Accompanying the child to and from school. How to choose a nanny to accompany a child?

A growing child lives according to its own regime. The daily routine of the parents and the child may not coincide. In order not to sacrifice someone's interests, it is time to use the babysitting service.

When do you need a nanny?

The beginning of the day in a family with a child most often does not cause any problems. Dad or mother manages to have a child in kindergarten or school on the way to work. But further development of the day leads to a conflict of interest. The child’s classes are over, and parental employment does not allow them to meet the student and take him home. If you imagine that the day of today's schoolchildren is as saturated as the day of adults, then it is easy to assume what kind of problem arises.

Accompanying the child to and from school.

It is necessary to take the child to a section or circle, put the vaccine in the clinic, to catch a training or tour. Constantly asking for leave from work is not an option. To ask neighbors or relatives is good if they have such an opportunity. The best way out will be the nanny to accompany the child to and from school. Such a service is becoming more and more popular in the current situation in the city.

Nanny Responsibilities

You will not ask any person from the street to be a nanny to your child. Although at first glance it seems that there is nothing complicated in this work. Accompanying a child to and from school should not seem to cause difficulties and require qualified specialists. Grandparents can easily cope with this task.

Child escort service to and from school.

When hiring a nanny, a person trusts him the most precious thing - his child. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly represent the responsibilities of the employee. The duties of the nanny include:

  • escorting a child in his movement around the city;
  • constant monitoring of the child in order to maintain its safety;
  • assisting with homework;
  • observance of the uniform according to weather and occupations, dressing when one or the other changes;
  • providing a full meal on time;
  • transfer of information to parents about any changes in the child’s life (study schedule, teacher requirements, vaccinations and other news);
  • providing employment of the ward in his spare time: walks, games, additional classes.

The service of escorting a child to and from school.

Additional aspects

In addition to standard duties, a person to accompany the child to and from school can go with him to the camp or take him to relatives in a remote village. Separately, the possibility of accompanying the baby on a trip abroad is stipulated. In this case, the employee is required to have a passport and knowledge of a foreign language.

At the request of the client, the service of escorting the child to and from school will select a specialist with a car. This extra skill will make it easier to move around the city. Parents should make sure that they have driving skills to be sure of safe travel. This will reduce the cost of a personal driver. At the same time, it should be noted that it will be necessary to allocate money for gasoline and the possible repair of a vehicle.

Who works as an accompanying nanny

Mostly older women agree to such work. They have time, as well as strength and the opportunity to engage with children. Ideally, if they have a pedagogical education, a broad outlook and the ability to contact with kids.

Nanny to accompany the child to and from school.

Parents often select specialists in certain subjects: mathematics, foreign languages, music or chemistry. If you combine the accompaniment of a child to and from school with the development of his knowledge and skills, this will have a beneficial effect on the little man.

How to choose a baby sitter

Parents should first of all pay attention to the availability of all documents for the applicant for a vacant seat. These are documents about education, registration in your city, recommendations from previous places of work. If there is even the slightest doubt about the reliability of the applicant, you should refuse to interact with him.

Friends who already know the service of escorting a child to and from school will help you choose the best candidate. Perhaps more recently they have sought help from such workers. Your friends or neighbors may agree to fulfill this obligation. But it is best to contact a special agency. There, they will not only select a suitable candidate, but in case of force majeure circumstances they will certainly provide an equivalent replacement.

An important aspect: the attitude of the child to a new person. It is important that the baby experiences security and trust. Alertness, attempts to avoid meeting an unwanted mentor should lead parents to look for a new person who can find a common language and accompany the child to and from school.

How long to accompany a child

The question of the duration of meetings from school should be decided individually in each case. The answer depends on several factors: the distance the school is from home and the age of the child. Previously, most first-graders could get home on their own, but the modern situation does not allow one to take such a risky step. We often have to see off and meet until the fifth or sixth grade. It is clear that high school students are opposed to this attitude by adults.

The remoteness of the school from home, the need to cross the street or travel by public transport makes it necessary to take care of the safety of the path. Parents will have to teach the child independence. Walk with the student all the way to the school and back, pay attention to the danger zones and road signs. And then switch roles: now you are marching under the control of a small mentor.

Person to accompany the child to and from school.

Explain how to behave in unforeseen situations: go into a crowded place, seek help, avoid desert roads. Criminals are inventing new methods to lure a man: candy, puppy, a request for help. It is important to convince not to succumb to such tricks, not to obey the opinion of a stranger, to adhere to one’s point of view. Try not to scare your baby, but teach to beware. While you are not sure of the independence of the baby, the family needs to accompany the child to and from school. Gradually, he can be allowed to come home with friends, classmates, or high school students from your home. Despite their fears, parents will have to recognize the child in their child and give them the opportunity to live their own lives.


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