Comta Johanna: biography, career, fame

Johanna Konta is a talented and successful tennis player of Hungarian descent. The girl was born on May 17, 1991 in the capital of Australia. At the beginning of her career, she represented the Australian national team, after which she moved to the UK. The athlete has a huge track record, was noted as the best newcomer of 2009. Today plays in the national team of Great Britain.

General information

Comta with mom

Parents of the tennis player are ordinary factory workers. Johanna Conta also has a younger sister, Emesche. Johanna from an early age was interested in sports and began her first training at the age of eight. Parents supported her in her endeavors and, in parallel with her daughter, began to play tennis unprofessionally.

The ancestors of Johanna often moved, and therefore the athlete has many relatives around the world. The Comte family itself also traveled frequently throughout. Johanna's parents have Hungarian citizenship, but shortly before the birth of their daughter, they moved to Australia for permanent residence.

As they moved up the career ladder of their eldest daughter, the family lived in Spain, the USA and Great Britain. The girl managed to try her hand at the Barcelona Academy of Sanchez Casal, the Texas Academy of Rodic Laval and the Tennis Academy in Weybridge. Thanks to such diverse training, the girl reached an exceptional level of skill and was noticed by the training building of the LTA organization. After a lengthy interview, the girl agreed to accept British citizenship for significant financial support in her training.

The beginning of a sports career

Comte in Wimbledon

After obtaining British citizenship in 2012, Johanna Conta received a ticket to one of the largest tennis tournaments in Wimbledon. For the athlete, this was the first Grand Slam tournament of her career. For the first major competition, she showed a good result, reaching the third level of the elimination system. She lost to the 28th racket of the world Christina McHale and the semifinalist of the match, Angelica Kerberk.

Tennis career peak

Comta Johanna continued her career with success. In 2016, she applied for the Australian Open. In a consistent battle, she was able to defeat all opponents, reaching the semifinals. In a fierce struggle, the girl again lost to the sixth racket of the world, Angelica Kerber, although the athletes were on an equal footing.

Yohanna was a participant in the Beijing tournament in 2016, where she also managed to reach the final. Johanna Konta again could not win, losing the champion title to the athlete from Poland Agnieszka Radwan.

The first victory in the championship was waiting for the tennis player at the next tournament in Sydney. After a series of successful games, in the final, the girl again met with Agnieszka Radwan. The revenge ended in favor of the British.

Comta with a cup

The athlete considers victory in the tournament held in Miami to be the highest achievement in her life. The girl reached the final, but she managed it with great efforts. Johanna Conta (photo of the girl is in the article) took the sixth place in the ranking of tennis players around the world. This is a very worthy result.


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