How to change the password in Mayle correctly

Today it is almost impossible to imagine a person with an active lifestyle, who would not need constant access to e-mail. We need it for conducting business correspondence, communication, exchange of information - for example, sending a photo by e-mail is much more convenient than in any other way, and instant delivery of letters makes business communication much more productive. All world manufacturers of equipment take into account the growing need for using e-mail, so today it is possible to provide constant access to it even without a laptop at hand - just set up e-mail on your mobile, as all modern phone models have mail clients that are convenient to use and traffic consumption is minimal.

One of the most popular email services is They prefer it because it is not only a mail resource: by logging in with their username and password, the user gets access not only to letters, but also to news of various subjects, social networks, various files and much more, and more importantly, concern for the security of your account . Sooner or later, each user of this email raises the question of how to change the password in mail. It can occur due to many circumstances: someone begins to actively use the resource and wants to set a more complex password, someone logged into his account from someone else's computer and did not worry about the password not being saved, but someone discovered that his mail was received from an unknown address, or the password was lost and restored, then an indigestible new temporary was sent - there can be many reasons.

Before changing the password in the mail, you need to make sure that the new password is not lost, and to pick it up would be impossible even for someone who knows you well. To do this, you need to come up with a fairly long password with a combination of letters and numbers, you can change the case - then it will not work out for attackers even with the help of special programs, and you still have to earn the honor of being hacked. Very popular, for example, is the method of writing Russian words in Latin layout or vice versa. The new password must be written down, preferably in a special notebook, BEFORE changing the password in the mail, otherwise access to your mailbox may be lost.

You also need to worry about password recovery. After entering the mailbox, at the top right below the list of available sites there is a line with the menu buttons “diary”, “settings”, “news”, “help”. We go into the settings, in the middle column from the top, select the item “Data for password recovery”. Here is the “security question” item: the answer to it is the easiest way to reset the password, not only to you, but also to those who know you. By default, the question is “mother’s maiden name”, which means that anyone who knows her can get access to your mail. It is recommended to change the question to a more complex one, and write down the answer to it. There you can configure an additional address or phone number to which a new password will be sent.

How to change password in mail

So, all that needs to be done before changing the password in the mail is done, now about how to change it. This can be done in the previous menu item, which is called “password”. When you click it, a page with fields opens for entering the old password once and entering the new one twice. After this is done, the password will be changed.

As you can see, this is a fairly simple operation, but the security of the account depends not only on the complexity of the password, but also on the correctly selected data for recovery.


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