What to do at work when there is nothing to do: “good” time

The answer to the question from the title depends on the motivation of the employee, the degree of his natural laziness and arrogance, which he can afford. The last criterion follows from the level of upbringing and human intelligence. Oddly enough, but the question: "What to do at work, when there is nothing to do?" - Asked by so many employees. Strange for several reasons.

what to do at work when there is nothing to do
Firstly, this may indicate that a person is “out of place”, and he is either not aware of his direct duties, or is simply not interested in him. Secondly, if there is nothing to do at work, then such an employee can be a loafer and his dismissal is a matter of time. Of course, there may also be factors that are independent of the personnel, and arising from the actions of the management (for example, lack of work, lack of conditions, without which it is impossible to fulfill professional duties, and so on).

Nothing to do at work: how to spend time for the benefit of a career

If you do not consider those who are not openly interested in work and just sit out the time, then there will always be useful activities in such periods. It so happens that the question: “What to do at work, when there is nothing to do?” - arises unreasonably. There is always something to do, you just need to conduct an audit of the cases, during which there are sure to be unfinished tasks pushed into the "long box". Time management experts advise in this way

nothing to do at work
fill the resulting free "window". This is the most effective way to resolve the question: "What to do at work when there is nothing to do?" When all deferred tasks are completed, or if there were none at all (which is very rare), the same experts advise using “simple” as a valuable opportunity to improve your skills (if you are looking for a career). Read the literature on your specialization, study or repeat the grammar of a foreign language, select the courses necessary for personal development - do everything that will bring investment in your future. Puzzles, strategies or solving problems that develop brain activity are not prohibited.

What to do at work when there is nothing to do

There is another piece of advice on how to effectively spend your free minutes: you can do the cleaning on your desktop. This is useful for the interior and, in addition, tidies up thoughts in the head. It is very likely that after that you will take up the matter with enthusiasm, the implementation of which delayed.

Have contact

You can chat with colleagues who, like you, are free from work. But do it too productively: do not wash the bones for beginners or superiors, but talk about professional topics, discuss the current project or plan a new one, make a rational proposal for the enterprise.

nothing to do at work
Make contact with those with whom you have a strained relationship, sort out, if any, conflicts, make new acquaintances among employees. Do not be afraid to approach your superiors with sensible suggestions or talking about your prospects in the company. Adequate leaders are only happy with such initiative and dialogue. The article intentionally did not give advice to sit on social networks, play stupid games, smoke, discuss colleagues, do makeup or indulge in romance - such things will not bring any benefit.

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