Do-it-yourself toilet installation: methods, instructions, recommendations

In the process of repairing an apartment, many are faced with a process such as installing a toilet bowl with their own hands. Everyone can carry out this work. Self-installation will help save money on plumbing services. It is believed that the most difficult task is to dismantle the old toilet. Installing a new one is a simple job. First of all, you need to prepare the necessary materials and tools, as well as study the instructions for installing the toilet. It is important to know what types are in order to understand which plumbing is suitable for a particular apartment.

What are the types of toilets?

In order to properly perform installation work, you need to know how one or another type of plumbing is installed. Distinguish the following classification:

  1. Wall products, they are often called mounted. What are their features? They differ in that they do not border the floor. Plumbing is mounted directly on the installation. This is a special type of wall construction. The drain tank is installed with the toilet. The pipes remain hidden from view. This is a major advantage. This design looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Its only minus is that it takes a lot of money to install. If further repairs are required, it will be difficult, since the pipes are hidden under the duct. But this installation option is becoming more and more popular, especially where high-tech style is practiced.
  2. Attached products. This is an easier option. Such plumbing masters install immediately on the floor. The tank is hidden in the wall of the room. The pipes are also hidden from the gaze of man. Only the toilet itself and the button for draining the water remain in sight. This type looks neat, but it is not practical. Most of the elements are hidden, so it will be difficult to carry out repairs if the pipe breaks.
  3. In-floor type of installation. For apartments, it is not suitable and more acceptable for a summer residence. It is necessary to make a recess under the toilet. This method is also used to equip a public toilet. This toilet is inconvenient to use, therefore, when landscaping a summer cottage, it is rarely chosen.
  4. Many citizens are interested in how to fix the toilet to the floor. Outdoor type of installation of toilets is considered the most common among residents of apartment buildings. Plumbing for this type of installation will be inexpensive. Installation work will not cause any difficulties. If you need to dismantle the plumbing, then such work will not be difficult.

What are the forms?

The key to quality installation work is a properly selected toilet. You must select the appropriate form. There are:

  1. Slanting. Suitable for installation in any multi-storey buildings. When installing this item is difficult to make mistakes.
  2. Vertical. It is recommended to install in the "Stalin", which were built in the middle of the 20th century. The sewer pipe in this case reaches the floor and is combined with the neighboring riser. Such a construction is rare. This type loses its relevance, since the height of ceilings differs in new homes.

How is the dismantling of the old toilet?

Before installing a new "throne", you must remove the old toilet. This type of work can be attributed to preparatory. Old plumbing is installed in several ways, so you can remove it in various ways:

  1. If taffeta serves as the basis for plumbing. This base is made of wooden boards. It is attached to the floor with screws and special washers. It is believed that the most reliable boards are oak. It is acceptable to use various wooden boards. In order to remove the old toilet, you need to close the valve. It should be on the tank. The next step is to turn off the eyeliner. Screws need to be unscrewed from the board. If the boards are cemented, then a dried mortar can be broken with a chisel. As a result, you can remove the entire toilet. If the safety of the old toilet is not the goal of the owners of the apartment, then you can strike under the bowl. The pipe should break due to impact.
  2. It is found that the toilet was installed on adhesive mastic. This method is fast installation, but not always quality. Most often, the connection occurs using a rubber cuff. With this mount, itโ€™s easy to remove the toilet. You need to hit the bowl, after which the plumbing will be easy to pull out.
  3. With standard mounting, it is necessary to unscrew several screws, as well as remove the plugs that perform a decorative function.

Installation phase

DIY installation of the toilet is the next step after dismantling the old plumbing. It is important to understand what type of toilet will need to be fixed. Then the work will be easy. Recently, people have also been asking a lot of questions about flush-mounted toilets.

The following types of installation are distinguished:

  1. Upright when the toilet is attached to the floor. To do this, remove garbage from the socket leading to the sewer. In the cleared space you need to put the cuff. It should be fixed with sealant. The release is installed directly into the cuff, after which marks are made where there will be holes. By marks it is easy to drill the desired diameter of the well. Before installing the toilet on the tile, you need to drill the tile with a special nozzle for a drill. The diameter needs to be done a little more than fasteners. The next step is the release is treated with sealant, and then fixed with screws. In order not to damage the floor, you need to work carefully. The screws must be tightened smoothly and evenly. In this case, the plumbing will be level, there will be no deviations. Many people ask: "What if my toilet is dancing?" In this case, you need to tighten the screws until the moment when the plumbing ceases to stagger. First, all gaps should be eliminated. To do this, it is necessary to dilute the cement mortar and put the holes with a spatula. The final stage of work consists of connecting the toilet to the sewer. This work does not cause difficulties even for beginners.
  2. The horizontal mounting method is different from the vertical one. Many are interested in how to install a toilet on a tile. In this case, it all depends on how the sewage system is built. If it is suitable for installing a direct release, then the work will be similar to the previous version. If the toilet cannot be fixed in this way, then to connect it will require a corrugation, as well as an eccentric cuff. They need to be fixed with sealant. Corrugation does not stretch, then it will be possible to avoid blockages in the sagging part.
    installation of a toilet lid with a micro-lift
  3. The oblique method of installing the toilet is chosen when the outlet is located above the socket. There may be situations when the release is located below. In this case, you should take the corrugation from plastic. It is necessary to cut a section of the desired size. It should be installed between the toilet and the bell. This composition is best combined with sealant. It is also possible to take a special pipe that resembles the letter S. In this case, the toilet should be shifted to the side, maximum fifteen centimeters. If the area of โ€‹โ€‹the bathroom does not allow you to move the plumbing, then you can put a brick pedestal under the toilet. This will achieve the desired level of height. It will be possible to connect the toilet to the socket. After connecting, check for leaks.

Installation Nuances

Many people believe that installing a toilet with your own hands is a difficult thing. Professionals say that dismantling in most cases is more difficult than installing new plumbing. Installing a toilet bowl is also not a painstaking job. It is important not to be afraid of new tasks and follow the instructions exactly.

Differences of porcelain toilets from faience

Typically, plumbing manufacturers take two types of material as a basis: porcelain and earthenware. It is believed that porcelain is more durable and porcelain products can be used longer. Most often, the toilet seat for porcelain toilets is made of high quality plastic. Such models are mounted using the floor installation method. As a rule, porcelain toilets are much more expensive than faience. The lid is mounted on special nickel-plated fittings.

Standards for installation and features of the drain system

For toilets, the flush system operates on the basis of a button control. Nowadays, they began to produce models where electronics are responsible for the drain.

There are generally accepted standards for installing plumbing. The height to the toilet lid from the floor should be no more than 400 millimeters. Static load should not exceed 200 kilograms.

What are the chairs and covers made of?

The main part of the plumbing market is occupied by toilet models, in which the toilet seat and cover are made of plastic. Options are possible where duroplast or polypropylene is included. Mostly people prefer plastic, as it is considered the most hygienic. It is important to purchase products that are made of high-quality plastic and will withstand the load. When choosing a toilet should pay attention to the fastening of the toilet seat. It can be plastic or metal.

Stools can be chosen based on their preferences: soft, semi-rigid. Most often, people take hard ones that come with a toilet.

lid mounting

How to install a toilet lid?

Each model has different fasteners. For example, mounting a toilet lid with a lift will be different from a simple model.

Some toilets come complete with a tank and a lid; for others, you need to pick up the components yourself. The bowl and cistern are sold separately in such cases.

microlift toilet lids

To install the toilet lid, you will need to do the following:

  1. The holes for fastening the toilet seat and the cover are combined.
  2. The karpunovy plug is established in a toilet seat.
  3. A metal stud is installed inside the sleeve.
  4. A similar work is being done with the second hinge.
  5. Washers are placed on the studs.
  6. The finished design is placed on the toilet bowl and fastened with pins from the bottom.
    toilet with a lift

Microlift covers have a number of features. They have a rod and a spring, as well as a piston with a cylinder. These covers are convenient to use, as they close silently. Their only minus is frequent breakdowns. In this case, it becomes easier to buy a new cover than to repair the old one.

How is flushing installed?

Installation of a toilet flush requires time and effort. The first step is to adjust the flushing mechanism of the tank. This installation is carried out by analogy with a valve for supplying water. It is necessary to put a central sealing gasket on wide threads. It is placed on top of nut No. 15. It is important that the gasket is made of sponge rubber No. 16.

Another highlight is that it is necessary to seal the areas where the ceramic touches the screws. The sealant needs to be applied a little more than required. It is necessary that only one nut No. 12 is set in motion in the original design. To prevent the screw from moving, it must be held by hand from the inside of the tank. Plastic bolts are also best tightened to the stop. In this case, you can do without a tool.

Sealant Types

Do-it-yourself toilet installation cannot take place without sealant. It is necessary for better coupling of parts, as well as to prevent leakage of plumbing.

Sealant for the toilet is of several types:

  1. Sour. Often choose because of the low price of this product. It is not suitable for marble structures and those where aluminum is in the composition.
  2. Neutral contains alcohol components, as well as oxide impurities. This type can be used on any materials. The only negative of this product is its high price.
  3. Silicone sealant is the most sought-after today. It is universal and perfectly attaches to cast iron products, as well as ceramic and earthenware. This type of sealant reliably protects plumbing from mold. The surface remains shiny. The product is not removed during cleaning. There is a wide range of colors. But usually choose a silicone sealant in white or transparent.
    installation of a cover with a microlift

But whatever type of sealant is used, it is important to follow the advice. When applying the composition, it is best to use a construction gun. It allows you to distribute the mass evenly. This makes the seam more even and neat, and also saves the expense of the sealant itself. The cost of a gun is small - about 200 rubles. And you can buy it in the same hardware store, where the sealant was bought.

What is included in the full package of the toilet?

If a person wants to purchase a toilet bowl with all the components at a time, then you should pay attention to what is included in the package:

  1. Bowl.
  2. Seat with mounts.
  3. Cistern.
  4. Various fasteners.
  5. Installation.

What is necessary for installation work?

The kit for mounting the toilet includes:

  1. Dowels and studs.
  2. Corrugation.
  3. Fitting.
  4. Pipe segments of different diameters.
  5. Sealant.
  6. Construction tape.
    installation of a toilet bowl with a microlift

What tools will be needed to work?

To carry out installation work and correctly install the toilet, the following tools will be required:

  1. Drill or hammer drill.
  2. Various drills.
  3. Pencil to make marks for a drill, as well as tape measure.
  4. Building level for leveling.
  5. You will also need a hammer and a wrench, especially if there is work to dismantle the old toilet.

What is the difference between installation and installation from concrete mounting?

Before you properly set the toilet, you must select the type of mounting plumbing. If the installation is used, then you need to be prepared for high cash costs. The advantage of this method is significant time savings. Work is fast. On a concrete base, installation will be much cheaper. In this case, accuracy and accuracy are required.

If you plan to install on the installation, you must bring all the pipes to the place where the toilet will stand. It is better to put a separate tap on the water supply pipe. This is necessary in order to be able to block the water. Each pipe joint should be sealed. After that, the installation is reproduced. Marking is pre-applied and the necessary holes are drilled. The metal frame, at the discretion of the landlord, is mounted on the wall or directly on the floor. As a result, it should stand horizontally. After that, the remaining fasteners are installed. You can close the resulting installation with a false wall. For this, drywall is most often used. In conclusion, the toilet bowl itself and the water drain mechanism are installed.

mounting the toilet lid

When a person asks: โ€œWhat should I do if my toilet is dancing?โ€, Professionals recommend putting it on concrete. The toilet is mounted on a concrete base using metal studs. The length of each hairpin should be ten centimeters longer than the concrete screed. A concrete mix is โ€‹โ€‹required for fixing, it is better to purchase about 40 liters of mortar. Do not do without planks for formwork. When the concrete has been poured and it has frozen, it is possible to remove the formwork. Lastly, a bowl and a drain tank are installed. Tile for the toilet will be needed if a person wants to close the concrete tiling.


So, we examined how to install a toilet. As you can see, there are several installation methods. Using the instructions, to perform installation work is not difficult. As a result, plumbing will serve for a long time and without fail.


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