Transport company "Baikal-Service": reviews of employees and customers about the work

Many people are interested in the feedback on Baikal-Service. This is a large transport company, the services of which plan to use many potential customers. Therefore, it is important for them to know what level of service and responsibility they will face if they take advantage of this offer. In addition, this is a very large company, in which vacancies are constantly open. Those who are going to get a job in this transport company want to find out if they can get a decent salary in a strictly defined time frame, what employees who have been familiar with it for years have thought about their employer.

About company

The work of Baikal-Service

Reviews about Baikal-Service can be found diametrically opposed, so for a start it’s worth figuring out what this company is like, how long it has been on the transport services market.

The company emphasizes that it was not by chance that this particular area of ​​work was chosen, since it is considered one of the most promising in our country. Russia has huge areas incomparable with most other countries, therefore, freight transportation services on its territory have existed for a long time, they have always been in demand. In the modern world, this service has received a new development.

The Baikal-Service transport company has been developing dynamically since the end of 1994, when it first entered this market, since then becoming one of the largest in the country. It was then, in the mid-90s, the first transportation was carried out. A mail-luggage wagon with cargo was delivered from Moscow to Irkutsk. In parallel, the active development of the Far East began, as one of the most remote parts of Russia, which is in dire need of these services. By the end of 1995, managed to establish regular communication with the easternmost regions of Russia and the Urals.

This was followed by the opening of a number of regional representative offices and company offices in various cities of the Russian Federation. By the beginning of the 2000s, Baikal-Service had already opened up new horizons for itself, having begun to develop and connect the southern regions with strong logistic ties among themselves. Additional offices opened in more and more new cities. The active development of road transport began, in particular, such strategically important points on the map as Moscow and St. Petersburg were covered.

At the same time, the company began to switch to regular shipments of goods from Moscow, they happened already on a daily basis. In 2007, it was possible to enter the international transportation market, in particular, to begin delivering goods to China, America, and the countries of the European Union. Currently, the company has more than fifty offices throughout Russia, due to which it is one of the leaders in the field of cargo transportation in the whole country. This approach allows you to deliver as soon as possible, not to delay the cargo on the way, all this reduces the risk of all kinds of force majeure circumstances. At least, they say so in the company itself.


Reviews about Baikal-Service

Currently, the company provides a full range of cargo transportation services. This is automobile, rail transportation and air delivery, the most efficient way.

Which option to choose depends solely on the desire of the client, the value of his cargo, as well as its size. It should be noted that there is also a universal delivery service. It consists in delivery to the city in which the regional representation of the company has not yet been opened. However, if the client wishes, this method is possible. For this, a special temporary representation is organized in a particular locality, even if it will be very small. Clients often use universal delivery of goods when sending parcels from Moscow to the cities of Belarus. These advantages provide a wide choice for users, so that they can choose exactly what suits their requirements and needs. If necessary, employees of the Baikal-Service transport company can help determine the right decision in the method of delivery and selection of the necessary transport. It is worth noting that the majority of transport companies do not provide a service for the delivery of goods to a locality in which a representative office is not open.

The company itself claims to strive to provide exceptionally high-quality services. To attract customers and earn their loyalty, special promotions are regularly held that help ordinary users save considerable money and become regular customers of the company. Already at the order, anyone can use a settlement calculator to find out in detail how much the freight service will cost him.

It is interesting that in recent years, even despite the fact that the company has been on the market for more than twenty years, they constantly talk about systematic development in it. Baikal-Service is constantly striving to find new ways to solve problems that previously remained impossible, new services for customers appear, which reinforces the trust in the company. For example, currently the entire freight route can be tracked online. Also, customers can receive operational information by e-mail and hotline of the company. There is a notification system for the delivery of goods. All this is done so that the client can feel as calm as possible, sending the goods even to the other end of the country. The company emphasizes that they are constantly striving to create the most comfortable conditions for customers, to establish uninterrupted delivery of goods.

Today in Russia there are several hundred transport companies that have comparable experience and capabilities, but when choosing from this extensive list, you must first pay attention to the existing level of reliability, service and customer support.


Reviews on the work of the company Baikal-Service

Due to the fact that today the company has opened regional offices and official representative offices in more than fifty cities across the country, vacancies in various fields are always open in it.

Currently, work requires consultant operators, technical support operators, sales assistants, cashier-operations, economists on labor and wages, sales or customer service managers, technical support operators, call center operators, operational managers, clerks, chief accountant, business analytics, programmers, branch managers, regional heads of sales, logistics service sales managers, forklift drivers in, porters.

For example, a forklift driver in Kazan can count on a salary of thirty thousand rubles or more. He will be provided with full employment with a shift work schedule. It takes experience in this position from one to three years.

The duties of such a specialist will include: delivery and reception of cargo, management of warehouse trucks, unloading and reception of heavy vehicles, loading heavy vehicles, daily maintenance of the loader, keeping a log of equipment and warehouse equipment.

Requires a specialist with experience in the reception and delivery of goods in the warehouse, unloading and loading of heavy vehicles. It is necessary to have a driver’s license to drive category C loaders, with a one-year driver experience as a loader. A significant advantage will be the skills and knowledge about working with folding equipment, in particular, with weighing trolleys, floor scales, and jams.

The company guarantees registration in strict accordance with the labor legislation of the Russian Federation, work in the warehouse, stable and regular salary payments.

But the loader in Omsk will be able to count on a salary of 25 thousand rubles "clean". He is ready to provide full employment throughout the working day, while no work experience is required, so this specialty is suitable for students who are at the very beginning of their professional career.

The duties of the loader will include unloading and loading of arrived vehicles, placement of goods in the warehouse. Among the requirements that must be met are physical endurance and the presence of at least a secondary education.

Work Impressions

Personal area

Employee reviews about Baikal Service in Moscow are very different. It is here that one of the largest offices of the company is located.

In the reviews of Baikal Service, employees note that, as a rule, all of them have to face a reliable and friendly team, the number of inadequate people in which is minimized.

Salary is a key indicator that working in this company is very good. Such impressions can be found in many reviews of employees about Baikal Service in Moscow and most other cities. An employee is always ready to pay in full all that was originally promised. In addition, it is rarely necessary to deal with refining, if necessary, managers provide newcomers with the necessary assistance and support. This is often emphasized in reviews of the Baikal-Service company by employees.

Another important factor is that in all new branches and regional representative offices, they are sure to recruit a team of professional and experienced employees who are ready to launch the necessary production in full as soon as possible. Due to a competent management policy, it is possible to get rid of bad workers, intelligibly convey to the staff a motivation system, as a result, those who really work responsibly and in good conscience really begin to get an order of magnitude more than the rest. Among the positive aspects, this is often said in reviews of work at Baikal Service.


Baikal Service Company

It is worth recognizing that there are enough negative opinions about this company on the part of employees. Often you can find outright negativity in reviews of the Baikal Service employer.

For example, it turns out that in some branches and regional offices there is a serious problem with paying the official “white” salary, as a result, employees receive payment in envelopes. In addition, there are regular delays, albeit very small ones (for three to four days). It is difficult to go on vacation at a time convenient for the specialist himself, as a rule, the schedule is a guideline; to fix or correct anything in it is extremely problematic. In addition, you have to leave to the hospital at your own expense, which negatively affects the reputation of the company as a whole, leads to a large number of negative reviews by employees about the Baikal-Service shopping center.

Annoyed by the constant change of leadership, which is practiced in many branches. Often at key posts are employees with an outdated concept of what is happening around the processes, which impedes the development of young and promising specialists. This opinion can be found in many reviews of employees about Baikal-Service.

Disrespect on the part of management and working conditions

Delivery of the Baikal-Service company

Many employees regret to note that superiors treat subordinates completely disrespectfully, individual managers constantly use profanity when communicating with specialists below them in rank and humiliate them. These moments are often noted by employees in reviews of the Baikal Service transport company.

The working conditions in many branches and regional offices leave much to be desired. For example, some warehouses are equipped in old and abandoned factories with dull repairs. There is a big turnover in the departments, largely because of this, the company constantly has so many open vacancies. Some leave right at the trial period, realizing that they have no prospects in this company.

The duties of office employees include not only financial control of all operations carried out by their branch, but also control over all kinds of business processes, which indicates the lack of consistency in such a large organization. Many employees complain about these shortcomings in reviews of work at Baikal-Service.

Some experts emphasize that the company regularly shows a disregard for their employees and even potential specialists. For example, they may invite you for an interview without even specifying the address where it will take place.

Those who nevertheless managed to get settled tell about constant refining. In the reviews, the Baikal-Service drivers admit that, in addition to their main responsibilities, they constantly have to perform additional tasks that are assigned to them by the immediate supervisor. As a result, you have to be a loader, a cleaner, and a receiver. If problems arise, they are fired one day without paying almost anything, since most employees are unofficially registered, so they only have to pay the minimum wage. Holiday pay is also paid from the “white” salary. Moreover, it makes up about a third of the real income of employees. For processing, which are regular, as a rule, do not pay extra. Many employees complain about this in reviews of Baikal Service. In addition, the transport company is hard to work physically, since the warehouse is not heated, so in the winter it is unimaginable cold, and in the summer it is sweltering heat.

Logistic Issues

Customer reviews about the company Baikal-Service

Those who really faced with how this organization works regularly meet with certain problems when sending and receiving goods. After reading the reviews of employees about the Baikal Service, many customers should continue to relate to the services it provides with some concerns.

Cargo may simply be lost in the warehouse. This company has to deal with such situations regularly, according to the confession of the workers themselves. They can easily send him to another city, where he can lie unclaimed in a warehouse for up to a week, until his clients sound the alarm and everyone starts looking for him intensely.

Moreover, one has to deal with the facts of opening the cargo and the loss of part of the goods. This does not happen often, but when it happens, it shockes everyone who has worked honestly here for a long time, trusted this company, advised and recommended it to others. As a result, the company loses customers, acting irresponsibly and simply disgusting.

Employees who are responsible for fulfilling their duties regularly have to deal with refining, work almost seven days a week, while direct managers may simply not take into account additional hours spent at the workplace. In some branches, it comes to the point that the real salary for a month, especially for a novice specialist, can be from eight to ten thousand rubles a month, which simply provokes such employees to quit in order to find more worthy use for their talents. Management monthly deducts from the salary for far-fetched reasons, fines for any misconduct. As a result, at the end of the month you have to get ridiculously ridiculous money on hand.

Clients of the transport company

Now we will analyze the feedback of Baikal-Service customers who actually applied for services to this company.

Some note that they have been using the services of the company for several years, always remaining satisfied with the high level of service provided.

In the reviews of the Baikal-Service transport company, individual users note that they have exclusively positive emotions from this cooperation.

I am pleased with the attitude of office workers to clients who always remain polite and welcoming, striving to help sort out any, even the most confusing, situation. Competently work with documents. The reviews about the Baikal-Service company repeatedly emphasize how convenient it is to track the movement of your cargo online, which minimizes the occurrence of force majeure, losses, and other violations.


However, for the sake of objectivity, it is worth noting that there are very few positive customer reviews about Baikal Service. Most often, users remain dissatisfied and outraged by the attitude they encounter when applying for services to this company.

For example, employees can show surprising irresponsibility by simply not arriving at the appointed time to pick up the goods for shipment to another region.

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The most indignant reviews about Baikal-Service in Moscow are connected with the fact that the company openly steal, and with complete impunity. They can take the goods directly from the package. If the first case can be attributed to problems during shipment, then when the recipient is faced with the outer packaging being opened in a blatant way, the inner one is torn, a dozen or so items are seized, and then everything is roughly sewn by hand, there is no doubt about the dishonesty of the company's employees . At the same time, the leadership stubbornly covers them, refusing to acknowledge the violations and errors. Instead, they officially respond to claims that they see no fault in this. At the same time, for the future, to avoid such a situation, they offer a service to protect cargo with an opaque film, so that the employees themselves remain unaware of what they are transporting. It only means that management does not trust its employees. At the same time, he does not try to solve the emerging problems in any way, but only offers customers at the expense of additional services, for his money, try to minimize these risks. All this leads to a large number of negative reviews about the Baikal-Service shopping center.


Another problem that everyone who works with this company regularly has to deal with is cargo damage. These facts are regularly found in reviews of Baikal Service. At the same time, the transport company assures that they are ready to deliver the most delicate cargoes intact and safe, in practice, unable to cope with these duties.

For example, customers regularly receive messages that their cargo was damaged as a result of transportation. At the same time, even in such a situation, the company categorically refuses to admit its mistakes, demanding full payment for delivery even for damaged cargo.

Such an attitude leads to negative reviews about Baikal Service, since, according to customers who have actually encountered the work of this company, cooperation with them will end for you only with hassle, lost time and money.

In addition, claims regularly arise regarding the timing of cargo delivery. The company violates the deadlines that it sets itself, and also promises customers to bring the goods on that day. In practice, the delivery of goods from St. Petersburg to Moscow can last for five days, which is unacceptable for such a large transport company with a large staff of specialists. These indicators can only indicate that the company does not have logistics, and department heads and ordinary specialists do not value clients at all, believing that with such a large number of users, the loss of several of them will not affect the work of the entire company, its income and turnover . In fact, with such a large number of negative reviews, the company has fewer and fewer loyal customers who are ready to continue to work with it in the future in the same volumes.

Those who have been working with this company for several years note that the situation has begun to deteriorate rapidly in recent years. If just a few years ago the companies approached the transportation of goods quite responsibly, now more and more often they have to deal with insoluble problems, negligence and irresponsibility. Boxes to customers constantly come torn, the cargo is often damaged or may not be fully loaded. Because of this, many companies that have successfully cooperated with Baikal-Service for a long time now are starting to seriously think about breaking off these relations, as they are regularly not satisfied with the quality of the services provided. Someone begins to look for new companies for the transportation of goods.


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