DIY glass adjustment

Modern windows are a complex technical system, therefore, like any other complex mechanism, double-glazed windows require periodic care and attention from the owners. As practice shows, even the most expensive double-glazed windows over time may require adjustment.

double-glazed window adjustment
And if such windows are installed at your place, then this article will not be superfluous for you. So, how do you adjust the windows with your own hands?

Find out the reasons

First, let's find out why there is a need for constant adjustment of the wings. Most often, the cause of this is the natural shrinkage of the house. The walls of the building slightly change their configuration, and accordingly, the sash will not be pressed so tightly against the frame. Oddly enough, but this problem arises even in new buildings.

The second reason is the natural wear of the windows themselves. Often from long-term operation, some elements of a double-glazed window (namely, seals) are simply erased or dried out. Depending on the quality, this part serves from 3 to 5 years (seasons) of operation. In this case, the adjustment of the glass does not completely solve the problem with the draft. In this case, it is necessary to completely replace the worn part. You can buy a sealant for a plastic window in any specialized store, and installing it will not be a problem.

DIY glass adjustment

Sometimes it happens that the lower part of the sash when opening the window touches the surface of the frame. This is because over time, the first part sags due to its own weight. But this may also contribute to the natural subsidence of the house. In this case, it is not necessary to install a new seal - just adjust the window sashes correctly.

We prepare the necessary tools

In order to adjust the glass unit without any problems, you only need to have one key - the hexagon.

When you open the window, you will see that the hinges have 6-sided holes. The key should be inserted into them. Rotating it, you adjust the position of the loops. The main thing you need to know is which way you need to turn the hexagon. The window setting starts from the upper loop, after which the lower position is set.

adjustment of wooden double-glazed windows
By the way, the adjustment of wooden double-glazed windows is carried out according to the same principle. Below we will look at how to properly configure the sash windows in different places.

Upper sash adjustment

In order to get rid of the sash engaging the frame when closing, you need to start work by adjusting the sash relative to the frame. As we noted earlier, to set the desired slope parameters, you only need to have one tool - the hexagon. He also adjusts the glass door. The top of the sash is configured left-right in the place where on top of this element is attached to a plastic frame.

adjustment of double-glazed windows for the winter

In order to properly configure the window, you need to fully open it and find the screw. This adjusting element is located on the leaf of the element. It is he who we will twist with the hexagon. After making several revolutions, remove it from the adjusting screw and close the window. If it opens with difficulties (it touches some part of the frame), then you need to re-set all the settings. So the adjustment of the double-glazed window occurs until the window closes normally. In time this work will not take you more than 20 minutes.

DIY glass adjustment: how to adjust the bottom hardware hinges

This element serves to adjust the bottom of the sash left or right, as well as to set the element's values ​​up and down relative to the window frame. In order to adjust the bottom, it is necessary to rotate the bottom screw. It is located directly on the window frame. To adjust up and down, we rotate the element located directly on the sash itself.

How to adjust the sash clamp?

At the end of the sash there are special mechanisms responsible for the correct closing of the double-glazed window. Along the window perimeter there can be several such elements. Here, in addition to the hexagon, you will need another screwdriver. It is necessary to rotate the head, which, when closing the metal-plastic window, enters the frame. It is made in the form of an eccentric and is responsible for adjusting the clamp.

Tips for the care of plastic windows

In order for your double-glazed windows to serve as long as possible without additional settings, in the summer do not make strong seals with a roller clip. When stressed, this element wears out very quickly, and soon you will have to install a new sealing mechanism with it. However, if it is the adjustment of the double-glazed windows for the winter, then strong compaction with the pressure of the roller is allowed.

double-glazed door adjustment

And in order to exclude frequent distortions and loosening of loops, get windows with the width of the opening sash of no more than one meter. The material itself (plastic) of double-glazed windows should be as light as possible, but strong enough. So the load on the window elements will significantly decrease, and accordingly, their service life will increase.

So, we found out how to adjust the glass with your own hands, and how to prevent frequent distortions and wear of the elements of the metal-plastic window.


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