Triceps workout in the gym and at home

In the modern world, men and women consider their arms to be an indicator of true strength. Triceps training takes a certain part of the time not only for professional athletes, but also for ordinary people. People rarely pay attention to the muscles of the legs , but the results of training for triceps are immediately noticeable.

Unfortunately, achieving the desired relief is not so easy as it seems at first glance. In addition, many people simply do not know how to adequately assess the situation and their own strengths. Any athlete must be balanced and patient. Few people reach the goal at an accelerated pace, while increasing the load. Most often, in such situations, health deteriorates and the desire to have chic triceps disappears.

triceps arm training

Why exercise

Professional athletes know why biceps and triceps training is needed. Of course, it is possible to combine them in one day, but nevertheless many trainers advise to separate the training of these muscles, loading them on different days.

Many athletes strive to become owners of a large biceps, but in fact, in fact, most of them are occupied by triceps. It makes the appearance of a person much better, because developed and strengthened muscles have always been in fashion.

In addition, in order to look athletic, you should also spend time on the deltoid muscles. Thanks to comprehensive training, your hands will not look ridiculous. But the main emphasis is still worth doing on the triceps. In any exercise (sitting, lying or standing), the triceps muscle is always involved. The conclusion follows from this - only the correct triceps training made it possible to develop the shoulders, as well as the pectoral muscles normally.

Both women and men can train and develop the muscles of the hands as they wish. Each person is a person who has his own idea of ​​an ideal body and is ready to achieve his goal.

Basic principles

Any training (chest, triceps, back, shoulders are inflated - it does not matter) will give everyone a positive result. After gradually increasing loads, a person feels a pleasant pain in the muscles, noticing their increase.

Stereotypes that are associated with the muscles of the hands, people impose themselves. Many are sure that too frequent loads will give an excellent and fairly quick result. But this is not at all true. Muscles will never develop fully if this process accelerates. The so-called cheating exists only for professional athletes who need only improve performance for competitions and the like. Proper nutrition and a perfectly designed regimen help to recover from accelerated loads and return to a normal pace without harm to health.

Before creating your own training program, you must remember the following rules:

  • Triceps load should be only once a week;
  • every next workout should not be easier than the previous one;
  • one exercise should consist of at least three sets;
  • the weight of equipment must be selected so that you can do about 10-12 repetitions;
  • the program should include exercises for each part of the triceps;
  • Between workouts, you should take a good rest (you can not put breast training after triceps or vice versa).


The main triceps training, the exercises of which are not too complicated, can be carried out both at home and in gyms with specialized equipment.

Triceps is not a single entity. Many beginners do not know that the triceps muscle consists of three heads (where the name comes from). The long, medial and lateral heads are elements of the triceps. Each of them is responsible for one form or another, so that male and female training have certain differences among themselves.

chest triceps workout

Lateral is located on the outside of the shoulder and is responsible for the formation of the horseshoe muscle. The medial is located in the direction of the midline, but the long (large) along the humerus.

The main function of the triceps is to straighten and bend the arm. But the long head, in addition to this, also takes part in the movement of the hand along the body.


Uniform biceps / triceps training (shoulders, back, chest) is very important for novice athletes. Young people often pay attention to these muscles and try to load them to the maximum. But nevertheless, it should be remembered that in no case can you take a lot of weight without preparation. All loads increase gradually and, accordingly, for each person there is a certain norm that he must fulfill for a clear period of time. The weight of the equipment and the number of repetitions is determined by the trainer; there is no need to overdo it and try to compose a program for yourself.

Training frequency

Triceps training should always fit perfectly into the overall program. Everyone must know that the lateral, medial and long heads go into active mode when the shoulders and chest are loaded. The best option for training is to combine exercises on the deltoid and triceps. In total, not too many options for shoulder exercises have been developed, so you should not be afraid of an extra load on them.

For beginners in sports, the load of the pectoral muscles and shoulders will be quite enough. For such people, it is not necessary to set aside a separate day to load triceps. But after when the muscles are already adapting and getting used to regular training, you can add exercises to the triceps muscle.

workout back triceps

French bench press

As mentioned above, triceps training combines several exercises. One of the most common is the French bench press. To do this, not too much weight will be required, since the emphasis is on extending the arms in a horizontal position. The lateral head is most involved here, and the goal of the exercise is to draw fibers.

Training (triceps shoulders) includes a French bench press, the technique of which is not so simple as it seems at first glance:

  1. Lie down on a flat bench (without tilt), raise your hands clearly up and ask the assistant to feed the bar.
  2. Having taken the bar with the help of the upper grip, it is necessary to bend your arms so that the hands are near the forehead.
  3. Then the arms are unbent to the maximum, and after a second respite they are bent again.

This exercise is allowed to perform for absolutely anyone. It is best to do a French bench press at the very beginning of the workout, but after several push-ups from the floor. In total, you need to do about 15 repetitions and 4 sets.

You don’t need to take a lot of weight, because it is better to make the right movements, but with a light barbell, and not force yourself to experience an even greater load, but with incorrect execution. Feet must be clearly on the floor. If you put them on a bench, you can easily get injured.

Extension of the arm on the upper block

Each triceps muscle training will affect human health. This exercise is universal, since all heads are involved here. The main task is the relief and detail of the contours. Due to the extension of the arms on the upper block, the triceps bundles will be clearly visible externally.

Regular triceps training in the gym opens up more possibilities than home options, as there is additional equipment. This exercise is performed on a block that has an attached cable and handle.

First you need to take the correct position of the body - put one leg back and lean the body slightly forward. One hand rests against a wall or bed, and the second with its lower grip is taken by the handle. On inspiration, the handle should be pulled down, while straining the triceps to the maximum, and on exhalation, unbend the arm gradually, but do not relax sharply. Twelve repetitions will be enough.

Extending the arm at the end of the workout. It is a must in any program.

Extension of the arm with weight from behind the head

Training (back, triceps) contains a fairly simple exercise, which will require only dumbbells. When doing the exercise at home, you can use bottles of water or sand. It helps to work out the relief and makes it noticeable externally. The middle and outer parts are loaded most of all, therefore, as a result, the boundaries between them will be clearly noticeable.

In addition to triceps, the ulnar muscle will also be involved. The execution technique is as follows:

  1. You need to sit on the edge of the bench, resting your feet on the floor. Only one hand works, the other is in the free position. The hand with the dumbbell must be lifted straight up. In this case, you should maintain an even position of the back.
  2. When you inhale, you need to bend your arm so that the dumbbell goes clearly behind your head. The fold in the elbow should draw a right angle. The second part of the hand should be monitored - it should be in an immobilized state. You can hold the elbow with your free hand.
  3. After reaching the final point, you can slowly extend your arm. In the unbent position, you can try to maximize the triceps.

Work with one hand is allowed no more than 15 repetitions. When performing the body should not bend.

Narrow grip bench press

A short workout (chest, triceps) will not require much effort. In the bench press, not only triceps work, but also the deltoid and pectoral muscles.

To perform this exercise you need to take a barbell and bench with risers. Lying exactly on the bench and resting your feet on the floor you need to take the bar (the distance between the arms is no more than three palms across). Then follows a simple movement - the arms are bent and the bar drops to the chest on inhalation, and on the exhale the arms are unbent to the maximum.

Triceps weight training is popular with all men. After all, relief and a beautiful sports figure are important to them. But certain rules must be followed to avoid personal injury.

Too wide or too narrow grip should not be used. You also need to monitor your back. Often deflections in the lower back are obtained by themselves, but this should not be allowed. The back of the head, shoulder blades and buttocks are the three main points that must be located on the bench during the exercise. And it is recommended to perform it at the beginning of the session.

Back stop

For many people, triceps home workouts are more acceptable. This exercise is the most optimal for the home, since you do not need to look for special equipment to complete it.

triceps muscle training

Backward push-ups are a great exercise for martial arts enthusiasts. Triceps not only gets the perfect look, but also becomes stronger. You can perform them in two versions:

  1. It will take one bench. It is necessary to sit on the edge, clearly rest your hands on the bench, pressing them to the body. Then the body extends forward so that only hands remain on the surface. In this position, it is necessary to bend your arms on inhalation and smoothly unbend on the exhale.
  2. You need two benches of the same height. The technique is exactly the same, but the legs do not rest on the floor, but on the second bench.

Such push-ups should be performed at the very beginning of the session. They can be used both as a warm-up and a full-fledged exercise. If desired, you can even take extra weight.

You need to go down as much as possible, but without touching the buttocks of the floor. Hands should be tensed all the time, as the slightest relaxation of muscles can lead to injuries.

Extension of arms on the upper block

Triceps muscle training is important for both men and women. The lateral head is most involved here. The goal is to shape the triceps.

The exercise is performed in the same way as the extension of one arm. The only difference is that in this version both hands work at once. The starting position is no different - the leg is set back, and the body is slightly tilted forward. Although, if desired, it is allowed to focus on two legs, placing them shoulder-width apart.

The extension of the arms is performed at the end of the lesson, because the heavy loads are already behind, and the training cannot be stopped abruptly. It can be easily combined with push-ups with an emphasis on the back and bench presses.

Bench Press

Triceps training includes a fairly effective exercise - push-ups on the uneven bars with extra weight.

triceps training program
The entire triceps muscle works here, but in order to get the desired result, you should adhere to the rules:

  • use only narrow bars;
  • full amplitude;
  • try to keep the body without tilting;
  • elbows are pressed to the body.

With their own weight, almost anyone can do about 10 repetitions. If such a result was achieved, then we can move on to additional weight. For complication, special belts are provided to which pancakes or dumbbells can be attached.

Barbell exercises

Hand training (triceps) gives a good result if you use the barbell. Starting position - feet shoulder width apart, arms with a barbell bent behind the head. This position helps to stretch the muscles as much as possible and prepares them for heavy loads. The advantage is that it can be performed both standing and sitting, but in any case, you need to monitor your back.

In no case do you need to replace the barbell with a dumbbell. After all, the grip will decrease significantly, after which the elbows will move apart, and this will not give the desired result. Perform the exercise as slowly as possible. Jerking or an unstable position of the case will result in serious injury. Therefore, such an activity must be treated carefully and responsibly.

Extension of the arm in an inclination

Favorite men's training (triceps back) helps to develop not only the muscles of the hands, but also the back, increasing weight. This exercise is not so difficult. Its main task is to draw a relief. It’s not necessary to take a lot of weight; light dumbbells are suitable for him. The weight should be selected so that when you move your arm you can feel the work of the triceps. The execution technique is as follows:

  1. The left arm and leg rests on the bench with the knee, the right leg is clearly on the floor, and the free arm holds a dumbbell.
  2. The hand with the dumbbell must be bent at the elbow and pressed firmly to the body.
  3. On inhalation, the arm extends, continuing the line of the body, and on exhalation it bends again.

It should be remembered that the hand should always be pressed to the body, otherwise the muscles will not be able to strain and the exercise will not be performed correctly.

triceps home workout

Complex exercises

In addition to individual exercises, the triceps training program also consists of two complexes - the main and auxiliary. They are exclusively suitable for professionals who have been involved in sports for quite some time.

The goal of the main complex is to increase the mass and strength of the triceps. The exercises are quite complex, so attention and concentration are important here. It’s necessary to start a workout with a good workout, then you can make a couple of bench presses with a small weight. And only after that the muscles will be warmed up and fully ready for heavy exercises. The first complex consists of: a press on the Smith simulator (4 sets - 12, 10, 6 and 6 reps), extension of the arms behind the head with a bar (3 sets - 6, 7, 8 reps), push-ups from a low bench with an emphasis on the back (3 sets - 6, 7, 8 reps), French bench press (3 sets - 8, 10 and 12 reps).

In this training, the principle of the pyramid works, that is, the weight of the equipment gradually increases, and the number of repetitions decreases. If you have difficulty with the exercise on the Smith simulator, it can be replaced with ordinary push-ups on the uneven bars.

triceps training

The second (auxiliary) complex makes it possible to slightly unload the muscles after the main training. It is forbidden to skip it, since it will only be possible to achieve the desired result if you consolidate the first successes with a more weakened complex. Indeed, strength training without rest loads not only muscles, but also the psyche, because of which a person often experiences stress and irritation.

The complex consists of: French bench press in horizontal position (4 sets - 8, 9 and 10 reps), extension from behind the head and extension of the arm in an incline (3 sets - 8, 10 and 12 reps), bench press (3 sets - 8, 10, 12 repetitions).


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