How to create a resume for a designer?

A creative person is always visible from afar, but with a remote acquaintance, the first impression of such a person should create a correctly compiled resume.

People with creative potential always differ from the usual “office plankton”. Sometimes these people, as if living in their own world, are not entirely clear to others and even seem a little strange to them.

Like any other modern profession, a designer is a very popular specialty. And every creative person, sooner or later, will face the need to compile a resume with a complete statement of personal data.

Designer's resume is the “face” of a creative person.

designer resume

Who is a designer?

This is not only a professional who will equip your home or office. First of all, this is the person who understands you and maximally feels your preferences, your goals, before embarking on creativity.

In general, many people are faced with writing a resume. This is a very convenient form to show and prove oneself from the best side. Of course, the lack of tact in the story about yourself will not show you on the positive side, so you should understand this issue well.

The resume of the designer should not only reveal the identity of the future employee, but also show his skills and achievements. Everything should be stated concisely, as simple as possible and at the same time with knowledge of the matter: after all, as a rule, when applying for such a job, you will be evaluated by the same creative people as you.

Designer's resume: how to design?

Any resume should be well-structured, as well as understandable and simple. No need to invent any special form of presentation of information.

There are several ways to write a resume: table and text. The first option is classic, but not very common, although in this form, data is perceived much easier. Presentation of information about the applicant by the text sometimes does not focus on the necessary details. The recruiter will only look at the data, but may not catch on anything. Therefore, the optimal option is just a table.

designer resume sample

Summary Information

What to indicate in the resume of the designer? Start with personal data. As a rule, at the very beginning your last name and first name, contacts, and also a photo are indicated. It should be simple and desirable in a business format.

Be sure to indicate your academic achievements and successes. Although the place of study is not always important in design work. Many designers are self-taught, talented people who create by vocation.

Occupational education may sometimes not be necessary, so you should look at the requirements for a particular vacancy and, perhaps, adjust something in your data.

Be sure to indicate your previous place of work, as well as your main responsibilities on it.

Do not forget that the job profile is very important. For example, a resume of an interior designer should contain the maximum number of skills in arranging a room and related work.

An illustrator should indicate his abilities precisely in his field, describing his job responsibilities and skills in working with print media.

Interior Designer Resume

Designer Summary: Sample

Everything should be stated competently and concisely:

Name: Ivanchuk Anna Andreevna.
Date of birth: 01/01/1990.
Place of residence: Moscow, st. Soviet 12/2.

Phone: +79000000000.

Education: 2011, Art Academy, Moscow, specialty: designer.

Academic achievements: participation in international competitions (prizes), participation in master classes.

Work experience: 2011-2015 - LLC "Rainbow", assistant designer.

Main responsibilities:

  • Assistance to the designer.
  • Development of emblems, logos.
  • Development of packaging design.
  • Development of the style of the company.
  • Window dressing and points of sale.

Professional skills :

  • Manual graphics, knowledge of computer graphics programs.
  • Participation in the promotion of new brands and brands.
  • Owning a camera, tablet.
  • Work with photography, color grading, collages, editing.

Work programs: Mac, PC: PS. Photoshop, Corel daw, Illustrator, 3D max.


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