Ninth cell

As for the last, ninth cell, it determines the human mind.

  • No nines - man is by nature poor.
  • One nine - you need to develop a second nine in order to consider yourself an intelligent person.
  • Two dozen - such people are smart from birth, love to learn.
  • Three - such people are smart from birth, but do not like to learn, because much is given to them by itself.
  • Four nines are people of a sharp mind, but often they are rude and merciless.

pythagorean square compatibility


It is worth saying that you can also calculate compatibility by the square of Pythagoras. So, for this it will be necessary to compose psychomatrixes of both members of the couple, but here it will be necessary to look at how similar people are. To do this, you need to view not only each individual cell, but also columns, rows and diagonals. What is important to know here? Rows:

  1. The first line is the goal line. You need to look at how many numbers a couple have in a given line. Up to three - such people often change goals, from three to six - are quite purposeful, more than six - people are ready to make sacrifices for the sake of goals.
  2. The second line is family. Considering the square of Pythagoras, you can calculate compatibility by this line alone. So, if a person has up to three numbers in the second line, he is not family by nature, family values ​​are not important for him. From three to six numbers - such people value family relationships, more than six - they idealize them. Already only on these indicators, we can conclude how much the pair fits together.
  3. Habits. This is also an important point in calculating compatibility. So, people who have up to three numbers in the third line easily and without problems change their habits, from three to six - they’re hard to adapt, more than six - pedants and don’t like even the slightest disorder, it’s hard to get along with such people.

Looking through the square of Pythagoras, you can also calculate compatibility by columns.

  1. The first column is self-esteem. Up to three numbers - low, from three to six - normal, from six - high self-esteem (with such people it is difficult in marriage).
  2. The second is a column of material well-being. Up to three numbers - such people cannot and do not want to earn money on their own, from three to six - it turns out well to provide for a family, from six and above - with such people money becomes an obsession.
  3. Looking through the square of Pythagoras (the calculation of which has already been completely carried out), it is also worth paying attention to the third column in this psychomatrix. So, this is an indicator of a person’s talent. Up to three numbers - a person's talent is weakly manifested, from three to six - a strong talent, tears out, from six and above - such people are gifted, abilities are obvious.

Studying the square of Pythagoras, the compatibility of the pair can also be viewed diagonally, wanting to make sure how people fit together.

  1. The first diagonal is passion. Up to three numbers - people are calm, with a weak temperament. Three to six are temperamental and passionate personalities; six and above are too strong a temperament that often finds a way out in creativity. According to these indicators, people can conclude how they fit together.
  2. The second diagonal is faith. Up to three numbers - such people are few people and what they believe in, from three to six - people who are believers and often superstitious, from six and above - often religious fanatics.


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