"Red Bull". "Formula 1". Interesting facts about the team

“Formula 1” in the last decade gave the world a rather extraordinary team. In a short review, the reader is offered some interesting facts about the Austrian Red Bull.

Formula 1 is famous for stimulating participating teams to create new cars. As a result, some new technical solutions constantly appear that set the tone not only in racing, but also in the creation of ordinary road cars, which is of course to all of us.


The popular Austrian energy drink company is known to support numerous sports campaigns. This is an organization, and holding, and even just sponsoring a huge number of those across the planet. Car racing is also in the direct interest of the head of the Red Bull.

red bull formula 1

Formula 1, naturally, as a competition of the first magnitude, is one of the priorities. Therefore, when Ford decided to immediately get rid of several teams of the world's most popular car races that bothered them, one of them, namely Jaguar, liked the boss of Red Bull. So in 2004 a team appeared, which will be discussed in this review.


The first race car, without further ado, was named RB1 (short for Red Bull). In 2005, Formula 1 received a new team, a new car, giving hope to the elderly David Coulthard (a well-known pilot at that time) to show that it was too early to retire. And in the first year, the newly-minted Austrian brigade showed its best. Of course, before the victory in the Cup of designers was still far away, but an honorable seventh place and 34 points in the team standings - a very worthy result for the debut in Formula.

red bull formula 1 pilots

In the 2006 season, they moved from the Cosworth engine to a Ferrari and finished it in seventh place again. 2007 was marked by the transition to the Renault engine and fifth place in the Cup of Designers. In 2008, the seventh again. But 2009 brought a breakthrough and second place in the team standings. In 2010, the Red Bull era of dominance begins. Formula 1 appreciates hard work, and the team rightfully earned that first place in the Constructors Cup that year. A total of four years: 10, 11, 12 and 13, Red Bull Racing was not equal here. However, everything once comes to an end. The next two years were a Mercedes performance, but that's another story.


It is simply unrealistic to put in a small article an extensive material on the performances of the four-time holder of the Designers Cup so far. For example, a separate topic is the Red Bull pilots. “Formula 1” is an incredibly interesting action, to watch which is a pleasure, which is proposed to make the reader this little material on the topic.

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