How to create a resume: requirements, features, sample

How to create a resume? Most people think about this issue at least once in their lives. Sufficient attention is not always paid to this, but it is worth it. Work can become joy and the meaning of life, and can only be a burden and daily disappointment. How to correctly compose a resume to find your dream job? Let's figure it out.

Good job

Do not rush to post information about yourself on sites with vacancies as soon as possible. Decide first what kind of work you want to get. Having chosen the direction of work, do not be a passive product that the employer buys. Choose the right job for yourself. The idea of ​​how to create a resume for a job is best born in the process of realizing what kind of employment you need.

people of different professions

To get this idea, it is best to answer the following questions in writing:

  1. Why do you need a job? Do you care about career growth? Are you striving to improve your knowledge? Perhaps you want to create projects that will work for you in the future? Is it enough for you to receive a certain amount of thousands of rubles a month and you will be happy?
  2. What do you want to do? Have you received an education and want to work in this field or want to radically change your type of activity? Many people are looking for a model, how to create a resume to get the desired position, not taking into account this point. To get started, just mark it for yourself. Do not consider this impossible.
  3. Form of payment. Does it matter if you have a “white” salary and social guarantees, or are you ready to take risks for more money? How much money do you need? How much do you plan to spend per month on food, clothing and entertainment? Answering these questions, you decide on the minimum threshold for payment for your work.
  4. Schedule. Are you ready to work five days a week strictly from 9:00 to 18:00 or would you prefer a shift schedule? Are you ready to linger every day? Perhaps you are only comfortable with remote work? Just answer honestly. Do not be fooled by yourself.
  5. Vacation How many times a year do you plan to take it? Pay attention to whether the employer provides paid leave, whether there is a possibility of his free choice.
  6. What companies attract you? Famous guarantors of a business with a rich corporate culture or small companies with a more informal atmosphere? Choosing an employer with a name, you get the opportunity for internal growth. However, in a little-known company, growth usually goes much faster.
  7. Location of work. Are you ready to get to the place an hour or two every morning, or are the options only suitable for you in your area? Perhaps for the sake of an interesting job you are ready to move to another city?
  8. What should be your workplace. Can you work in a noisy office or do you need silence and a separate office? Can you follow the dress code of the company or is individuality more important to you?

If you answered these questions, you have an idea of ​​what you are looking for. So it's time to think about how to write a resume. Our recommendations will help to do this correctly.

How to create a resume, key points

I would like to say a few words about what a resume is. Do you think this is detailed information about your work experience? With such a setup, your chance of being noticed will drop by 70 percent. A resume is your offer to the employer, in which you offer to buy the most valuable thing that you have - your time.

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Now put yourself in the place of the employer. What does he want to see in your resume? First of all, as a buyer, he wants to see what benefit this deal will bring him. He wonders if he will get enough benefit from the cost of your wages. Your task is to reflect in the summary the benefits of working with you.

Thus, the resume shows your value as a specialist. Therefore, it is very important to make it attractive to the employer. It is necessary to declare your value at this stage, because it will be much more difficult to do this at the interview.

There is no universal format for all professions. No need to look for the right way to create a resume, examples, reviews, templates. Each resume should reflect the key questions that the employer is seeking answers to. For job openings, it is important to show how you made money for your previous employers, what was the profitability and speed of transactions. For technical professions, a large amount of skills and knowledge is important. Development is important in the quantity and quality of completed projects. For working professions, it is important to reflect their reliability, skill, and for the media, your uniqueness is important.

Consider the points on how to create a resume. Template, sample - not our option. We will make it ourselves, individually, for the selected vacancy.

Start with a name

It is most presentable to write the full last name, first name and middle name. Put yourself in the employer's place. Do you want to write only a name? Perhaps you have something to hide because you unsuccessfully left your previous job? You should not cause unnecessary questions from the very beginning.

What is the name of your resume file? My resume? New resume? Ivanov? If so, then you will certainly get lost among dozens of the same files in the mail from your employer. And if several vacancies are open? An ideal name for a resume file might be: "Ivan Ivanov, financial analyst."

The photo

Pay attention to the relevance of your chosen photo. No swimwear and holiday photos. Leave them for the family album. It is advisable to choose a portrait in a business setting. This can be a professional photo shoot or a photo from a previous job. The most attractive photographs look on a plain white or gray background. You can put color photos, for example, as a passport. The main thing is that you should sincerely smile at them.

Having your image in front of your eyes, after interviews it will be easier for the employer to correlate you and the resume. If he has a photo of yours and other applicants in front of his eyes, all other things being equal (education, experience, marital status and so on), he will choose the one whose image in the photo will be more disposable. A smile will help.

skills on the board

Career objective

If you liked several employer vacancies, then you need to create and save a resume for each individual. At the same time, write about experience and competencies that correspond to this particular position. This is generally an indispensable rule if we are talking about how to correctly compose a resume: a unique vacancy is a unique offer from you.


Salary "by agreement" - a loose concept, leading to the risk of wasting time. It is acceptable to indicate a lower threshold. For example, from 40,000 rubles. People working on the job, for example, freelancers, can afford to create a resume for a job, the sample of which does not contain specific estimated earnings.

An interesting point with the discussion of salaries at the interview itself. All recommendations shout that when asking about salaries, we are very losing in the eyes of the employer. But the candidate should ask about it. If the salary is not indicated in the vacancy, it is best to ask a question at the end of the interview. It is perfectly acceptable to inquire what salary a candidate can claim for a proposed position.

Personal data

The city of residence and the district should be indicated in the resume, but the street, house and apartment number are not necessary. A common mistake when compiling a resume for a job is to indicate the marital status and availability of children. It’s not professional to upload personal information in a job offer. The samples presented on the Internet for the query “how to write a resume correctly” are far from ideal and are outdated on many points, including this one.

human approval


In this section, it is advisable to be as open as possible. You need to specify both e-mail, and a cell phone number, and the ability to receive messages via Skype, Viber, etc. Do not forget about positioning. If your page on a social network is professional in nature, give a link to it. If your personal mail is called "Yandex.Ru sun dog", it is better to have a more neutral one. It is also considered unethical to indicate the current place of work in the corporate mail summary.


List in the reverse order all the schools you graduated from. And also indicate all the completed trainings, courses, MBAs, master classes. If you attended a master class on felting from wool, and apply for the position of a tender specialist, you should not indicate this type of education.


This data is also desirable to be listed in reverse order. It’s worth detailing the last three or four places of work. Pay attention to the responsibilities that you have already performed in the past places and plan to fulfill at the new place of work.

It is not necessary to indicate the exact dates of leaving and leaving work, just a month and a year. Do not forget to indicate the following points:

  • The direction of the company in which you worked.
  • The number of employees.
  • The number of employees in your submission (for managers).

If your experience does not seem sufficient for the desired position, do not embellish your resume with functions that you did not perform. Also, one does not need to write about the fictitious places of his labor activity.

If you held different positions in one company, it is better to list them separately, indicating the specific position and time of its execution.

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Skills, personal qualities, hobbies

If you indicate computer skills, then write, only those programs that may come in handy in the performance of your future duties. The same applies to personal qualities. In the hobby column, do not indicate more than 3-4 hobbies, otherwise the question may arise, how will you find time to work.

It is worth writing about the knowledge of a foreign language to those who can at least support a conversation in it. English with a dictionary has not been quoted by employers for a long time, automatic translators can do this.


A very important part of the resume. If you have been with the company for more than three years, one contact will not be enough. Two, three is optimal.

In this section you can also indicate partners with whom good relations have developed during the projects, those who can confirm your professionalism.

Now there is a tendency to abandon the practice of recommendations in the summary. Opinions vary widely, so decide for yourself whether it is worth specifying recommenders in your case.

Skills and Achievements

This is perhaps the most important section of the resume. And if it is empty or contains a couple of common phrases, consider that you did the work in vain.

It is desirable to translate all your achievements into numbers: increased sales by 40% in two years, optimized logistics costs, reducing them three times.

Here you should also indicate professional awards: manager of the year, the best operator of April, etc.

If it is not clear from your work experience that you have been going upward, connect these blocks and reflect your progress with achievements.

How to create a resume: sample design

We already talked about the name of the file, now you can look at the summary from the inside. Finding a standard sample and creating a resume for a job is not difficult, but you still need to adhere to the recommendations.

Making a table is a bad idea. This technique is often used by representatives of technical professions to emphasize professionalism in their field. But such a format practically does not provide an opportunity to reveal oneself as a candidate. If you are talking about how to create the right resume for the job, immediately exclude examples with registration in a table.

Your resume should look simple and clear. Do not use color fonts. If you want to highlight something - make it bold. The optimal font is Arial, size 10-12. The Times no longer recommends use, as society moves to sans-serif fonts. Therefore, documents using the latter look outdated and highly formalized.

Everything that can be put on the list, for example, duties, is done this way. No inconvenient comma separated listings.

The language of the resume should be simple and clear. The worst thing you can think of is to rewrite your job descriptions. Writing a resume for a job is not about creating a dead document overflowing with clericalism. After all, it can be read by a recruiter, personnel specialist, director who are not familiar with the intricacies of your profession.

Typically, an employer prepares printed resumes, but taking two copies with you for an interview will not be amiss.

walking around the edge

Challenging Employment Issues

How to create a resume if your work experience is not perfect? Perhaps you had a big break in work, no higher education, or you often changed jobs. If your experience does not meet the expectations of the employer, then the resume is unlikely to fix it. It is worth remembering that this is only a reflection of your real successes and achievements. Therefore, focus on what you managed to achieve in your past jobs.

Enter a new job with a ready-made idea of ​​what you need to achieve in order to impress the next employer. Once again, do not cheat on a resume, just stock up on facts that more than compensate for weaknesses. And you will certainly be asked about them.

In the case of frequent changes of places, a combined form of reflection of experience may become a model for compiling a resume for work. This is a form in which several places of work with a similar position and functions are combined into one. Just do not get involved in such a technique.

If you decide to change the scope of activity. Worked in one place, but want to another. “I really want it” is not the most attractive offer to the employer. How to write or write a resume for a job in this case is not your question. Your task is to prove your desire, and for this you need to have at least some experience. The first thing these candidates should think about is an internship. Free or cheap - depends on the company you choose. Yes, this is a certain sacrifice, but it will pay off by receiving the coveted position.

You can try here and do the least loss. For example, create a good portfolio. It will not be superfluous in any of the options.

You worked for a long time in one company without promotion, you want to leave for another and become a leader there. Here, too, a miracle will not happen. How to write a resume in this case? Want to lead - prove that you know how. Initiate projects, amateur performances, corporate events, whatever, and reflect this in a future resume.

Are you a student or graduate. Then write more about your education and experience. Indicate all your internships, practice, part-time jobs.

It’s best to do an internship in a company that interests you while still in advanced courses, but if you haven’t done this before, then now is the time.

Your work experience is not the most presentable. Often people are embarrassed to indicate their experience in network marketing, but many useful skills can be learned from it. Sociability, ability to make cold calls, persuasion skills and presentations.

You can talk about the training completed. It is not much different in network marketing from the training of sales managers.

Was freelance and entrepreneurship your main income? Then at the interview you will be very wary. The position of most employers is the question, what made a person give up his own business? Failure? These are not the best assumptions of the employer when hiring you.

What do you do, how to create a resume in this case? Focus on your many-sided and useful experience, on organization and ability to plan, solve problems. The most important thing for you is to show your willingness and desire to become part of the team.

You do not have a vocational education. Please stop thinking about it. Most higher education institutions either do not give at all, or give to a small degree the knowledge and skills necessary for the implementation of practical activities. This is known to all employers. Do not be afraid of specific areas. Remember that when creating a resume for applying for a job, the competency model will not be your education, but your abilities and experience.

student in suit

Transmittal letter

How to write a resume for a job, we discussed. We now discuss the cover letter. Many candidates are not even aware of the existence of such a powerful tool.

Currently, a cover letter can be attached to the resume directly on the sites when applying for a vacancy. In the event that you send a resume to the employer's mail, most likely attach it as a separate file.

This document is a great chance to show yourself as an ideal candidate. It is worth writing in the letter that you have become familiar with the vacancy and the company, make it clear why you are the best suited to the employer, and also make an encouraging offer.

For example: "Good afternoon, Olga Yuryevna! I carefully read the description of the copywriter vacancy and the site of your company. I believe that I am perfectly suited to you and can solve the tasks that are required. I have six years of experience in medicine, specializing in laboratory diagnostics. I can add articles to the site myself, make layouts. I myself am a mother of two children, and I am interested in children's health topics. In addition to copywriting, I am familiar with the topic of site search promotion, I can write very high-quality seo-optimized ones ists, always happy to participate in interesting projects. I look forward to you information about the user-friendly form of an interview in which you will be able to make in my experience, knowledge and ability to solve business issues effectively. "

A cover letter is a great way to prove yourself as a person, show your interest and stand out in a crowd of competitors. Correctly write a resume for work, a sample of execution is a resume with a cover letter.

Do not be afraid to spend too much time on each employer, because your future well-being will depend on how much you spend now.

Where and how to look for work

Do not rely on one source, you need to try all the options. We provide the most popular job placements:

  • The most obvious are the popular job search sites. You should choose according to the volume of vacancies presented in your city. A small minus of such sites will be that the samples on how to correctly compose a resume will be provided by these sites themselves. Despite this, it is worth being placed on them.
  • Industry portals. Employers often visit such sites, so it’s definitely worth posting your resume there, especially if you plan to work in a particular industry.
  • A great idea to contact a large number of employers is an industry exhibition or conference. Here you can see the employees of the company, see how they work at their booth, evaluate the quality of the company's presentation on the market. Here you can get personal contacts or ask to send a resume to the personnel department.
  • Social networks. It is possible and necessary to report on a job search on social networks, but before that it is important to put your profile in order. The law of ten handshakes has not yet been canceled. This also applies to those who are looking for work not even through the network. It has become common practice that employers look at the personal profiles of their candidates. Another plus may be that in this case you can not think about how to properly compose a resume for a job.
  • A very mixed opinion in our country has developed about recruitment agencies. Someone considers their specialists to be loafers, without whom it is easy to do without, someone on the contrary - irreplaceable assistants. Indeed, if you are familiar with a good recruiter, you should not neglect such a chance.

About the interview

This is the most important point of your device to work. We reviewed the requirements for compiling a resume. Now let's talk about how to behave in a meeting with the employer or his representative.

hand shake

Let's start in order. They call you with an offer to come for an interview. If at this moment you are working at the enterprise that you intend to leave, do not make an appointment in a whisper or choked voice. Tell me honestly that now you are not comfortable talking and you will call back at such and such a time. Call exactly when you promised.

Decide on a place and time of a meeting. If something is not clear, call back and clarify. Perhaps a pass or passport is required to enter the building. It is by no means shameful in difficult cases to ask for a location map.

Accurately determine the route and time to the meeting place. Try not to be late, and if this happens, immediately call and warn. Perhaps your appointment will be rescheduled for another day. If you arrived earlier, do not rush to go to the office, it is better to walk along the street or wait in the car. Perhaps an interview with another candidate is taking place at this time.

Carefully study the company before the interview. It is important everything that you can find on the Internet - the number of employees, top officials, reviews, scope of activity. If the company is represented by outlets, try to visit them to see how work is being done on the spot.

You can use all this information during the interview, indicating exactly what attracts you to the company and how you can be useful for it. Such awareness will set you apart from the crowd of competitors.

As for the portfolio, do not flood the employer with an avalanche of material. 3-5 specific or most successful works are enough.

Prepare your own presentation: a clear and concise account of your experience and professional success. If you were able to correctly create a resume for the job, keep the sample in front of you. Just do not reproduce it verbatim. An interview is not an interrogation, but an equal conversation. Behave calmly, confidently and kindly.

In the evening, prepare clothes in which you will go for an interview. Regardless of the weather, it should be a business style. For men - a suit with a tie. For women - a skirt up to the knee or slightly lower, stockings or tights are required. A woman should have a simple everyday hairstyle, no mermaids with her hair down, a neat and gentle manicure is required. These are indispensable rules of etiquette. True, such a dress code is not suitable for all vacancies. Perhaps you get a job where the priorities are spectacular appearance and catchy clothes. This also needs to be taken into account.

The interview itself may ask questions not only about your experience and skills. For example, a prospective sales manager may be asked what he will do if he makes a deal, and the logistics let him down and the goods will not be in stock at the right time. There are no right or wrong answers to such questions. Usually, employers use these cases to check whether the candidate’s actions are appropriate for them.

And the last good tip: be sure to get enough sleep before the interview. Take the choice of work calmly. Remember, you did not come to ask the employer, but choose him, as he does for you. If something does not suit you, you have every right to refuse, even if you receive an invitation to work. Only choose a business that brings you satisfaction and joy.


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