Gel nail modeling: advantages and technology

The image of a woman is made up of many nuances, starting with the details of clothing and ending with manicure. Quite often, when they first get to know others around them, they pay attention specifically to their hands and nails, so it is very important to take care of their impeccable appearance. There are various materials with which to build and model nails. Gel to do this as simple and safe as possible.

Gel modeling

What is a gel coating?

A gel is a material that hardens when exposed to the rays of an ultraviolet lamp. An even, smooth and shiny coating forms on the nail. This is one of the best materials for modeling nails, as it passes moisture and oxygen, which allows you to "breathe" the nail plate and does not allow the development of fungal diseases.

Gel Nail Modeling: Pros

This material eliminates the presence of any acids in its composition, so building will not cause allergies. As you know, gel nail modeling takes place with the help of an ultraviolet lamp. The gel does not have a pungent odor, unlike some other coatings.

The process of modeling nails with the help of a gel is quite long, since the material does not solidify immediately when applied to the nail plate - this makes it possible to achieve a perfectly smooth and even surface, which cannot be said, for example, about acrylic, which must be leveled with a special file. You can choose almost any thickness of the nail, and model the gel nails so that they will not differ from natural ones, due to the natural shine and transparency. You can perform nail strengthening with bio-gel.

Gel Nail Extension Kit
This will especially appeal to lovers of experiments, because such nails can be coated with any varnish. However, it is worth considering that it is possible to remove the decorative coating only with a liquid without acetone.

Gel Nail Modeling Technology

Gel nail modeling takes place in two stages. The first is the preparation of the nail plate for coating. To do this, file and polish a natural nail. An exfoliating agent is applied to the cuticle area, and the nail plate is disinfected with a special antiseptic solution.

Bio Gel Nail Strengthening
After preparation, they proceed to the second stage. A base layer is applied to all nails with a thin layer, then dried under a lamp for several minutes. For gel extension, forms are used (these are paper or foil stencils that hook under the edge of the nail), as well as tips (plastic blanks that are attached to its free edge). Typically, tips are used if the native marigolds are trimmed β€œunder the root” or are very thin and brittle.

The standard modeling procedure lasts no more than three hours, while using a standard gel nail extension kit . Usually, correction should be done after 3 or 4 weeks, but these figures may vary, since it all depends on the individual characteristics of each person and the growth rate of the nail plate.

Do not forget about proper nail care. Gel is a material that is susceptible to sudden changes in temperature, so hands should be protected with gloves in winter. It is necessary to exclude various mechanical effects on the nails, for example, blows, they can not be cut and filed with a metal file. If you follow all the rules for care, then gel nails will retain their beauty and shine for a long time.


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